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I found this postcard this evening. Did they actually build this in Paris for the 1900 Exposition? 100 meters would be pretty huge!

The postcard is dated the year before, and as we've seen with many expos, things proposed don't always get built.

Chalk this one up as another possible attraction elevating Paris 1900 on my time machine wish list.


Our frequent board visitor Lemog has these couple of illustrators which seem to confirm the huge size.



Lemog's description sounds like it was not built. [sorry, an awkward Google translation from French]

Project a huge umbrella-umbrella to protect visitors to the exhibition. 140 meters in diameter and a height of 100 hundred yards. The hollow column 40 meters in diameter at its base would contain various cafes and restaurants, elevators and escalators and comfortable. The huge dome, mobile, should have been done in colored glass.

Lemog also provided this description of what was proposed.

Among the hundreds of nails proposed for the 1900 exhibition, he is an outstanding and convenient to both, realizing the problem of utility attached to the pleasant is the umbrella project of 1900, due to the initiative of Ms. McGivern-percha, maker of walking sticks and umbrellas, 48, rue de Turbigo in Paris.

This umbrella, which is rather an umbrella, was designed to protect visitors to the Exhibition of weather in our climate. This umbrella covers a huge range of 15.386 square meters. In this space, we can easily organize parties who have faith in the benefits of the outdoors and closed rooms.

There will be a hundred meters high and will consist of a hollow metal column forty meters in diameter at the base.

Coverage, that is to say the umbrella itself, have one hundred forty meters in diameter and is fully lined with colored lenses, which will be suspended as thousands of electric lights, which at night, make it bright.

To join the fun to the useful, Ms. McGivern-percha was divided into the "end" of his umbrella into four floors, three below the cover and above.

In each of the first three floors will be constructed cafes, concerts, theaters, etc..

In the fourth, perched atop the monument, which will consist of a large dome Mobile turning imperceptibly through ingenious system will be installed a coffee shop.

Consumers and visitors can enjoy the kind of immense panorama of the exhibition which will take place under their eyes to the horizon.

Terraces placed on every floor, outside of the column will also enable visitors to enjoy these stories of the show.

Many elevators and stairs lead comfortable fatigue-free to the public from base to summit.

Here we can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the exhibition, and enjoyment will not be troubled by fears of the storm, the glass cover to provide an excellent preservative against lightning.

and his personal observation:

I enjoy the "unreasonable" ... However, in some cases, the realistic side had still been left behind ...

but I still was curious about the method of construction planned for a glass dome over 15,000 square meters

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