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  1. Indian Art pavilion - 1969

    Indigenous Canadians
  2. Expo 67 book update

    Gyrotron was the only ride through that I can recall.
  3. Expo 67 book update

    Thanks, Wayne. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I loved doing this one as Expo 67 was truly magical. There were mostly walk-in rides with a LOT of movies and some live shows. No real ride systems like NY had with the giant conveyor belts at GM and Bell, the rotating theater at GE, the cars at Ford, etc. The show designers went in a totally different direction. As a result the Expo pavilions seemed generally to be smaller than NY, so nothing on the scale of GM, say, but I think the content in many of them was better than in NY. I can't recall anything as lousy as the Better Living Center or Hall of Education, for example. With all the theaters the Expo lines could get long, but then a lot of people would all go in at once, so it helped keep things down. Some days were just packed, like in NY, but I was lucky and never hit a truly horrible day.
  4. Outage information

    Sorry the board was down for a day or so. The database got corrupted somehow and it took longer than expected to diagnose and repair it. Please let me know if you spot any problems. Bill
  5. A bit of fun at Expo 86!
  6. I wonder if the wood actually came from Montana.
  7. Remember these? They had some sand inside and rattled as you punched or swung them around. I wonder how many survived to today, as the rubber likely would have dried out.
  8. When I left Expo 67 I never thought I would see it again, as I had no idea that the city was thinking about keeping it open. I returned to Montreal in 1969 when I started college nearby and was amazed to see the buildings still out there on the islands. I got over there as fast as I could. It was a surreal experience, seeing things I had remembered well but with new exhibits, signs, and colors. Here's the former United Nations pavilion as the Indian Art pavilion in 1969.
  9. One of the lesser seen parts of Expo 67.
  10. Evidently the artist name was Opland
  11. Montreal Metro Turns Fifty

    Great minds think alike. You pretty well summed up my thoughts as well.
  12. Here's a view from late in the 1970 season of "Man and His World." What did they call the former "People Tree" after they had to remove all of the pictures of the people?