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  1. http://m.qchron.com/mobile/qboro/stories/history-rediscovered-at-the-world-s-fair/article_71cefb90-7d8d-5def-9021-a6741bc6a49c.html
  2. Where were you in 1953?

    Where will that be, Ralph?
  3. Here's one for you, sunguar! First time I remember seeing this angle.
  4. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    I believe so, and it's where Carousel Park was. Looks like the ground had been freshly cleared for it.
  5. The Probability Machine at IBM

    All I can make out is "Probability Machine". The rest is too small and I can't decipher it. Racing like mad to pack for a trip, so no time to post it now, but remind me in a week and perhaps we'll figure it out.
  6. Above the Lake Amusement Area, May or June 1964

    A helicopter over the Texas Pavilions.
  7. Los Voladores at Mexico, June 1965.
  8. A peek at Minnesota

    August 22, 1964
  9. Say Pepsi Please!

    October 1964
  10. The Astral Fountain and the New York State Pavilion

    Sadly there are very few scanners out there these days, and few that would beat the Nikon Coolscan - at least not any in the budget I have, which is less than the price of a new car. There are some Hasselblads and other s but $$$$.
  11. H.M.S. Bounty, 1964

    Just cleaned and restored it today.
  12. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    All help is always welcome!
  13. I'm still looking for the names of some of the songs played as background music at the Fair. Got a good ear? Take a listen and see if you can name any of the unidentified ones. http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/index-audio-video.htm Thanks to Wayne Bretl for sending me a few of these, making me realize how many we still need to name.
  14. Say Pepsi Please!

    Sort of like the Emerald City!
  15. The Transportation Area

    Slide processed May 1964
  16. A panorama stitched together from two views taken on the New York State Pavilion towers. April 24, 1964.
  17. The Astral Fountain and the New York State Pavilion

    I scanned this around 5 years ago and had it in my "Nice subject but lousy slide, so someday later" pile. I finally decided to give it a go. It's amazing what can be pulled out of some. Not all work, though. I was trying one of the Transportation Area from the NYSP and simply couldn't salvage it, so it stays in the pile for another day. There's always another to take its place.
  18. The Astral Fountain and the New York State Pavilion

    Way under, Wayne.
  19. A different angle on Westinghouse

    Yup, that was the rear of the Alaska pavilion.
  20. The granite marker was over the capsule from the 1939-40 Fair. The new capsule would be lowered into the silver shaft to the right of the marker. Now you know where to dig! Slide processed May 1964.
  21. The Transportation Area

    Yes on the crane.
  22. The Astral Fountain and the New York State Pavilion

    Yes. It was really poorly exposed but cleaned up nicely.