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  1. Video of the Day

    I replied to your mail. I hope we can sort it out.
  2. Wisconsin Slide found?

    Sounds like a fun field trip. Keep us posted!
  3. Carby Carburetor Card

    I saw one on eBay about 4-5 weeks ago. I don't recall what it went for.
  4. Expo 67 book update

    It looks like the book will be available on October 17. I'll post links to order later.
  5. The Fair Reopening in 1965

    Here's the All State Properties/Macy's/Leisurama building, from a slide by Albert Fisher. Great info. I didn't realize Lebanon wasn't there for the second year. Wasn't All Star Properties a USO exhibit in 1965?
  6. The Hovercraft

    I wish the picture could have captured the sound this thing made. June 1967.
  7. Somehow the sign with the arrow isn't telling me very much.
  8. Fun in the wind

    It must have been a full time job taking care of the flags at the United Nations pavilion.
  9. A visit to the United States Pavilion

    But they would have been weightless...
  10. Some more on Kodak at In addition to the giant photos on the tower, there were also displays down on ground level. He may have had something there. Do you have any description of the photo in question?
  11. I remember what a thrill it was to sit in a seat used by a real astronaut. At age 15 I was quite impressed. I don't think this woman enjoyed it as much as I did. From August 1967.
  12. Got room on your bookshelf?

    Darn, I had to leave out so many of the pavilions in to fit all those funny pictures of cute kids doing silly things. I guess I'll have to rethink that now. All kidding aside, I think you will like the picture selections. There were only a few minor things I had trouble finding, and in some cases other fans were able to help me out. When I proposed this book I also suggested HemisFair, and they picked this one. I'll suggest HemisFair again later so it comes out closer to the 50th anniversary. That might be what they were thinking.
  13. Got room on your bookshelf?

    The playground used recycled materials. Hopefully not real giant snails...