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  1. Let's peek inside the Underground World Home

    Real people, Jim - their names are under the photo in case you want to track them down!
  2. The Fair in black-and-white

    They were 2.5x2.5 inch negatives.
  3. Let's peek inside the Underground World Home

    I'm glad they brought all the lights down there!
  4. Overview at twilight

    Yes, a nice shot, but more than I'm willing to pay as well.
  5. Street gangs at the Fair

    It's not Moses in the Escorter. I bet he never went out on the site without an army of escorts.
  6. A fine day in October 1965

    The flags were indeed just brightly geometric patterns.
  7. Items wanted for TV episode

  8. Items wanted for TV episode

    After the Fair Corp was dissolved it was assigned to one of Mose's agencies, the Tribrorough Bridge and Tunnel Authority. They let it lapse. Brilliant move on their part...
  9. They were just wonderful! Well worth the money.
  10. Items wanted for TV episode

    Yeah, they could film in any of our houses and save a fortune on set building. Evidently their legal department put the kibosh on it, not wanting to deal with the copyright on the Unisphere. Some legal team - the rights were given up years ago, which is why it has been used so many times elsewhere.
  11. Sorry the site was down, server issues

    Keep stopping by!
  12. Sorry the site was down, server issues

    Something is chewing up disk space. But what? Stay tuned.
  13. Road work for the Fair

    Great stuff - thanks!
  14. We are having issues with the server and are working on it. Please bear with us as we try to get it sorted out for now, and as we work on a more stable environment for the future.