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  1. Hostess Uniform

    Sorry, none of this outfit - I think my scanner would melt if I scanned one of these!
  2. Looks like I have 739 of them scanned and restored so far. I'll send you a private message about them.
  3. The Great Bridge

    Happy birthday to the bridge!
  4. I have lots of June 1964 photos but none that are clearly from June 22.
  5. No, this was one of those zip-a-dee-doo-dah days in NY. I have plenty of the blah days but I tend not to post them as often unless there's something else nice in them.
  6. It is a scan of an original 35mm slide. Glad you liked the results!
  7. Atomium Construction Photo

    Great shot. Yeah, looks like some negative damage. Love it though!
  8. It was at the United States Pavilion and was a gift from Norman Winston, the pavilion's commissioner,and was dedicated May 22, 1964. The marker, seen here at the bottom left, says "For the Children of the World". Now I have to start looking for a good shot of the tree itself.
  9. Looking across Meadow Lake towards the Fair from the parking lot. April 1964. I wonder what the debris on the right was from?
  10. Clairol, June 1964
  11. The power of Disney

    In case anyone doubted the popularity of the Disney shows at the Fair, here's a shot of the line for the General Electric "Carousel of Progress". It spilled out of the usual holding area and stretched way down the Avenue of Commerce. June 1964.
  12. Vatican Pavilion tickets

    The seller probably has a roll of each.
  13. Obit on Disney designer

    Marty was a class act. I was honored to have known him and worked with him.