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Reading through the posts here and looking at some of the marvelous pictures posted on this last worlds fair held in the U.S. stirred a memory I had forgotten aboout.

It may have been discussed here before, but I do not recall seeing it posted.

1984 episodes on Gimme A Break starring Nell Carter had a 2 show episode based around the 1984 Worlds Fair.

Season 4, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/29/1984

New Orleans (1) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (1)

Nell and Joey go to New Orleans where Nell sees a man she hasn't seen in 15 years. The two take Joey to the World's Fair, and when they go to visit a jazz club, he proposes to her. She is baffled by his proposal and doesn't know what to say. As this is happening, a man is watching Joey in the jazz club. When Joey finally sees him looking at him, he goes to Nell and tells her he thinks that the man is his father. The man happily says "Joey" as Joey says "Dad", and the two embrace, as Nell stares in shock.

Season 4, Episode 2 – Aired: 10/6/1984

New Orleans (2) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (2)

Joey and his father reunite, and he takes Joey on a day at the World's fair. He then asks Nell if he can have Joey sleep on his boat, which she agrees to. In the morning, there is no sign of Joey, and Nell finds out the boat went back to Nome Alaska. She and the man that asked her to marry him quarrel, and she madly accepts his proposal, but then ditches him in the end. As she walks along the boardwalks in New Orleans, desperately thinking of Joey, he returns to her, and says he went to the hotel but she was gone and he looked all over for her, and the two reunite in a hug.

Last I looked, anyone with a Netflix account can watch these episodes streaming online.


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I still have the episodes recorded on VHS tape someplace!  :lol:

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