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Found 3 results

  1. I'm working on a project here with Expo 2015's Social Media team and I think the audience here would definitely be interested in participating. I'm creating an archive of mostly ephemeral materials (and stories about them) to save for posterity at the Donald G. Larson Collection on International Expositions and Fairs at the California State University in Fresno, California. The materials will be accesible to students, scholars, and the general public there, but we're focusing on the use of these items in the year 2115. I'm inspired a great deal by the celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Panama-Pacific expositions. There are some great items left from that world's fair, but seeing them, I always want to ask people in 1915 how and where they were used. Fortunately, we're in a position to return the favor to 2115, so we're asking people to fill out a card to accompany the item describing the item and perhaps telling a story about it. I'm outlining (and updating) the project at: Expo2015plus100.org. Let me know what you think!
  2. Hello! I am researching the Westinghouse Time Capsule that was exhibited at the NY World's Fair 1939-1940. I just came across an odd scrap of information from a collection of Westinghouse documents. The following quote is from a edited draft of a Westinghouse press release released “for use AM’s Thursday, September 23, 1943” entitled MILLIKAN, MANN, WRITE POSTSCRIPTS TO HISTORY: “Nearly, [sic] 4,000,000 Fair vistors viewed the Capsule in its Eternal Well in New York and more than a million inspected a replica of it at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco.” This jogged my memory about another odd reference, which I have just unearthed. This is from the cutline (that is, caption) attached to an undated Westinghouse PR photo: "[Miss Clydagh] Enos...16, of... San Francisco, saw a little doll at the Westinghouse Exhibit on Treasure Island, where a cut-away model of the Time Capsule was shown and a duplicate set of contents was displayed. She wanted a doll exactly like it. Today Santa paid her a pre-Christmas visit to bring the Time Capsule doll." Another cutline with another photo taken at the same time reports the same information. Then, 25 years later(!), is ANOTHER photo of the same woman, grown and married. That cutline says in part: "Clydagh Enos Blackwood, above, was a young teen-ager with a doll collection when a duplicate of the Westinghouse Time Capsule was displayed at the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1940." The 1965 shot shows her posing with what is supposed to be the same doll, but isn't. If they got the doll wrong, maybe they got the story wrong as well. That's a total of four Westinghouse cutlines and press releases saying there was a duplicate of the Time Capsule in San Francisco at the GGIE. But the above are the ONLY such references I have found after doing a lot of digging. To the best of my knowledge, I have never even seen a photo of the interior of the GGIE Westinghouse exhibit -- just a postcard-type shot of its exterior. I've looked for such photos. Nor have I seen any documents or memos or whatever that discuss, for example, building or shipping a GGIE duplicate. My working theory at this point is that there was an exhibit about the Time Capsule at the GGIE that included a duplicate set of the artifacts (doll, Lady's hat, man's razor, Holy Bible, deck of cards, cans of microfilm, etc.) with maybe a photo of the cut-away Time Capsule, and that got garbled along the way with "exhibit about the duplicate Time Capsule" turning into just plain "duplicate Time Capsule." It would have been pretty easy and cheap to put together a duplicate collection of the items in the Time Capsule, but building a whole second cut-away duplicate would have been a large and complicated undertaking -- and there is no sign of a 2nd replica after 1940, while the duplicate shown at the New York Fair is well documented. Given that the dates of the two Fairs -- New York and GGIE -- overlapped almost exactly, it seems highly unlikely that there would have been any practical way to ship the New York cut-away to San Francisco for a temporary stay at Treasure Island at some point when the NY Fair was closed and GGIE was open. GGIE opened earlier than the NYWF in 1939, but not for long, and the one year reference we have is to the girl seeing the cut-away duplicate in 1940 -- and I doubt Westinghouse would take chances with the cut-away before the main exhibit had even opened. The Westinghouse documents include an undated photo with no cutline or other documentation that shows the cutaway Time Capsule in what appears to be a Christmas-time