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3d reconstruction project / Theme Center New York 1939

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Well... I'm very late... rolleyes.gif

I work on a project in collaboration with the BIE... about 9 little 3d films. Each one is about a major part of each 9 expos.

I've already posted here the first part, which is Brussels expo 1935... soon I will post realization about the second film, Paris Expo 1937... (also for that, I'm late blink.gif )

And now, I start the third film... of course... about the 1939 expo.


As for each one, the topic must be near of the theme expo... and in this case, I have the chance that exists the Theme Center. I don't have to find something more complicated... it's perfect !

Even if I only start this film now, that make long time I'm searching documentations... I have... but not much. I hope that will be enough but I'm sure if I have some problems... many of yours will be able to answer me laugh.gif


I don't think it's necessary here to explain more about the Theme Center... I must realize the 3 major pieces... Trylon, Perisphere and Helicline...

and eventualy,and very simple, the near environment.


But where that will be more difficult, that will be to redo the inner part... the Democracity, and balconies....

I have many photos... but they are small... not very good quality, and of course, no plan !


That will be the first challenge... but it's certainly very interesting... especially because the rest of the buildings have more simple shape.

For the exterior, I've planed an another thing to enrich visually the film... there's for me, something very interesting in these 3 buildings, it's there structures cool.gif

I'm always very fan of the type of construction... and visually... it's like an eiffel tower, not ?

and why not, there's the possibility to animate in the film, the construction of those elements.

It's not easy and I don't have lot of time...

But I'm sure that could give an interesting result and a good interpretation of the theme ! World of Tomorrow...tongue.gif

I think to be ready to start... tomorrow biggrin.gif

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Sounds like fun. Keep us posted!

Of course Bill... I think that the most important place here to post this kind of project, not ? laugh.gif

Before to start (always the harder : the beginning...) I want to show you the cover of the french issue dedicated to the New York 1939 expo... I'm sure you know it... but I really like this illustration...


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Sorry, I don't remember the name of the guy who post here this image of the Trylon, but I can say it's the only plan I have about the Trylon !


Even if the quality of the document is not at the top, it's anyway a great help for me... there's the new version made to start the Trylon's modeling :


Even if it's not perfect... it's a good base !

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Now it's time to show you first polygons...


The size of the guys permit to really have the feeling of incredible size. Anyone of you know the good size of the base... on the drawing, it seem to be noted 56 as larger for the structure... and 63, with the skin.



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Continuation with metallic structure, now, the Perisphere.

It looks like a simple ball, but it was a real feat of engineering! one realizes when one starts tinkering on the subject.

Of course, we apprehend the construction section, or slice ... simpler.

starts rather well ... As you can see from these pictures of the WIP :





You can see a sort gate a little lower than half are carriers for rotating the balconies.

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Very nice! I look forward to it when it is done!!

Was the Perisphere really flat bottomed? I believe the blueprints showed this, but I don't think any photos did, and there were plenty that shoed it at a low enough angle for it to tell.

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You have totally right... I asked myself the question... and finally, maybe it was made like that to simplify the way of construction... but for the final version, it will be very spherical of course !

and as show on the right part of this blueprint... that was totally round.

with a kind of key on the middle part, to attach each sections together.



Also the eight feet thinner, have been certainly covered, it seems that there are mirrors after, what seems normal, the water reflections were to be made to forget these feet.


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The base section is complete, it is easy to copy it to go around. Note that the base section has a flat base, a form that would simplify construction and allow the attachment of each of these sections together ... as a key.


I imagine the complexity of design and implementation, seeing this tangle of steel girders.


... a tangle externally but also internally.


Another view from above, to see that the top has not yet received its metal joining, which could not be part of the basic sections.


The same view, but now with the upper part, from "hair" on top of the structure.


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No major changes, it's the weekend ... but still the modeling of the base under the Perisphere, Central Theme Center ... with the pool where jets of water. This base is drawn just below the ramp that descends: the Helicline.


ow, rendering the whole structure with the Perisphere completed.


We begin to find this characteristic shape, emblem of the Exhibition of 1939.


Next step will be the hélicline, and I hope the bridge between the entry by the Trylon and that of the Perisphere.

I do not feel able to make the bridge structure connecting the same way that the first elements, I have yet found any clear reference.


