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Haibao in the past france...

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Well... I don't know of it's the best place here to post that... but anyway, it's for Shanghai Expo... and it's about the mascot Haibao laugh.gif

I must acknowledge to really appreciate this litte blue guy... funny, pretty... and so... (most interesting than the french mascot Léon le Chaton... a real shame ! huh.gif)

As I've made a film about chinese participation in the old french world's fairs... and as it's finish, and the film almost in Shanghai, I've decided to modelize Haibao... (planed since many months... but always not enough time)

...and to integrate him in each section rebuilt for this project, 6 little films was made :

- 1 about 1867 expo

- 2 about 1878 expo

- 2 about 1889 expo

- 1 about 1900 expo

6 good reason for Haibao to take good times in Paris wink.gif

Haibao in the 1867 Paris Expo - at Champ-de-Mars


Haibao in the 1878 Paris Expo - at Champ-de-Mars, along the first Nation's street.


Haibao in the 1878 Paris Expo - at the Trocadéro, a little park, or chinese village.


Haibao in the 1889 Paris Expo - at Champ-de-Mars, along the Suffren avenue.


Haibao in the 1889 Paris Expo - at Champ-de-Mars, in the story of habitation, created by Charles Garnier (who made the opera de Paris)


And to fiinish by the biggest... at the Trocadéro, the great palace made for the 1900 expo... with few other pavillions.


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Some news from the Expo 2010 Shanghai, especially about my 3d film in BIE exhibition.

These pictures were kindly sent to me by a journalist friend

It will not surprise the few visitors, because these pictures were taken late at night ...

(There were 25,000 visitors per day during the first weeks, I hope it's true biggrin.gif)

but it will still let me go ... and see for myself!





And I keep the best for last, the Chinese hilarious! but I know why. He watches the last scene of the film, the Chinese pavilions at the Exposition 1900, characters integrated into the movie are sprite made using pictures in Black & White in 1900, inevitably, to see these ladies in the European Fashion 1900 in a Chinese environment to what to do laugh!


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Color him green and he could be Gumby. :)

But his hair reminds me of Conan O'Brien.

Good call on the Conan O'Brien hairdo. My friend and I, while in Shanghai, referred to Haibao as "Expo Gumby."

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