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  1. A nice view of the Transportation Area from the New York State Pavilion. The air, well, not as nice. 1964.
  2. Looking towards the Unisphere from Mexico, 1964
  3.  This negative was so scratched and damaged that I almost gave up, but I'm glad I stuck with it now.
  4. This was the Philmont Scout Ranch section of the Boy Scouts of America exhibit. I never could have imagined then that just three years later I would be at Philmont, having won a writing contest. I recently updated my site about that trip:
  5. I still remember being in awe of these displays.
  6. Anyone up for a ride in a Galaxie 500?

    Could be. Next time I see Bob Gurr I'll try to remember to ask him.
  7. A bit of Spring color at the Fair

    Not identified. If I see it in other views and remember I'll post an update.
  8. Anyone up for a ride in a Galaxie 500?

    I believe they were guard rails in case the ride had to be evacuated.