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  1. Inside the Schaefer pavilion, September 1965. To all the ex-NYers - I bet that song has started playing in your head, but just to be sure... “Schaefer / is the / one beer to have when you’re / having more than one / Schaefer / pleasure / doesn’t fade even / when you’re thirst is done / the most rewarding flavor in this man’s world / for people who are having fun / Schaefer / is the / one beer to have when you’re / having more than one”
  2. Sinclair Dino builders

    Nice. I saw them up at the studio while they were being built. That made me even more anxious to see the Fair!
  3. It might have been an emergency stop button in case anyone race up in front of Tic-Toc.
  4. I had been working on a few possibilities and finally settled on the one I think I would have the most fun with. Now to sit staring at the inbox waiting for a "Yes"...
  5. Dancing Waters post-fair

    Dancing Waters was in the Lake Amusement Area: https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/dancing-waters.htm
  6. Bell was paid to perform?

    Great info, Steve and Wayne.
  7. Upstairs on the New York State Pavilion mezzanine

    Just turned 66 in January, but I still refuse to grow up.
  8. Say Pepsi Please!

    Off to the right out of range
  9. Say Pepsi Please!

    Some people can - I can't. I'm going on the path the photographer took and how empty the grounds were, so I assumed they came in close to opening, swung by Hong Kong, rode the Sky Way, then hit Pepsi. Now, they may have done all sorts of stuff in-between, but if so, they skipped taking photos of them.
  10. A beautiful day in May 1964

    Yes, a crane. They had built most of the lower level, then ran into all sorts of delays, mostly money, and there was talk of abandoning it. Moses got the money - I think from the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority that he ran - and the work started up again just before the Fair opened. If it had not been planned as a permanent museum I'm sure it would have died.
  11. The World's Fair Auction is going on right now and will end on Tuesday March 6th at 10 PM Eastern Time. I hate to share this news as now people will be bidding against me, but I have often found some nice bargains there. Catalog: https://www.worldsfairauction.com/cgi-bin/catalog.cgi Register to bid: https://www.worldsfairauction.com/register.html
  12. Upstairs on the New York State Pavilion mezzanine

    Thanks, Jim. I wasn't feeling old enough at all after my last birthday. You you have me thinking I need to go home, put a shawl on my shoulders, and sit in a dark room.
  13. What if you threw a party and nobody came?

    Works for me