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I started posting on another board that has a lot of googie architecture content. Don't know how it would work here but I like the idea of 'bump' and new topics:


Search Before Posting


Then add to the bottom of that discussion - DO NOT start a new one.

HINT: there are more pages to this forum then what first shows up. By using the Search Feature - you might find others with the same questions or others who have answered your questions in a previous post. This helps to keeps the information all in one thread as opposed to being spread out over multiple posts.

The Search link is towards the top left part of the page under where it says "Your Ultra Style Guide for Modern Living: Open 24/7". And here is the direct link to the search page as well...


If your topic is moving down the page and you don't want it to go away, DO NOT re-post it as a new topic. "BUMP" it. This means you add a reply to a previously existing topic with some new interesting information. If you don't have anything new to say, but you feel it is still vital to keep it towards the top of the page - the use the word "bump" in your post.

Searching FIRST is important is because it helps to keep the discussion from being fractured...

For instance let's say we have a thread going on Norm's Restaurant - a good thread with lots of important information... then someone starts a new separate post about the Norm's sign. If someone wants to find everything out about Norm's - they're going to have to search for BOTH threads - and they might miss one of them.

View new content: Say you hit the option and find a new post in a long forgotten topic, you select it to read and something comes up and you think "I'll get back to it later" - good luck finding it again because you've seen it once and therefore it's not new. You could bookmark it or save it as a watched topic - if really interested - or you could gather all the days posts as links and post the link list as as a topic of the day - but these options seem kind of ham handed.

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Thanks SWC,

I've seen "bump" used on this board.

That is good advice... to do a search before posting. My doing so has saved PTUers a lot of effort. My FAILING to do so has been embarrassing.

PLUS, thanks for that boss Lotta Livin' site URL!

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