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  1. The winds of Chicago are no match as they push their way bravely and resolutely through the Fair in their relentless pursuit of evil, in all it's many forms.
  2. Facts or confusion? Andrew Kiste book...

    I seriously doubt even back then they could seize land without compensation.
  3. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  4. Undated image from 1965 season. Partly restored 35mm slide - had too much mold and stuff to make it not worth going past this point for such a "striking" view.
  5. The things some people do (or did)

    Thanks, fellow geek!
  6. The United States Pavilion had a large display of NASA artifacts, including an astronaut couch custom fitted for Alan Shepard. Guests could sit on it, or as the photo shows, tag it as their own. In the background is Apollo Command Module 202, which had been launched and recovered on August 25, 1966. Newly restored half-frame slide.
  7. Heading to or from the RCMP stables, May 1967. Newly restored 126 format slide.
  8. August or September 1967
  9. Flags, flags, and more flags!

    I have seen them on eBay from time to time.
  10. She have access to a time machine?
  11. A Dow/Cynamid display outside Kaleidoscope, with the Pavilion of Judaism in the background. Newly restored half-frame slide.
  12. I can imagine a job interview after Expo ended. Interviewer: "So, what did you do working at Expo?" Applicant: "I picked up rose petals to keep the garden nice." One of those little touches that made the experience so special. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  13. Things were/are looking up?

    May 1964. I hope they get repainted soon as part of the work underway. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  14. Things were/are looking up?

    Here's a good look at the current status http://nyspproject.com/progress_report_for_the_new_yorkV.htm So yes, work is underway - not as much as we might like, not as fast as we might like, but at least it's going in the right direction!
  15. At the entrance to the Illinois Pavilion. Newly restored large format slide.
  16. Newly restored large format slide
  17. Fun on the Log Flume!

    May 4, 1965. Newly restored large format slide.
  18. Painting Thailand spire April 15, 1965

    They were in a box of slides taken all across the site showing the last minute construction rush to open.
  19. Painting Thailand spire April 15, 1965

    Nice find! Here it is in color. These were dated April 14, 1964.
  20. Just in from my publisher: Hi, Bill, I am pleased to inform you that your proposal, San Francisco's 1939-1940 World's Fair: The Golden Gate International Exposition, has been approved. We are delighted that we can anticipate adding your book to Arcadia’s list of titles in our Images of America series, and we look forward to working with you again in the coming months. In addition to your full-size title, this book was selected for consideration for our Postcards of America projects. Target shelf date Feb. 2021
  21. Aerial view of Ford

    This shot is from early 1964 - lots of work underway on the Hall of Science. You can spot the Ford badge booth. Anyone know what the building was with the blue & white striped roof next to the Press Building?