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  1. Humble Oil Posters?

    What medium are these?
  2. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    No, no, no!
  3. Where was the UN in 1964?

    In 1965 the United Nations moved into the former Sierra Leone pavilion. Where was the UN in 1964? Answer and picture tomorrow if no one has one to share by then!
  4. No matter, if offered a trip that day in a time machine I'd jump at the chance! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  5. The Dinkelbacker Beer Garden after the Fair closed. Taken October 22, 1965.
  6. Where was the UN in 1964?

    There initially were plans for a UN presence near the Astral Fountain. Not sure what derailed them.
  7. Sermons From Science. August 1967. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  8. Where was the UN in 1964?

    OK, here's the answer! International Plaza.
  9. Where was the UN in 1964?

    Nope I didn't transpose the date, and UNICEF doesn't count.
  10. Yeah, Dubai is slipping on my "to do" list.
  11. Let there be light (towers)!

    I thought this was a good view of one of the light towers around the Unisphere. Did you know that some of those lights were later used at Woodstock? Newly restored 35mm slide from 1965.
  12. Anyone hungry?

    Just the spaghetti meal was 99 cents - nothing posted for the hot dog overs.
  13. Anyone hungry?

    You can get a "Hot Dog on a Stick" or a "Foot Long Hot Dog"! Or "Spaghetti and Meat Sauces & Sausages" for 99 cents. Mostly restored 35mm slide from 1965 (way too much mold to spend more time on it now).
  14. A non-Avis antique car

    Anyone remember this antique car at Rheingold's Little Old New York? Newly restored 35mm slide from 1965.
  15. Let there be light (towers)!

    It was just the lights, not the towers. There's mention of it in the Woodstock Museum. Interesting about the pop top rings!!
  16. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  17. "Say cheese!"

    This was part of a promo package sent out to Kodak dealers. The projector would cycle automatically through the 80 slides in the carousel, with 40 scenes from the Fair alternating with views of the latest Kodak products. Newly restored 127 format slide.
  18. Some fantastic footage there. I wonder why they tinted it like they did. That logo sure got annoying.
  19. I had quite a few emails with my publisher who didn't want to use that term even though the photo clearly showed that was the actual name and my text pointed out it was objectionable today. I finally prevailed.
  20. "Say cheese!"

    No, I don't believe so.
  21. Work is almost done on the building at the base of the Florida tower. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  22. Facts or confusion? Andrew Kiste book...

    I spotted a few errors in the book and also was impressed by a few things he turned up. Not long after it came out he wrote to me and asked if I could help him with upcoming volumes, and I wrote back right away to say yes. Never heard another word.