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In my reviewing several thousand postcards from the 1935 Brussels International Expo over the weekend, I came across this oddball.

If you read French you might have an advantage.

In my "pidgeon french" it looks like this might be advertising the "Crime Doesn't Pay Pavilion."

Hey, I know several World's Fairs that could have used a pavilion like this!!! :P

It looks like the signboard behind this guy includes 'Guillotine' next to France and 'Electric' next to America. In order, the countries listed are France, Germany, America, England, and Belgium.

So I presume it's listing methods of execution. :blink: Which makes me wonder what all the other listed methods are. Drawn and quartering? Keel-hauling? Martian Death-Ray?

The guy himself looks like a Houdini-type of escape artist.

Anyway, think up a caption you would put on this postcard if you were the publisher, and share with us.


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First conceptual prototype "wedgie" shown at Exposition Bruxelles. Inventor claims more affordable, simplified versions to be available soon.

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