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my parents me at Century21

Photos or images from of the Space Needle Operators

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My mother was the night lead operator at the Space Needle during the launch. She designed the uniforms worn by the women who ran the elevators during the fair.

I will try to scan and post photos of her and the design that was done for the uniforms.

I am asking the community on my mother's behalf, to see if anyone out there has more photos or videos of the operators - perhaps even of her.

And has anyone ever seen the doll that was sold which actually wore the uniform of the elevator operators? My mother did not have the funds

during the fair to purchase one and has never seen one since.

She was lucky enough to be the operator who took the movie stars and famous people who attended the launch party for the Needle. Carol Channing

went up with George Burns - my mother asked him to put out his cigar : ). John Wayne told her she was gorgeous - they were the same height as she is

6' 1" and was 6' 4" in her heals. Chubby Checker liked her tan : )

She was an extra in the movie: Meet Me at the World's Fair. She is on the Monorail wearing a red sweater.

I will try to update with more of her stories if anyone is interested.

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Welcome - glad you found us. I'll go through my files and see what I have, but I can't recall any good views of the elevator operators. Most visitors seemed to be taking shots of the Needle itself or the view from it, but perhaps we'll get lucky. Do you have a picture you can post to help narrow down the hunt?


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