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Hello Everyone,

My name is Maureen and I teach a course in World's Fairs History at the university level (second language learners).

I'm hoping that this community can help me out with my endless queries about WFs. My students are required to do

a research project and I'm often frustrated in my efforts to provide them with data.

One recent research topic is "The 1964 WF and its failure to receive BIE sanction." I've been looking for some

original documents-like reports by the BIE and Robert Moses' reactions to it.

I've become quite fascinated with WFs over the years and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.


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Hi Bill

I'm teaching in Nagoya, Japan. It's a third year seminar course. The students are second language learners. It

is taught completely in English. Having second language learners makes it a bit of a challenge. I love the topic

myself and am always looking for sources, images, etc.

Thanks for the link, Mike. I will check it out.

The topics that students chose this year are NASA and Space Promotion at the 1962 World's Fair

Comparison of Transportation and Transportation Planning for 1962 NY WF and Aichi EXPO ( Alweig Monorail and Limino )

Robert Moses and WF's (39 and 64)

The Seattle Space Needle History

Disney and New Animation Technology at the 1964 WF

The BIE and the NY WF 64

Any links or info is appreciated

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Welcome Maureen!

A few years ago I read a borrowed copy of Hi, Ho, Come to the Fair: Tales of the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965, by Bruce Nicholson.

As I recall it included a pretty good account of what happened with the BIE from an insider perspective.

Although Bruce was assigned to "work" the South American region to recruit countries to rent a Fair space and build a pavilion, he also was knowledgeable about many things inside the Fair Corporation managment, and also was asked to go along on other trips--- such as a visit with Robert Moses to see General Franco in Spain (an unsuccessful trip to try to get even more Spanish artworks for the second season). That account is where Bruce explained the categories of World's Fair medallions which were presented to dignitaries.

You can find the Nicholson book in good used condition on www.abebooks.com. Search on key words Hi Ho World's Fair and you'll find it.

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If you've visited Bill Young's www.nywf64.com, you've probably already seen the article on International Participation by Sharyn Elise Jackson. If not, it is worth a read.

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Hi Maureen

That's great... I often wish I could do a primer into World Expositions history here in Australia. Preferably in my hometown of Brisbane - where we hosted the 1988 World Exposition.

Please view my website on World Expo '88 at http://www.foundationexpo88.org/

Good luck with your endeavours!


John McGregor

Foundation Expo '88


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