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Marc Williams


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Step #1- Know that each other exist

**increase technical ability to be found by search engines (Marc has already been doing that)

**contact webmaster or lead guru for other site and invite them to visit this board.

**leave comments on other sites / boards with contact info like urls

**members of this board do frequent searches for other sites using key words (I think we do this a lot already, and share it on the board)

**word of mouth and informal advertising- coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc

Step #2- Keep a master list of other world's fair sites, or sites containing significant world's fair / expo content

Step #3- When we see another site working heavily in an area we are also (research, building something, documenting something)- suggest a partnership to avoid redundant effort

Step #4- Seek out help more often, when we lack skills or expertise (maybe we're not so good at this yet)

Other ideas (not in any particular order)

Step #5- Jointly sponsor an 'event'. It can be a 'virtual event'.

Step #6- get permission to have a booth at the next major Expo in 2012, and have info there about 'Find out More! Expos on the Internet!' Some cheap PCs or MACs could be at the booth for people to try it themselves. The booth staffing could be done jointly by people from several web sites and boards.

Step #7- start an 'Association of World's Fair /Exposition Web Sites'.

Step #8- language might be a barrier to more collaboration. Seek out volunteers who are bilingual and could volunteer to help with translating when needed. English-French. Spanish-German. Chinese-Russian. It makes no difference. Maybe we could start a list of volunteers. Trilinguists, if we can find any, would be great too. I know one who would be happy to help.

Step #9- ????

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I believe websites like ours are at a turning point.

  • World's fair information at Wikipedia is good (if not great) and is usually the first search result on Google.
  • Photo, video, and document sharing websites make it easy for anyone to share their world's fair stuff.
  • Archive.org has a large collection of world's fair items.
  • Search results have improved to the point where I question the need for a world's fair website directory.

Randy's suggestions are great. Any community members have any suggestions on who we should try to work with/contact first?

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Well, with the above in mind - perhaps we can make a video or whatever they are called these days - showing ourselves and what we are looking to share with others for YouTube. We have filmmakers, writers, artists, collectors of media and memorabilia and all sorts of folks in here. Imagine a group effort. If people are using other technologies or sites or mediums lets use those things ourselves to advertise our goals of unifying those with like interest in these fairs. If T-shirts are a good idea this might be as well. We could all say "hi" to everyone else, show some clips and images...slides....some memorabilia..some of our books, discs, CD's and accomplishments and both invite them here and offer what we have to offer for their goals in a larger context. Part of it could be done at FMCP and part out west by Bill, Trey and Randy etc.. We can be not only coastal but global - we have members all over the place. Lets send out a PTU, or whatever we are called now....lets send out a group email to all our members asking for ideas connected to these larger goals. Other sites..message boards...one can "pin something to the top" - perhaps this thread can be highlighted in some way for several weeks? As far as continuing with the YouTube idea, we can show our group photographs from the various SIP related events...all the things we have done. I can scrounge up something to add. It could be great. Everyone gets to add something. It could be sort of like a time capsule with all adding something, and it could both document what/who we are/were (if we are at a turning point) and serve to attract others as well. If on a precipice lets jump together deliberately. Like the inventor who as a boy would throw his hat over a wall so he would have to find as way over it. In the future message boards like this will be eclipsed. Other ideas can spring from this YouTube idea too. :) I assume we have a FaceBook presence? (I see we do) And all the other thingies of today? Are they all linked up to function in unison? I really don't know. Whatever - lets organize ourselves to do "the wave" like at a sports event - but literally to wave at the world and invite them on our journey(ies). Might be a good idea, or the springboard for a good idea. I do feel distinctly like an idiot for not embedding some semi-covert PTU message or world comment or info in the work or images I did for that recent book, or at least getting us mentioned. I missed an opportunity. :( Sorry. I was not thinking of myself, I was trying to do damage control. Let us not speak of that book again.

I would suggest "Hello Folks!" from the 1940 Fair to be the code name for this project and related efforts. It fits in more ways than one. I suppose the first thing we should do, if it hasn't been done already, is to define what we are and what we are trying to do. I know one thing - it is not fairs and expos, but the ideas, ideals, dreams and the people, and the love, behind them.

Soon will be my 1,939TH post!


I'm glad.

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This takes some out-of-the-box thinking that may be beyond my own ability to comprehend. But I know how to listen. :)

I know so little about cloud computing that I had to go look it up...


In particular, read the paragraphs on Community Cloud and The Intercloud.

For those of you who are more in the know than I and can take your knowledge to a further level, is there any kind of practical application of cloud computing that could better serve constantly shifting and evolving collaboration of World's Fair / Expo enthusiasts?

If so, how would it be done?

I assume clouds don't just naturally evolve and create themselves- they require some kind of basic seed framework to get started.

In that Wikipedia article, I also noted the comments from Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation. I don't know enough about it to have an opinion as to whether he's right or not.

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