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Information about this exhibition and a site plan

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Hi all,

There's a recently created wikipedia page about this fair: http://en.wikipedia....rt_and_Industry . But what's more interesting (imo) is a link from there to a site plan: http://www.studygrou...1%20Glasgow.jpg which shows fun stuff like a camera obscura and scenic railway; human zoo sections: some UK related (Irish Cottages (*) and Highland Village) and an equatorial colony along with palaces of industries and of history



(*) At the time of the exhibition the UK was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - so Ireland was part of the same sovereign state as Scotland

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That web site belongs to the Exhibition Study Group- the group that I met with in London last year.

If you want to know anything at all about *any* expo ever held in the United Kingdom, they are the place to go. They have researched some incredible detail about seemingly everything.

I got maps from them similar to the one shown, for every exhibition ever held at White City, for the 1924 Empire Exhibition at Wembley, and I think I've seen them also for the 1938 Empire Exhibition in Glasgow and the 1951 Festival of Britain in London. For the latter, there is a huge amount of interest over there.

The ones for White City are interesting, to compare the changes from 1908 to 1909, then 1910, then 1911, then 1912, then 1914, then World War I use, and finally to today.

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