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  1. New Travelers Pavilion from Rob Bianco

    Lights are placed behind the stain glass as well as the fountains and in the four light poles. The model is built in 1:160 scale
  2. Thanks... I am not aware of being on the History Channel - but you got my curiosity up... any additional info about the program?
  3. Hope you can get some good pictures!
  4. Rob Bianco displays his 1:296 scale model of the Ford pavilion.
  5. On display at the Fair will be Rob Bianco's 1:296 scale model of the Ford Motor Company pavilion. The Fair opens September 12th and runs through the 28th.
  6. Rob Bianco displays his 1:296 scale model of the Ford Motor Company pavilion which will be featured at the MA State Fair (The Big E) on September 12th through the 28th.
  7. NYSP Paint Project Gets National Attention!

    Great article. An inspiration to my making the model for you.
  8. 09 World's Fair Show And Sale Recap Pt 3

    That small New York State replica model was not an original, but rather one I made for David Oats when he was campaigning to have the red light on top repaired. He was successful in his efforts but unfortunately passed away not too long after.
  9. Greyhound Escorter Finished

    Any chance to get a digital copy of the new horn?
  10. Greyhound vehicle horn

    Does anyone know if a recording of the Greyhound horn, "Go Greyhound, and leave the driving to us" exists and if it does, how to get it?
  11. Something for everybody

    Photo looks like it was from The Vatican pavilion
  12. 50 Minus 1

    I remember going on opening day and on the last day of the Fair. I visited a total of 30 times included once to the Top of the Fair restaurant for breakfast between seasons. Happy 49th anniversary on the opening of the greatest fair ever. Rob
  13. Greyhound Escorter Finished

    I am curious as to the reason why the Escorter's disappeared during the 1965 season. I heard two explainations: 1. It was simply too expensive and there were not enpough people who could afford it 2. The engines kept catching on fire and there weren't safe. Either of these stories true or is there another explaination? Thanks Anyway, I would love to ride in one. Hope it makes its way to the east coast!
  14. New York State Pavilion Model

    I couldn't have done it without you Kevin. Thanks.
  15. New York State Pavilion Model

    Thank you Trey - I appreciate your kind words and support. Hope you and your family are doing well. Please give my regards to your wife.