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At the 1964-65 NYWF alone, there were references in at least five different pavilions to Egypt.

Am I overlooking even more? I had a sixth identified earlier this morning, and now I forget which one it was (the board crashed just as I was posting it).

*Egypt Pavilion

*American-Israel Pavilion

*Vatican Pavilion

*Hollywood USA Pavilion

*Walter's Wax Museum

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Some historical accounts indicate that Cleopatra was not the most attractive of women. It is Hollywood that turned her into a bombshell although George Bernard Shaw's account suggests she was rather appealing as well. And looks aside, she is described as strong willed, focused and willing to do whatever necessary to consolidate her power.

In truth, she might have been better portrayed by Marjorie Main rather than Elizabeth Taylor. Jolie would have been eaten alive by the real Cleopatra.

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