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Joey Chernov

The breathtaking World of Century 21, and the World's Fair Museum.

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During the winter break between terms, I spend about two weeks in the seattle area visiting some old friends. Of course, while I was there, i had to visit the site of the World's Fair, now known as Seattle Center. While I have over 700 photos ranging from wheat fields to trains to Seattle itself, I picked out some I thought were the best. Also included are photos of the newly-completed Century 21 Museum, built in the old Food Court building. This is an extension of what I believe other visiting PTU'ers have seen before, though this was completed just a few months ago. it is the headquarters for the revitalization project "The Next Fifty" which celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair and the upcoming fifty years of Seattle's involvement on he World stage. It was a very interesting concept that unfortunately was under-visited, supported, or appreciated. The day I visited the museum was closed (It only operates on certain weekdays) but after talking to the Seattle centre Information attendant I was able to get in contact with the head of The Next Fifty project, which as i said also runs the museum. She was able to let me in and show me around, explaining the various aspects of her project as well as the collection of the museum. I'll include the links to their website and contact information. Since I see that Bill will be in Seattle soon (A few weeks late for my attendance I am afraid), maybe he'd pay a visit if he has the time! She mentioned that they never see any fair enthusiasts visit, and she was astounded that I had asked specifically to see the museum. She had so much to share and offer that it was somewhat sad to see that there has not been a greater amount of interest of publicity, both from local news and other fair enthusiasts. If any of you are in the area, I strongly recommend paying her and the museum a visit!


Cathy Sander

Operations Manager

The Next Fifty - Seattle 2012

Sign above museum:


On window:



Original monorail chair with "It Happened At The World's Fair" advertising cutout of Elvis and mounted Fait handkerchief.


Original Monorail control console. She was not sure which car it came from, but she was able to point out most functions of the switches and levers.


Next three are display cases of fair memorabilia. The day previous, my friend was so fascinated by my interest and history of the Seattle World's Fair that she bought three tickets, numerous pamphlets, and a guide book from a local antique store.




I am sure every one knows that this is the original MONORAIL sign. The ALWEG that preceded "monorail" is visible in the photos above. Of course, the Seattle Center logo was added recently.



Unfortunately, the original lifts from the Fair were replaced in 2002, but a combination of their original blueprint-designs and the NYWF SkyStreaks, the new ones look just as neat:


The World of Century 21 is just as beautiful as ever, still hear after all these years....


These photos are some of my favorite that I took over the course of my trip. All were just impulse shoots with no preplanning, set up, or editing:

International Fountain and Needle at dusk.

"Space Age Relics"


"The Golden Needle"




Where past hopes, present realities, and future promises meet.

My personal favourite.


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I have been to this museum and met everyone there a few times and it is a great place.

When he was in Seattle Bill Cotter also came and visited our museum and gave a talk on the Seattle World's Fair with a slide show, it was a good time and a very good presentation. Thank you Bill.

As Seattle is gearing up for its 50th anniversary, our nonprofit, World's Fair Historical Society, hopes to participate in some way, and we are excited about it. We are located at the other end of 5th Ave., the street the Monorail goes down, from the World of Century 21. Very convenient.

One thought we have had is to work with www.storefrontsseattle.org which makes empty store fronts available at no cost to artists. Our thought is to get space and invite many artists of all mediums to create "Images of the Fair," or something along those lines and incorporate some of our exhibits, displays in it.

storefronts is not yet taking proposals for 2012 but should soon and we are keeping and eye on it.

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I enjoyed meeting you and seeing the musem. If I can help you out in any way with the storefront displays, if that comes to pass, just let me know.

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