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Final Attendance Figure

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In 1967, Canada's population was just over 20 million people. Fifty one million people visited Expo. I am lousy at math. How does one determine percentages when the totals are reversed in this manner?

Secondly, a NY Times article which ran just as Expo 2010 closed highlighted the fact that the Chinese government was ordering bus loads of workers to attend the exposition. Their goal was precisely to break the all time attendance record set in Osaka in 1970. These workers and their families were also given free tickets. I believe the article also indicates that less than five percent of total attendace was from outside of China.

Imagine if the US government had ordered bus loads of workers to attend the NYWF. It is so indicative of China's ambitions for this century that they set this record no matter how meaningless it really is. They plan to be number one on every possible level and here is one small example of that plan.

How many people on this board have indicated that they visited the NYWF multiple times? I attended with my parents and sister and we each entered the gates two times (and I even turned the turnstile one extra time waiting for my father to walk through). I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago and he told me he grew up on Long Island and visited the Fair forty or fifty times and served as an altar boy at mass in the Vatican pavilion. I'll bet there were thousands of kids who attended the Fair this many times simply because it was there, they could do it and it was a fun thing to do. That certainly alters one's view of the Fair's so-called "total" attendance but I would also suspect this happened in 1939 in NYC and in San Francisco, and in 1933 in Chicago, and the list goes on and on.

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Indeed, Jim. As I said, I suspect the number of "repeaters" to a fair would be similar across all fairs.

Locals go numerous times, visitors once or twice.

From your figures, 67's attendance was 39% of the population (of Canada).

I suspect that a large portion of those attending were Americans. But I have no figures.

Combining the populations of Canada and the USA, since both fairs were so close together geographically and otherwise,

would give an attendance percentage of


for both fairs.

That's an outstanding figure!

And it destroys the meme that the NYWF was a poorly attended fair.

So I hereby state that the 64-65 NYWF and E67 were the best attended fairs in history!

(Until proven wrong) :D

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Hi Mike,

I am confused. If Canada's population in 1967 was 20.5 million people and Expo attendance totals were 50.3 million, how can that be 39% of Canada's population? Attendance was well more than double Canada's entire population. Wouldn't that suggest that, at least in theory, more that 100% of Canada's population attended Expo?

Also, I have read that about 2% or Expo's attendance was from outside of North America and that its busiest single day was day number three when 569,000 people passed through the gates (I was one of them). That record stood for a long time (and maybe still does but I don't know daily attendance figures for Exop 70 or Expo 2010).

I have no idea how they could determine how many visitors were American because I passed through the gates at Place d'Acceuil three times and nobody asked my nationality. However, I have a hunch that a significant number of visitors were repeat visitors from Montreal and nearby townships just as the NYWF had huge numbers of visitors from the NYC metro area.

It's all academic and very interesting. It is also amazing to consider that in the space of just a few years, this part of the world (the great Northeast of the USA and eastern Ontario and southern Quebec) were within a day's drive of two huge expositions and that just a decade later, within a days drive of two Olympic games (1976 in Montreal and 1980 in Lake Placid).


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Thanks for the math help, Mike! I have been a teacher for 34 years but can barely balance a check book. (I teach English and history, thank goodness!)


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