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  1. The New York State Pavilion at night

    Um, it was Expo 67, Randy.
  2. It looks like the soda machine behind RCA was doing great business! June 1965.
  3. It looks like the two Pinkertons were patrolling after a night of mayhem at Bourbon Street. September 1965.
  4. Another cover to review

    Thanks, Eric. Perhaps if there's a Volume 3 - which I would love to do in color.
  5. Another cover to review

    The underside of the Helicline was mirrored/plated to give it that shiny look.
  6. Another cover to review

    The publisher loves uniformity and it does seem to work for them.
  7. Another cover to review

    Unfortunately the front cover has to wrap onto the back. Not my call.
  8. OK, the publisher has a new suggestion for the front cover of my new book. Here is Version F. Please share your thoughts on this one!
  9. Arriving at Expo 67!

    Almost almost almost there!
  10. Remember being so excited for that first glimpse of Expo when you arrived? The peaks of the roof of the main gate are way, way off - but you're almost there! September 9, 1967.
  11. Who can pinpoint this location at the Fair?

    I will try to get the charts online soon. More insanely busy than usual.
  12. The (non) saga of Maryland

    How wonderful that is, Marc! I loved the cartoon on the first page.
  13. A favorite shot from the Fair

    Yes, someone had an interesting business model. And who even would think of weighing themselves at an event like a world's fair in the first place?