And one more for fun, before moving to the next step.


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Last of three main elements of the Theme Center, the gateway allows the descent of visitors: the Helicline.


Regarding the documentation, it's certainly the least documented for me. I don't know the exact diameter and the number of pillars, etc...


The end point of the footbridge, where there was a statue. Here too, I don't really make reference to this statue. So I would either not do it and do not show the location for the animation, or else do something that looks, by far!


A beautiful Helicline developed for this!


Last view on the structure, before it receives its coating.


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Au tour des derniers éléments à mettre en place. Ici la jonction entre le Trylon, la Perisphere et l'Helicline. Hélas, comme je l'ai dit précédemment, n'ayant aucune documentation sur sa structure ce pont d'accès ne montrera pas sa structure dans le film... ce qui n'est pas très grave.


Maintenant une vue très caractéristique du Theme Center. Quand la structure n'est plus visible, cet ensemble apparaît beaucoup plus simple et nu.


Bien sûr, pour les besoins du film, je réaliserais de manière simple le proche environnement, sur lequel la caméra ne s'attardera pas, car le ride est limité en temps, et le but n'est pas de visiter le reste de l'exposition.


Encore une vue très commune, comme les visiteurs pouvait voir cet ensemble.




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here is a first animation test, only for visual construction of the structures of the Trylon and Perisphere ... Of course, nothing to do with "real" construction, but rather a way of enriching visualy scene, to show the complexity of the structure that was under these monuments, symbols of the New York Expo 1939.


We must also imagine the scene with textured elements, an expo background and a sky... biggrin.gif

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I just start to work on the two balconies inside the Perisphere... and I have a major question !

One thing is certain : the two balconies running, but in what sense? logic would be that they rotate in opposite directions,

but which in the sense of clockwise ? cool.gif

if someone knows the answer, thank you in advance !

Anyway I have my own idea, while watching many photos, and more especially the head orientation of people who normally have a tendency to look ahead, it would be the upper balcony which in turn clockwise, but I'm not at sure at all of course ! unsure.gif

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Thanks a lot Joey... finally, I made the right choice laugh.gif

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Turning inside Perisphere, where was Democracity, the city of the future...


...that visitors could see two balconies running in reverse.


The two balconies circulated on rollers located on the floor.


Here the inner hull, which were projected films.


Sur la droite, on aperçoit les accès sur les deux niveaux.


And thanks to Joey Chernov, the forum "worldsfaircommunity" I know that the upper balcony of rotates clockwise, and the inferior in reverse.


I really hope you like, and to be near of the past reality... cool.gif

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So, the first part of this third project is completed.


All the elements necessary for the film are modelized.


The close environment of other pavilions is treated very simply. With the depth of field, and trees, and framing appropriate, it should not need additional details.


It remains now to begin the next step will be to achieve the textures.


And finally, it only remains to add trees and visitors of the exhibition, then animate the camera for the ride. The goal is to complete the model of color film to the end of May.


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a project that comes rather good ... making body with a concept still allows to save time.

The genesis of this third film dragged a bit ... but I think the result will be quite interesting.

This is already the model of the animation, brut, without textures or details of the environment, to validate the ride.

I'm quite satisfied, I don't think the final animation will be different! Hope you like cool.gif


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The vieo was nice. Just a minor question - why does it say "New York Exposition 1939" throughout instead of "World's Fair"?


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This film is a part of 9 films... and the two first already have this mention of "exposition"... and that will be on the 6 next films...

as I know in USA is World's Fair, I wrote it in the end of the film... but not is fixed at 100%

The BIE will decide at the end. smile.gif

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Beautiful! Out of curiosity, how is the sun's position selected? Does it copy a photograph, or is it calculated for a certain date and time?

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The light is not exactly the same planned for the film... but it's more inspired by photographs... and I imagine that between 9 and 10 AM for the final version... last days of june... cool.gif

I hope to be not too far of the reality ! unsure.gif

Tomorrow... first textured pictures smile.gif

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Two interpretations of the Theme Center, in French magazine, for drinks rolleyes.gif

I really like this kind of advertising cool.gif

For Cointreau Liquor in Plaisir de France, special issue of july 1939 ( perisphere printed with gold ink) :


and for St. Raphaël, in l'Illustration, special issue of june 1939 :


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