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1970 Expo Osaka Japan Pavilion Indonesia Coin

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I wasn't sure where else to go as I'd like to know any further information about this coin. I've searched endlessly and can only come up with a 100 yen version of the 70 Expo. This is a framed coin, somewhat heavy. Pictured as shown. Any help would be appreciated. This item was found in storage.

1 side says: Expo 70 Osaka Japan Pavilion Indonesia

Other side: appears to be a dancing woman



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Since it doesn't seem to have a value on it, it's probably a medallion instead of a coin.

Given away to special visitors, or even sold in the pavilion's gift shop.

At the NYWF medallions came in many sizes and different metals. The biggest ones, in various precious metals, were given away to visiting VIPs.

You could often tell how important the person was by which precious metal was given to them.

Smaller ones, in common metals, were sold as souvenirs at the Fair.

That was NYWF and we're talking Expo 70 here, but my guess is it was the same kind of deal, specific to the Indonesia Pavilion.

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