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Crystal Palace Postcards

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Here's two postcards, if anyone have any idea when these pictures were taken ?



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I recommend you contact the Exhibition Study Group in the UK.


(click on the blue 'please contact us').

They have members who are just as enthusiastic about the minute details of Crystal Palace, White City, Wembley, and Edinburgh, as many on this board are about the two NYWF's.

Mike Perkins and Bill Tonkin come to mind. I was pleased to be able to help Bill by contributing a little bit of useful information for his new book on the White City expos, and he filled me in with TONS of information including early drafts for the book.

I have Mike's book on the Wembley expo in 1924-25- it's an awesome work.

Bill and Fred Peskett wrote a book in 2006 called The Crystal Palace 1854-1936 on Post Cards, so they are likely your best bet.

I'll PM you with the latest email address I have for Bill.

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For my own guess---

first of all, it's definitely before 30 November 1936. LOL

Looking at the two postcards- of course they must be from the same publisher. And the typestyle of the writing used for the caption reminds me very much of many of the postcards from the 1924 Wembley exhibition.

So my guess is the mid-1920's.

Postcards from the 1900's and 1910's used more 'real photo' technology. Your postcards were probably lithographed.

Now let's see what the experts in the UK say about my wild guess. haha I'm absolutely sure they'll be able to tell you the publisher name, based on those card numbers printed in the caption.

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When would they have stopped calling an airplane an 'aeroplane' ? haha

I better watch out. I'm flying to London on an 'aeroplane' a week from Saturday.

Say, that's a good reason for me to try to contact Bill and tell him I'm coming. Maybe he'll give me an expo legacy tour.

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These are incredible airviews of the Crystal Palace. I have not seen these views before.

While we are on the topic, I have these cards that I believe go back to the fair. If anyone has thoughts about them, I would be interested.





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I believe all are early 20th century. But the last one is a litho repro of an artist depiction of the 1851 Exposition- probably produced between about 1910 and the mid-30's. In fact it looks very similar to the quality of the 1924-25 postcards produced for the Wembley Expo (none of those are Crystal Palace postcards of course).

I recommend this reference:


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