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  1. I remember it being loud and smelled like exhaust. A real eyesore for the Fair.
  2. I pass on stuff like that. If the Fair was just slapped on it coul dalso have been sold a million other places so no real interest for me.
  3. Looks that way - lower than most others we've seen. Good catch!
  4. Those go-karts were pretty shabby looking.
  5. How do you keep finding this stuff, Wayne?
  6. Those panels were bought by the head of one of the salvage companies dismantling the Fair and are now part of a home on Long Island.
  7. Those kids look like they were worried the clowns were going to put them in the cannon.
  8. The Art & Souvenir Shop. September 1964.
  9. May 1965
  10. Thanks, Ralph!!
  11. The image may have been flipped - here's Plan B
  12. This model of the Long Island Expressway and the Van Wyck was in the Model Room at the Fair headquarters. If they made one today I wonder if they would fill the roads with bumper-to-bumper cars for accuracy?
  13. A great show!
  14. Whatever it was, it was not there in a shot I have from late 1965. There was one of those tired feet vibrator machines there instead.