department store window display. Maybe the cut-away replica got shipped west for the winter once the New York Fair closed, and the photo was from a San Francisco store, and little Clydagh saw the duplicate there? That's a bit of a stretch, but it would explain the reference to an early visit from Santa. I'd love to find out that there was a second actual cut-away model of the Time Capsule at the GGIE, and love even more to find out where it is now, but that's too much to hope for. My guess is that things just got garbled -- but I'd like to know for sure. I'd also love to know what department store window the cut-awy Time Capsule was in, and what year it was. (For reasons too dull to explore here, it could have been 1938, 1939, or 1940.) Anyone know a good Store Window archive? Does anyone have any photos or brochures or whatever concerning the Westinghouse exhibit that would clarify any of this? Is there any sort of archive of information about the GGIE that I might contact? Thanks for any guidance! All best -- Roger M. Allen
  3. Hello to all! This is my first post on the site, if not ever, at least for a long time. I am researching the 1964-1965 Westinghouse Pavilion and Time Capsule (TC). I have wandered this site and the Internet endlessly trying to track down the answers a few mysteries about the TC. I won't bother cluttering up this post with images, as a 30-second Google search will net you all the images that convey the mysteries -- and (so far as I can tell) no images that have the answers. Chief among the mysteries: Various PR fliers and news reports describe the TC that was suspended 50 feet in the air over the Pavilion as the actual Time Capsule that was buried, while others called it a replica. (I think I have seen it described both ways in the same document.) Other details I have been able to check in the various PR handouts make it very hard to trust their accuracy. On Oct 16, 1965, the second TC was buried ten feet north of its older brother. If the TC suspended overhead was not there anymore as of that day, that would be strong evidence that the suspended TC was in fact the real deal. It would be great if there was a photo that could show whether it was there or not at that time. However, I have yet to find a photo that shows the burial ceremony that takes in the space between the three pylons where the TC hung. If there is such a thing as a photo that shows the full height of the three pylons, thus showing the suspended TC or its absence, and the burial ceremony in progress, that would be a great help. The best I have been able to come up with is suggestive evidence but not conclusive proof. There was a cable running from the bottom of the suspended TC to the top center of the TC marker to keep it from swinging in the wind. I have a shot of the marker for the TC during the ceremony that clearly shows that the metal attachment for the guy wire has been removed from the marker, and no cable is there. That makes it seem likely that the suspended TC was taken down -- but the cable could have been removed so that no one standing on the temporary stand by the marker would run into the cable. There is a SECOND TC replica mystery. In the 1965 season, the 1938 replica was displayed in a sort of kiosk at the entrance to the Westinghouse Pavilion. It was clearly labeled as the replica of the original TC, while the object next to it was labeled "Time Capsule II" -- which could be interpreted to mean IT was the real deal, and the suspended TC was a mere replica. But wait -- there's more. The 1939 TC replica was a cut-away, showing the objects inside. All the photos I have seen of the 1965 display of the two TCs show the 1965 replica without a cutaway section. All the photos I have seen of the 1965 replica from the post-fair era show it WITH a cutaway and its contents shown inside a glass tube. I saw the replicas when they were displayed in Wilmerding, and saw the cutaway in the 1965 replica. So: was the one with a cutaway section a THIRD replica, or did they just slice up the replica from the fair after 1965? If so, which one? Also, all the photos from pre-1965 show the 1938 replica with its squared-off lifting ring in place. Some 1965 photos show the lifting ring -- but others don't. I have yet to see any post-1965 shots of the 1939 replica with the lifting ring. What happened to it? Anyone have any photos, videos, clippings, other documents, or memories that might shed light on any of this? ANY unposted photos of the Westinghouse Pavilion or either Time Capsule replicas would be helpful, as some tiny background detail might shed light on the questions discussed above, or on some other point regarding the Time Capsules. Thanks in advance for any help! Roger Allen