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  1. Expo 67 book update

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't...
  2. Bring back the fountains

    June 1964
  3. Anyone win this?

    From the guide book entry for West Virginia: Every visitor to the pavilion is given a free ticket; at the end of the Fair, a lucky ticket holder wins 10 acres of West Virginia mountaintop plus a brand-new vacation lodge. Here's a model of the house at the Fair. Anyone have any information on who won the real house or what became of it?
  4. It's only 2:45 PM, lots of Fair fun still to come! June 1964
  5. Anyone for a warm sake?

    Looks like it was getting chilly. October 1965.
  6. A pretty day in August 1964

    I think the landscaping crews did a magnificent job at the Fair.
  7. Sinclair diorama

    Inside the Sinclair pavilion, August 21, 1965
  8. Ground Control to Major Tom

    This is Major Tom to Ground Control I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today For here Am I sitting in a tin can Far above the world Planet Earth is blue And there's nothing I can do. August 21, 1965
  9. Update on Rocky Point Arch

    I'm glad they were able to save it.
  10. Expo 67 book update

    I got the first copies of my Expo 67 book in the mail today. It's a thrill to finally have them in hand! I will post information on an upcoming signing and online orders soon. Thanks again to all who have helped me on this journey. The book will be in bookstores on October 17, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The English version is at and the French version is at
  11. For the Freedomland fans

    Thanks, Mike.