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  1. Postcards

    He looks like he's on the prowl for Captain Hook.
  2. Here's the current cover design for my upcoming book on Expo 67. They may change it again but I think this is likely to be close to the final result. There will also be a French version but I haven't seen it yet. The book will be out in mid 2016. Thanks to the people who have reviewed the draft and sent in their suggestions. I'm two weeks away from the submission deadline so it's a race to the finish line, with the final two chapters being finished in the next few days. If anyone else would like to review it please let me know, as I'm doing my best to make it as accurate as possible. I only wish it could be 3-4 times as long as there were so many great pictures I had to skip. You really start to see how big a project Expo 67 was when you start looking at all the individual elements in detail.
  3. He's looking at a phone book, but I hope he wasn't trying to call anyone as the phone is covered over with cardboard.
  4. It's Seattle, George, so it's in that section unless I missed something.
  5. I've had some luck using the Descreening feature of my scanner to reduce the pebble finish issue.
  6. A different angle on the People Tree

    Yes, there are actually two people up there looking over the edge. I'll go look for my 1968 guide book and see if they mention the People Tree.
  7. A different angle on the People Tree

    It's sometime in 1968, Jim, but the slide is in storage so I will have to look for it to see any date. There is someone up on the Katimavik. From the other slides it looks like Man and His World was open but very lightly attended.
  8. Here's a view of the Katimavik and People Tree from 1968. It looks like the People Tree was rather people-less!
  9. A fine day in June 1964

    If they found him I bet he still can't sit down.
  10. A fine day in June 1964

    Someone should do a chart of what flowers were there at different times so we can better date pictures.
  11. going to see "Modern Ruin" any feedback?

    Nothing definitive re any next phase. Keep the fingers crossed!
  12. A fine day in June 1964

    Looks like a great day. I hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Yes, they had Touch Tone on display at the Bell exhibit but all the real phones were still dial.
  14. It looks like the pay phones weren't working yet as they are covered with cardboard.