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  1. I took a few pictures of Struthiomimus at the Milwaukee Public Museum during a visit on Christmas Eve and posted the pictures on my Flickr account here: Struthiomimus She looks to be in excellent shape although overshadowed by the Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops in front of her.
  2. GMC Futurliner to Rewrite eBay Record Books

    Neat find! Thanks Doug. John
  3. U.S. Royal/Uniroyal Tire

    Thanks Doug. BTW, I didn't see the opening credits on the clip at the link. Are they elsewhere on the page?
  4. IRON MAN 2- Heavy with '64 References

    I saw Iron Man 2 on Saturday night and enjoyed it thoroughly. For NYWF 64 fans it is a must see. Much of the action takes place in a digitally recreated FMCP; the NYSP and the Unisphere figure prominently in the plot and there is a model of the '64 World's Fair (re-cast as the 1974 Stark Expo) that leads to an important scientific discovery. I think all of the main characters do a pretty good job and Scarlett Johannsen as a martial arts expert was a hoot! I won't tell you more lest I spoil the fun. Enjoy!
  5. Here's a link to the Website for the mythical Stark Industries Exhibition to take place starting on May 7 (which coincidentally also is the opening date of Iron Man 2): Stark Expo 2010 You would think there would be more signs of activity at FMCP by now! In any case, it has a lot of pretty pictures and stimulates the imagination. Clearly, many of the pictures are heavily influenced by actual exhibits at the '64 NYWF. In addition, there is a re-creation of a "1974 Expo" that uses pictures from the real 1964 Fair. Bonus - A link to a video clip from the movie that takes place in the digitally re-created NYSP: Iron Man 2
  6. Hollywood, with it's digital smoke and mirrors, re-created Flushing Meadows Corona Park, especially the NYSP, for the upcoming Iron Man sequel: Iron Man Transforms World's Fair Site
  7. Here's the link to the discussion on this topic from 2006: Westinghouse Capsules.
  8. It was a Bulova Accutron. The specific model was the Astronaut, IIRC. I know we have discussed this before and I made a presentation on the Accutron-Fair connection at SIP I.
  9. Seeking Volunteers to Help Preserve New York State Pavilion

    Thanks for the pics Richard! I am pleased to see that the volunteers were able to get some good work done. John
  10. The New York Times reported today that New York plans to buy seven acres of Coney Island for redevelopment purposes: NYT on Coney Island
  11. This is from a visit to FMCP on July 12, 2003. Other pictures taken on visits to FMCP that year are here: FMCP in 2003. They are a subset of a collection of FMCP and NYWF '64 legacy photos posted here: NYWF Legacies
  12. Wisconsin Pavilion visit

    I have posted some of my own pictures taken during a visit to the Wisconsin Pavilion at my Flickr site here: Wisconsin Pavilion Click on any of the thumbnails to see an individual picture. Then you can click on "all sizes" to see the full resolution version. These are part of my "1964 New York World's Fair Sites and Legacies" collection that I am gradually building over time here - 1964NYWF Sites and Legacies
  13. The QTIP Architects

    Thanks for posting the link Mike. The pictures make it look very attractive and I hope that the rehabilitation of the rest of the NYSP pavilion follows shortly now that it has achieved landmark status.
  14. Ankylosaurus Found

    The Ankylosaurus from Sinclair Dinoland has been listed on this forum as having been donated to the Cleveland Zoo and subsequently lost. However, according to the article at the following link it was actually donated to the Houston Museum of Natural History in 1969 and has been displayed there since 1970 - Ankylosaurus Maybe someone from the Houston area can confirm this.