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  1. I tried the Library of Congress. No reply to my email. I'll try all of these again when I surface for air.
  2. I wish I knew what their plan/mission statement is. I would think about donating some of my stuff, but I know that they got ride of a bunch of donated items in the past when a former curator decided to move away from anything Fair related. If it's going to be sold off I might as well sell it myself and enjoy the money. Still trying to think about a good home for the photos where they will be useful.
  3. I got most of the mold damage repaired but gave up trying to fix the sky for now. More slides await me!
  4. A different angle on the Atomedic Hospital

    At least one. I think in Georgia?
  5. A look at the side entrance. It's one of the best views I've found of the building.
  6. Well it was later the Electricity Pavilion during "Man and His World".
  7. One of my favorite pavilions

    I think the Bell System building was just breathtaking, with some great exhibits inside. July 1964
  8. Remember the Maine!

  9. The Rocket Thrower

    Newly restored large format slide.
  10. One of my favorite pavilions

    There had been plans to use the area behind it in sort of an annex on the other side of the highway, but they were dropped when it became hard to sell plots inside the main site.
  11. New York Subways: Why they Stopped Building them

    Yes, a very interesting article indeed. And one that sadly I can't argue with. NYC needs to step up its game but the costs are so crazy now.
  12. Construction was underway on the Fountain of the Planets, Coca-Cola, and IBM. Newly restored large format slide.
  13. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  14. I avoided rides like this as I don't do well being spun in circles at high speeds. No date on the slide.
  15. A different angle on the Atomedic Hospital

    Wonder when the last one was built!
  16. I always felt sorry for the poor cow! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  17. Not much for Macy's, huh?

    I believe the Leisurama Home was actually a USO center in 1965.
  18. Yeah, more than just a little out of my budget!
  19. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274232910508?ViewItem=&item=274232910508 The seller also has some less expensive copies of the poster. Not my sale!
  20. I believe this was at the Brass Rail on Avenue of the Americas between RCA and the Protestant & Orthodox Pavilion. Newly restored 35mm slides dated May 1965. Anyone have an extra one of those cups??

    Thanks, all, MUCH appreciated!!!!
  22. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    #25 is the one I was thinking of
  23. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    That's my guess as well. Where does the Ops Manual list the other connection points?
  24. Pool of Industry

    The Pool of Industry and Fountain of the Planets from the Better Living Center, May 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.