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  1. Disney and the World's Fairs

    The video of the talk is now online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeSXk96RvBI
  2. A few new slides.

    Nice score!
  3. Budd Structures from the '39 World's Fair

    That's a beautiful picture!
  4. Budd Structures from the '39 World's Fair

    Thanks for that info, Craig. Sad news but expected. It's too bad it couldn't have been left as a link between the Fairs.
  5. Testing a world's fair Zoom talk

    If you click on that link it will take you to Zoom, which will prompt you to load the applet, then will connect you to the chat session.You might want to start a few minutes early to get it set up.
  6. Testing a world's fair Zoom talk

    I've been playing around with the idea of doing some free world's fair Zoom sessions while we're all stuck at home. I'd like to do a very brief test session tomorrow at 4 PM PACIFIC time just to make sure the photos, videos, and audio come through OK. If that works I'll schedule the first full meeting. If you're around tomorrow (Thursday) and can spare a few minutes to help me test it please drop by. You can get the software for Zoom for your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, before from their website zoom.us or your app store. Topic: Test of World's Fair talk Time: Apr 23, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/94178458432?pwd=RFFBZytnR24vclBFQmlVQm9RVEg1UT09 Meeting ID: 941 7845 8432 Password: 4Bai5L
  7. April 22, 2020 1964-1965 New York: Just in time for the 56th anniversary of the Fair! I just completed a major overhaul of this section of the site to make it mobile-device friendly and to add photo title tags. I still need to redo most of the CD order pages as it takes time to generate the newer and larger thumbnails so those will be done later. Hopefully everything else is working! Please let me know if you spot any broken links, typos, or just plain awful goofs! Please stop by: https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/index.htm April 18, 2020 I have begun to add the "title" tag to photos to provide a pop-up of the name for easier use by vision-impaired users. Hovering over a photo will show a brief description. This has been added now to the 1933-1934 Chicago World's Fair, the 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition, the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair, Expo '58 and the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Additional fairs to follow. 1964-1965 New York: Added the Quaker Puffed Cereals House to the Changes During the Fair page. April 13, 2020 1964-1965 New York: Updated the First National City Bank and Carnival pages. Also completely redid the Commercial slides from the Fair section of the site.
  8. Budd Structures from the '39 World's Fair

    Thanks. I've got a few photos of the wind vane from the time of the 39-40 Fair but I don't think that one. I wonder where it ended up. Sadly it was probably a scrapyard.
  9. Time to set sail!

    How about a nice cruise out on Meadow Lake? We saved you a seat!
  10. Time to set sail!

    Come on, Jim, don't hold back. Tell us you really feel!
  11. I think many of us are familiar with the blue "bucket" chairs around the Chrysler lagoon, but there were also a lot of white ones! Newly restored 35mm slide from 1964 season.
  12. HO Scale Amusement Park Opens

    Fred, what sort of error do you get when you try to upload the video? And PS I saw you had posted this a few times as you were probably trying to work it out and I deleted the others.
  13. The Wild Mouse

    A few days ago I mentioned getting some slides that had some different subjects on them than what we usually see. Here's the one that had initially caught my eye - the Wild Mouse in the Lake Amusement Area, at Carnival, the old Texas Pavilions. Newly restored 35mm slide from June 1965. Anyone ride this at the Fair? At 50 cents it would have been above my budget. That was 1/2 the price of a ticket to the whole Fair for another day!
  14. We were up there last year and enjoyed seeing the remaining statues.
  15. Fellow Fair Photo Collectors

    OK, I can do that. Give a day or so.
  16. Fellow Fair Photo Collectors

    I've updated the "Commercial slides" section of my website, both to make it mobile friendly and to add some new material. Please take a look, and let me know if you spot anything I managed to break in the process, or if you have any of the missing slides or more information. https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/commercial-slides.htm
  17. The "other" First National City Bank

    WAY up in the upper left corner of the Fair, near the Post Office and Atomedic Hospital. Definitely off the beaten track.
  18. I mentioned yesterday that I was fortunate to buy some slides that offered some views of things that don't show up in a lot of photos. We've seen one of the First National City branches before, but not the other. From the Official Guide Book: New York’s First National City Bank, which is the only bank with a branch at the Fair, has two buildings – one for visitors and one for the use of Fair exhibitors and employees. The Visitor’s Branch has a multilingual staff and specializes in foreign currency transactions. Beside the entrance to the glass-fronted building is a revolving geophysical globe nearly 20 feet in circumference; a 30-foot pylon flies the flags of the 35 nations where the bank has branches. The Service Branch expects to handle more than $500 million of regular banking transactions during the two years of the Fair. There have been a number of shots of the Visitor's Branch up to now. Well, here for what I believe is the first time, we have a view of the Service Branch! Newly restored 35mm slide from June 1965.
  19. It would be a perfect candidate for the time machine test. Small crowds, beautiful weather.
  20. Welcome to Laff Land!

    At times I ask myself why I keep buying more pictures of the Fair. I have something like 25,000 of them by now so you would think most areas would be pretty well covered. When we were selecting pictures for our last book Bill Young said if he had to look at one more picture of the Unisphere from the New York State towers he would scream. Some views like that are common because they were just great shots, while others show u a lot because of the "Kodak Picture Spot" signs that made people feel obligated to get that shot. There are a lot of areas, though, that rarely show up. Today every inch of the place would be covered through folks with smartphones, but in 1964 & 1965 film was expensive, and you could only carry so much of it around. Sometimes, though, an image will pop up that is different, which makes the hunt continue. I recently spotted a listing on eBay that caught my eye. There were a few very small images that didn't look familiar, and a better angle on the Wild Mouse roller coaster than I probably have, so I went ahead and bid. When the box showed up this week I was disappointed to see the slides had been processed by Sears - the company may have made great socket wrenches but every Sears slide I have looks bad - but I sorted them out and started scanning them. Along came one of the unfamiliar subjects - the Laff Land fun house outside the Carnival Pavilion in June 1965. In 1964 this was Texas, but it had been redone for the second season with some amusement rides and a disco. I don't think I had ever seen Laff Land before (watch Randy Treadway pop up with a dozen or so shots) so I was looking forward to restoring it. Life is often cruel, right? All of the other slides so far in that box had been in pretty good shape, other than the faded color, but Laff Land turned out to have some nasty mold issues. Often when a slide is this bad I'll just leave the mold there and move on. Well, since I'm stuck inside I decided to spend some extra time on it and clean it up a bit. It's not perfect, especially when zoomed in like the samples here, but overall it worked out OK. There are some more fun shots awaiting in that box - I just hope the Wild Mouse is in better shape! After restoration Before Looking at this I almost gave up Not perfect but it's going to have to do for now!
  21. Another article about Wally the dinosaur. Interestingly no mention that the place refurbishing him, Jonas Studios, was where he was created. https://www.hudsonvalley360.com/news/columbiacounty/dinosaur-built-in-columbia-county-returns-home/article_36bea2d3-db71-5c02-8461-8d1de94e9fbc.html
  22. https://live959.com/berkshire-museums-stegosaurus-hits-the-road-how-you-can-see-him/ I used to live in Pittsfield but that was before Wally got to town. I have been back and seen him at the museum though!
  23. Dubble Bubble hat

    I think Moses went with the Disneyland policy of the time - no gum, no corn on the cob as mentioned - and also no cotton candy due to the paper cones - anything that would generate a sticky mess.
  24. I just received word that David Kushing, who had posted here as molassesonassis, passed away today. I don't have any details yet. He and I exchanged many, many mails over the years about the 1939 Fair, and he was a true fountain of knowledge, always willing to share and help with questions. In shock.