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Shangahi World Expo 2010

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Hello everyone. I was lucky enough to be invited to join the restricted crowds at Expo 2010 tomorrow. Even though it is going to rain, I am very excited about it. It will only be from 9-4, which is a little disappointing because their use of lighting at the Expo is extraordinary. I will take lots of pics and videos and try to share, but sometimes the govt interfers with email. I am going to try and get English language guidebooks to bring back. If I get a lot I will be happy to send them (if they are available). my email is bdayworld@aol.com. I will let you know if I get any and will send them for 6.00 plus whatever postage you want. 1st come first served. If I get them I will send them when I get back to the states on 4/28. I am very pleased with the Expo History Exhibit I am working on here in Shanghai. It has a distinct Chinese theme

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