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  1. The wait is almost over!

    Thanks, Eric. Much appreciated coming from you.
  2. The wait is almost over!

    I found a nice surprise at the front door today - the first copies of my newest book! It's always a thrill to finally hold the final product in your hands after months of work. Street date is December 10.
  3. Here's that semicircle. It's not restored yet so still dirt and scratches. Looks like a reflection of people seated, as I can see someone with his legs crossed, and feet on a floor. That help anyone?
  4. Are these worth it?

    Pretty much echoing Wayne, the price is pretty reasonable compared to what you would pay for each set and postage on each if bought individually. They are nice to look at with a Viewmaster viewer, but are very tiny images indeed.
  5. A few days ago I posted a picture of the groundbreaking ceremony for Shea Stadium, and folks were commenting that it was a former parking lot for the 1939-40 New York World's Fair. Here's a shot of that same lot on September 21, 1940. It's a bit blurry as it was shot from the subway train, but it gives an idea of how large the lot was - and this was just one of the lots for the Fair. That's the Howard Johnson's restaurant in the background.
  6. Does anyone have information on this fountain featuring a cat somewhere at the Fair? Peeking in through the window looks like it may have been a food stand of some kind. Any leads are appreciated! A second view It looks like there were goldfish in the glass column. I've found other fountains like that, called Aqualons, but not with the cat.
  7. A sad shot from February 16, 1941 as demolition was underway on the Fair site. This was the formerly impressive Administration Building. I was surprised it was not kept as offices for the park.
  8. No, Eric, you need to stay as far away as possible. I would hate to see you suffer an injury from banging your head against the wall every time I make a mistake. Hey, if you can come, that would be great. I suggest you reserve a seat just to be sure there's one waiting for you. Free so no problem if things change.
  9. Please join me for a trip back in time to the "World of Tomorrow." The talk will be held at 7 PM on Thursday, May 9th, at the Mineola Public Library on Long Island. If you are planning to come you can reserve a seat by contacting the library at Reference Department (516) 746-8488 x2 or mineola@nassaulibrary.org. Hope to see some of you there!
  10. I just finished reformatting the International Area pavilions on my site to make them mobile friendly. Please let me know if you spot anything I managed to break along the way! Off to the next section. When I get through all of this I'll go back and start expanding some of the pages, but this reformatting has been a lot more work than I expected. https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/index-international.htm
  11. TWA Rocket to the Moon

    Not from a World's Fair, but I thought folks might like this shot from Disneyland Looking at this made me think about the space trip show at Freedomland. Here's a shot that shows some similarities, such as the guard booth on the left and chain link fence. Of the two, which would attract your eye the most? No wonder Disneyland is still with us and Freedomland is but a memory.
  12. I am. Find me a venue and I'll be there!
  13. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Glad you came back for a visit, Glen!
  14. NYT Redbird Subway Car Reefs

    Nice article, Glen. Thanks for sharing it.
  15. Fountains of the Fairs. Restored 35mm slide from May 1965.
  16. World`s Fair Quarterly Periodical

    I'll help you get some free space. I probably have most of them but what the heck. Send me your address in a message and let me know if you want a check, PayPal, etc.
  17. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    I would be very afraid of any fish that could live in that lake!
  18. Anyone hungry?

    See you over at Chun King! Just 99 cents will get you the "Seven Variety Dinner" or the "Hong Kong Burger Dinner". There's also Jeno's Pizza to the left in case you didn't want any of the "Most Excellent Chinese Food - Tastefully Prepared - Superbly Served". Restored 35mm slide from Aug/Sept 1964.
  19. Night comes to the Fair

    General Cigar, a Brass Rail (still clean!) and Johnson Wax, May 1964. Restored 35mm slide.
  20. Night comes to the Fair

  21. The Vault III CD-ROM

    Let me see what I can scare up.