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gary h

China pavilion reopens!

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What exactly is the Pavilion now, just a China history museum of sorts? Also, why does it say that the Pavilion os only open until late may? What becomes of it then?

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Looks like 5 pavillions will remain in addition to China. France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Spain.


And I think some of the more pedestrian buildings that will remain:

  • In zone B the big building (with a central atrium) that hosted some themes: Urbanian/Pavilion of City being/Urban Planet and the Life+Sunshine pavilion will stay
  • In zone D World Exposition Museum
  • And I hope that in Zone E that the pavilion of urband futures will stay, as it was an old reclaimed building (I was told a factory, a powerplant according to wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expo_2010_pavilions#Urban_Future_Pavilion)

    I'm puzzled about the World Exposition Museum as when I was there it was mentioned and Liverpool pavilion presented one of their objects for the exhibition. But then it was announced: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/china/2010-11/06/c_13593733.htm after the fair closed. (And in the same location from Google maps)

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One of the videos I bought from Fred Stern is about the design and construction of the China pavilion. One thing they mentioned was a problem with too much of the same color looking dull, and people seeing complementary color after-images after looking at an all-red pavilion. The problem was purportedly solved by using multiple shades of red instead of a single shade. I think the extent of the problem and the effectiveness of the solution were both a bit exaggerated in the film, but it is a good example of the lengths designers will go to for a one-time special venue like an Expo (especially if you are the host country!).

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