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Here's what was probably one of the largest exhibits shipped home from a world's fair.


NASA needed the orbiter Enterprise back for a test, so it was pulled out of the fair about a week before closing. In this shot it was just rolled aboard the barge that would transport it to a nearby air base for a flight to California. Anyone able to find the exact date that was so I could date this roll of negatives? I believe it was November 1984 but I don't know the actual date.

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It's a good question whether this was the biggest shipped back in one piece.

There were larger things, like the Spain Pavilion in 1966, that were disassembled and then reassembled in the new location.

The Vulcan statue (St. Louis to Birmingham) might have been a little bigger than the Enterprise, but does anybody know if it was shipped in pieces?

I think the Santa Maria was probably a bit smaller than the Enterprise.

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