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  1. Great, just great.
  2. Yes, that drummer looked like a zombie. It's just not Ralph's lighting - he looks that way in every one of my shots as well. Dreadful.
  3. I am SO glad you found us, Ralph.
  4. Very thorough, Craig, and I think we can know now what happened to Julimar - which also went out of business completely post-Fair.
  5. First I've seen of the fuel cell - or the goldfish.
  6. Thanks, sir.
  7. Craig, are you sure it didn't re-open in 1965? I had thought that as well, but found some 1965 shots. Here two women pass by it in April 1965. The sign claims they will be open on May 26. It looks like the gate was open in this early 1965 view from the Better Living Center. There's no people in the fenced in area, though, so perhaps the 1965 plans fell through at the last minute? It looks well maintained though.
  8. Great shots of a generally unphotographed area.
  9. My mothers took a beating from five boys cooped up in the house during winter.
  10. Robert Moses had some involvement with a power plant on the Seaway. He might have convinced them not to participate in retaliation for no Canada pavilion at his fair.
  11. The giraffe was named Suzie.
  12. No, it was the other way around. Texas in 1964. Carnival in 1965.
  13. I was working on some construction shots and came across this one of Man in the Community. I thought the cover over the roof was interesting. I imagine that helped make it a bit more comfortable inside during the construction work.
  14. My mother loved Hummels. I wonder if she picked up any at the shop at the Fair. September 1965.