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  1. Opening Day was coming up fast! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  2. Finally! New CDs available!

    I'm with you, Wayne - always finding things I would love to go back and see in person, some again, some for the first time.
  3. Finally! New CDs available!

    Folks have been asking for new CDs from the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair for some time now. Thing is I didn't realize just how long it has been since the release of #65. Would you believe FIVE YEARS? Wow! I've been busy restoring photos like mad but just never got around to putting out new CDs as the work to do thumbnails, make listings, etc. was always something put off until "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow finally got here. I am pleased to announce the release of #66 to #75 - yup, ten new CDs in the collection. I've also started work to make the CD listings more mobile device friendly, but finishing that will take a while. You can get to the main CD page at https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/photos.htm. There's a package deal available for anyone who has the first 65 and needs the new ones for their collection - see the bottom of the 3rd CD page. Thanks to the folks who prodded me. I am still in shock that it was five years.
  4. A lot to ponder in one photo

    Here's a view I just finished restoring. A few things caught my eye. 1) The red Mustang - no one seems to be paying any attention to it while over at Ford people were lined up to see them. 2) It looks like the circus has left town. There's still a price list for the empty snack bar, but no signs of life. I had scanned this a long time ago and need to pull the slide to see if it's dated in any way. 3) There are some unusual fixtures of some kind on two poles extending down on either side of the monorail pylon. Anyone know what they were for? There's a yellow sign for something about the monorail on the pylon but I couldn't make it out.
  5. Congratulations! I know you have put a lot into this project. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Undeveloped film from 1964

    I think most 8mm film then was color as it was generally intended for home use. I don't think any of our films are in B&W.
  7. Undeveloped film from 1964

    One hopes...
  8. Undeveloped film from 1964

    Having bought many photos no longer wanted by families it's very sad indeed.
  9. Finally! New CDs available!

    Thanks! Makes the slaving away at the keyboard a tad less painful!
  10. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    Look for news on new CDs very soon...
  11. Newly restored 35mm slide from the 1964 season.
  12. Any photos taken within the Entrance Building?

    There are probably some at the NY Public Library in the Fair Corp files but I can't recall seeing anything yet.
  13. Seen at the Berlin pavilion

    I was wondering that as well.
  14. Stegosaurus Sighting

    Ten times! Ha!! Well, thanks for the update - and for saving us a hike!
  15. I can't recall seeing this angle before

    I will post it on here. I really need to do that and get some new ones out. Maybe this weekend??
  16. . Newly restored large format negative
  17. Yeah, the irony of that was not lost on me. Such a pointless battle.
  18. The once mighty Bell System pavilion succumbs to the wreckers. Newly restored large format slide. This one really hurts as Bell was one of my favorite pavilions.
  19. One for our detectives

    I believe that is the Canadian Pavilion area in the background if that helps.
  20. I'm not quite sure where this was displayed. It could have been at Western Provinces, which had displays about Douglas Firs, or Atlantic Provinces, where a ship was being built - could it have been used for a mast? Sad that such a long-living tree was cut down. Taken June 12, 1967. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  21. It's so sad that no one wanted to preserve this clock from 7-Up, instead just torching it off the pole and letting it crash to the ground. It's hard to believe the company couldn't find a home for this at the headquarters or at a bottler. That's one of the serving counters in front of the clock. Newly restored large format slide.
  22. August 1964, Newly restored 35mm slide.