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  1. I bet it got color static!
  2. Looking towards the New York City Building from what would become the Transportation Area. You can see the tower that was put at the future Unisphere site for use as a photo platform during construction.
  3. Interesting. Thanks!
  4. Being 12 at the time I doubt if I stopped in for a pint.
  5. Yes, larger than the Mercury but a very similar look - well, the black part!
  6. Too bad I can't add the sound of the engine to this shot of Chrysler's turbine car. June 1964.
  7. Or was one pump working better than another?
  8. They remain one of my more vivid memories of the Fair, both the look but also the sound of the water.
  9. When the Fair opened the folks at IBM found they had made a small error in the pavilion design. At night the IBM lettering around the "egg" couldn't easily be seen, diminishing the advertising value. Scaffolding quickly went out so some of the letters could be removed and replaced with new ones that lit up from inside. Here's a view showing the work underway in July 1964.
  10. Very interesting. I never knew other fairs had charged an admission fee to bring in a camera.