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  1. The contrail is also interesting. At first I thought it was a defect in the negative but the lighter streak cleanly passes behind some objects like the flag and the statue atop the Italy pavilion, so I'm not sure what it is/was. Newly restored negative from my collection. - Bill Cotter
  2. May 1964. The displays on the left were for horse racing; one was Monticello Raceway, the other (something) Downs.
  3. Lots going on in Gotham Plaza!

    Sorry, just saw this. It says OFFICIAL TIME By SWISS (something in two lines, too blurry to read) WORLD"S FAIR I checked another photo and had the same issue on the blurred lines. I'll keep an eye out for more clock shots.
  4. Newly restored 35mm slide from 1964.
  5. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I like to keep busy. Today, for example, I was out catching speeders using Radar (LISAR, actually) for the LAPD. Yesterday it was getting an injured red-tailed hawk to a bird rehab sanctuary. Sooner or later I'll figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
  6. Poland - 1968

    June 1968 view of the Poland pavilion, which had been the State of Vermont pavilion for Expo. Restored 126 format slide.
  7. Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  8. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    Most pavilions did the cleaning of the costumes for the staff. She might have been going hotel to Fair to home. I've done that sort of thing when I have a late flight home. You could also check in for your Eastern Airlines flight at the Fair and they would transfer your luggage for you. But, I guess we'll never know for sure unless she pops up!
  9. LIRR station on the left. Shea sparking new in the back.
  10. Newly restored Instamatic 126 format slide from my collection.
  11. They do seem to have been spinners as I can find them at different angles. You got the tag line correct!
  12. Newly restored undated negative from my collection.
  13. Two views of a bridge

    Looking towards the Bridge of the United Nations South from the New York State Pavilion. Restored print from 1965. It's fun to see some of the sort of oddball things people captured in their photos. This view is looking out from the General Motors line towards the Bridge of the United Nations - South. I wish those flags were still there, so colorful. Restored from a scanned print, 1965.
  14. Sounds like an interesting visit!
  15. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    Looks like she is carrying a jacket and a small suitcase. She may have been a tourist in town and would be putting the bag in one of the coin operated lockers.
  16. The Willets Point Boulevard/World's Fair subway stop. Restored from a VERY dark 126 format slide.
  17. Newly restored 126 format slide from August 1965.
  18. Arriving for a day at the Fair in August 1965!

    Sounds like me when I was leaving for the last time. I imagine many of us here had the same sort of moment. Quite indelible, wasn't it?
  19. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    I'll keep posting!
  20. A different view while approaching the Fair

    Well, technically this was the exit from the subway, and the official Fair entrance was further ahead along the ramp.
  21. After having scanned thousands of slides from the Fair it's always fun to spot something new. Here's a view of a sign advertising "Disneyland Fun - Pepsi World's Fair Pavilion" on the way in to the Gotham Gate from the subway. I've never seen that sign before. It did it's best to hide in the shadows, as seen in the original scan. Newly restored 126 format slide from August 1965. and the original scan:
  22. A panorama stitched together from two views taken on the New York State Pavilion towers. April 24, 1964.
  23. Fountains of the Fairs. Restored 35mm slide from May 1965.