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  1. The Chrysler Zookeeper

  2. Passing by the Chrysler lagoon

    A fat pigeon? When I first noticed that it made me think about how exhibitors needed to stock spare parts to fix things like this during the Fair. I imagine it was a constant challenge to keep the place in good shape.
  3. Ole!

    Spanish Pavilion Courtyard
  4. OK, here's the info on the woman, courtesy of Marc Williams:
  5. I'm trying to get some details on some unlabeled pictures from Expo 74 as I work on my book. Anyone know what this display was?     Here's another Expo 74 image that needs identification. It looks like she may have been making something out of old plastic bags.
  6. Anyone have info on this helicopter?

    Here's another view of the helicopter that started this thread.
  7. The cars are on the track and being tested. There's protective paper on the speaker grilles on the luminaires.
  8. I have the GM engineering journal articles they published on Futurama II. I'll see if I can find them and get them scanned soon.
  9. A peek inside the Tent of Tomorrow

    Another peek. This slide wasn't dated, but the art exhibit cases haven't been filled yet, and still have X's of tape on the glass from the installation.
  10. "Transportation of the Future"

    That and the PeopleMover system.