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Found 5 results

  1. I'm going to share some photos from Expo 67. I'll try to give them all captions. Forgive me if I posted some of these a couple years ago. U.S. Guides were not permitted to visit the Cuban Pavilion. When my father visited, he and I went anyway. What was the big deal? and I visited it, as you can see, in my uniform. I managed to escape being found out! There were at least two guides that were sent home for various reasons. Other than the Cuba Pavilion, I was a good girl! One of the high points of my time there was giving a PR tour to Ralph Bunche and his wife and kids. What an honor! These photos were either taken by me or a friend. I'm in the Johnson photo on the escalator (far left). He had just passed my station, and I reached out to shake his hand but was nearly knocked over my security. In uniform! and still! The concert was on the U.S. day. Each nation had its own special day. I uploaded the concert that took place on that day at Place-des-nations. AMAZING! that's when I got to meet my hero Herbie Mann. Outside the pavilion, I saw the Dead and the Airplane. I have photos I took at the Place Ville Marie park. I played my flute with the best! What a summer! I should say that the Marines had all served in Nam. Many had purple hearts and most of them were pretty raw from the experience. They provided more than security for the pavilion. Well, I'll get around to scanning more as time permits. ENJOY!
  2. Finally! I bought a digital copy of two of the Canadian Pavilion brochures/books from Expo 67. I always have been fascinated with the Canadian expo 67 exhibit and how comprehensive it was. What I didn't know was how well done the pavilion and the brochures actually were. Attached is the general Canadian Pavilion brochure that was available to all during the fair. I was expecting a very simple little pamphlet but was blown away with how detailed it was. What impressed me were the axonometric graphics, the cross sections and how they attempted to explain the complicated exhibit layout as simply and easily as possible. A pavilion sanctuary? Progressive. A remote control toy ice breaker rescue scenario played out hourly in a specially built outdoor viewing theatre/pond? Awesome. Library, art gallery, 5 restaurants, cine carousel, innovative child creative centre, and UKI a fire breathing sea monster all thrown in to boot. Well done! CanadaPavilionBrochure.pdf
  3. I was googling and found this great site...amazing photos and a hostess guidebook from Expo 67...check it out. Scroll close to the end. Great find. I am curious about some of the pavilion concepts that never were built. There is one there...anyone know what this is? https://garbagefinds.com/tag/montreal/page/10/
  4. Hello, I am really glad I discovered this forum about World Fairs. I love visiting where they have been, I am going to Lisbon soon so look forward to going there. Also, I make art. I spent some time in Montreal and will spend more time there this year. I really liked the old Expo grounds and the two obvious things that stood out for me were Habitat 67 and the Biosphere. As a designer/artist, it got my ideas working and decided to make artwork about them. I used traditional drawing and digital work, 3d graphics, real life drawing pens and 2d editing software 'tradigital'. I wanted to make them a bit retro and evocative of that time. I attach the images, I have them as prints and postcards too to sell. Also, my development sketches which are here were also used in an exhibition back here in the UK about traditional drawing in the digital age - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1507441546174854.1073741837.1411700095749000&type=3 Here are some of my pictures and the development shots. If anyone is interested or knows a place where I can share ideas about artmaking based on World Expos will be great. Best regards, James. www.jamesabellart.com
  5. Hello-- My name is Mary. My parents took me and two of my brothers to Expo 67; we stayed with family friends in a suburb of Montreal. I wish I could say I had many fond memories, but I was only two years old. However, I have a vague recollection of a rather traumatic event and I am seeing if anyone might remember this event or point me in the right direction. I have checked a number of on-line resources already. I am aware that this site is mostly here for the purpose of celebrating The World's Fair and I apologize if this question is not appropriate. I can say that I have been told many fantastic stories about our trip to Expo 67 and I am very proud to have been an attendee. This memory and my attempt to reconstruct has in fact piqued my curiosity about the World's Fair in general and has planted the notion in my head that I might attend a World's Fair in the future. Maybe Kazakhstan? In any case, I have a vague memory of someone either jumping or falling off of a bridge (an overpass, really) onto a highway and into oncoming traffic. My mom, who is now in her 80s, confirms this memory, but I am working on recovering memory details of this tragic event. Does anyone have any recollection or information about this? With apologies in advance for dredging up sad news regarding what was, by all accounts, an extraordinary event. Mary Sokolowski Providence, Rhode Island, USA