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  1. I don't think I ever saw the Tent of Tomorrow empty during the Fair.
  2. Anyone hungry?

  3. Expo 86 30th Anniversary...what to do

    Thanks for the slideshow. Now how do I get that music erased from my head?
  4. Hello New here!

    Welcome. I'm glad you found us.
  5. Can you ID this sculpture?

    The artist was Harold Balazs. Still looking for the name of the piece, if it had one.
  6. Anyone happen to know the name of this sculpture from Expo 74 or the artist?
  7. Expo 86 30th Anniversary...what to do

    I remember thinking it was a lot of glass to keep clean!
  8. Opening Day 77 Years Ago

    I deleted the duplicates for you, Jim. Great thoughts on the Fair, and Gehrig.
  9. Expo 86 book on sale for today

    Thanks, Annabelle. It looks like it's still on sale. $8.80 at the moment.
  10. Expo 86 book on sale for today

    Thanks kindly, good sir!!
  11. Expo 86 30th Anniversary...what to do

    I was hoping there would be more events, as I was looking for a reason to come back. If anyone wants a slide show I work cheap.  
  12. Arcadia is having a big sale that ends tonight. I just saw they have my Expo 86 book for 70% off - only $6.60 until midnight:
  13. Robert Moses Interview 1977 PBS

    It worked for me. It's a Flash video, in case that helps.
  14. Futurama Facts and Figures

    I took it as there were 3 trees in the construction footprint of the pavilion that needed to go elsewhere for a while, then came back as part of the landscaping. There were a few good size ones near the canopy, but I think some of those were there throughout the work.
  15. Futurama Facts and Figures

    They were trees planted there in 1939. The Fair Corp moved many of them to a botanical garden during construction then brought them back to the site. That's a big part of why there were so many mature trees there for the Fair in 64.