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  1. Hall of Science finale

    Supposedly one of the lifting bodies is at the aviation museum in Garden City.
  2. Index to Bill Cotter's photo CDs, NYWF 64/65

    Thanks, Wayne. I hope that helps folks find any special views they might be looking for. Now to release more CDs to keep you busy again!
  3. Did you know the Beatles appeared at the Ford Pavilion during the Fair? It looks like some of the Disney Imagineers had some fun with this part of the International Gardens display.
  4. Thunderbirds from the magic skyway

    The one at the start of this thread or another one?
  5. A lawsuit waiting to happen

    I found out what the pipe was - a conduit for a yet to be installed light fixture.
  6. Spanish Village

    Welcome! I'm glad you found us. I later found out that the Spanish Village caused some labor problems for the fair. Local unions protested the importing of workers who were doing jobs that US citizens could have done. A judge ruled that some claims were valid, such as for busboys in the restaurant, but allowed specialists like the flamenco dancers into the country. Here's a picture of the restaurant for you.
  7. I think I need a drink

    It's going to be 102 tomorrow and I have bike patrol. I may want to swim in the stuff when I get off duty.
  8. I think I need a drink

    It's supposed to be over 100 every day for the next week. I think I need to stock up on some Lowenbrau.
  9. A lawsuit waiting to happen

    Look near her feet.
  10. Night time in the Industrial Area

    There are a few people on benches, Jim, but most were over by the water. It looks like a very quiet evening!
  11. A wonderful night view of the Tower of Light and General Electric from 1964. Click on it for a larger view.
  12. This is a model of the Daily News exhibit inside the Hall of Education.
  13. Mystery boat

    There was a ramp used for the amphibious cars, next to the amphitheater.