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  1. I spotted something interesting in this picture of the New Jersey and New York State pavilions - both Skystreak elevators are up at the higher tower. I didn't think they could do that due to balancing the cable loads but I guess I was wrong! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  2. Look at the size of those lights. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    It's sad to think how many things are slipping away from us.
  4. Taken on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  5. Say goodnight to the Fair

    Heading home from a night at the World's Fair but there are still two shots left on the last roll of film, so time for a shot of the Long Island Rail Road station and then the train yard for the #7 Subway. Taken June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slides. At the LIRR platform it says "Deposit Token" on the express train signage. Now you know where those LIRR tokens that still show up were used!
  6. One of the mechanical shows at IBM

    Wow! I do have shots of the Sherlock Holmes show, but where did you find that title shot?
  7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Very nice!! Are tubes hard to get?
  8. The NERVA of some people (sorry, in a silly mood)

    Well, scientists are people, right?
  9. A Kodak "mystery" solved

    Sometimes I'm lucky and just stumble across a fun shot. In this case there was an auction for 100 or so slides, and I spotted a few itsy bitsy pictures of things that looked like they could be interesting. Happily I was right and there were some out of the ordinary shots mixed in with the standard sort of stuff. Yeah, back in the film days I had to always ration myself, so wow, would a digital camera have been fun! The time machine is classified! Shhhhhh!
  10. A Kodak "mystery" solved

    There were several dioramas at the Kodak pavilion where guests could get close-up photos of things like Disney figures and a bird. Up to now we were just guessing that there was a shelf to line your camera up but here's a few photos showing exactly how they worked, and what the actual photos looked like. Taken on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slides.
  11. Another display at the United States Space Park. NERVA would have been a nuclear powered rocket engine. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that? I, for one, am glad they decided not to continue with the effort. Taken on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  12. They were a great bit of fun. Taken on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  13. The Sikorsky S-61N demonstrator at the base of the Port Authority pavilion. It looks like this may have been recently installed - someone is working on the tail rotor. Photographed June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  14. Alouette, gentille alouette

    The Alouette was Canada's first satellite and the first one from other than the United States and the Soviet Union. It's still in orbit but was switched off in the early 1970s. This mock-up was photographed at the United States Space Park on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.