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  1. Another angle on the New York State Pavilion

    Here the band marches out of the Tent of Tomorrow.
  2. The band from Our Lady of Fatima from Jackson Heights performs at the New York State Pavilion in 1965. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  3. Perhaps the stormy looking clouds scared them off! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  4. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  5. More roadside America fun

    I bet he was able to find his car in any lot. 1971 Many years ago I parked my car next to a Wienermobile at the Albany, NY airport. When I came back a day or so later the place was covered in snow, making it hard to figure out which was your car under all the snow. It was easy for me, though, as the Wienermobile was still there. I've often wondered who would leave something like that parked at an airport...
  6. It must have been a good one but I couldn't make out the name. Newly restored 35mm slide from June 1964.
  7. Same here. To see and to actually TOUCH this stuff was mind boggling.
  8. Photographed on September 13, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  9. More roadside America fun

    Not something you see every day!
  10. Think you know your dwarfs?

    Three on either side of Snow White.
  11. Newly restored large-format slide. I wonder if any of those letters survived the demolition.
  12. Linda Ronstadt biopic tomorrow Jan 4, 2020

    Thanks for the heads up,
  13. More at the Space Park

    The Nimbus weather satellite at the United States Space Park on September 13, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  14. July 1964. Newly restored half-frame slide.
  15. It was displayed at the base of the Port Authority building. It has been restored and is on display at the New England Air Museum in Connecticut. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  16. Say goodnight to the Fair

    Heading home from a night at the World's Fair but there are still two shots left on the last roll of film, so time for a shot of the Long Island Rail Road station and then the train yard for the #7 Subway. Taken June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slides. At the LIRR platform it says "Deposit Token" on the express train signage. Now you know where those LIRR tokens that still show up were used!
  17. Say goodnight to the Fair

    Good question!
  18. Taken on June 4, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  19. Part of the beauty of the Louisiana Pavilion!

    Mid 64. I have other shots of it on various states of disrepair, including one with the hag's nose completely hacked off.
  20. One of the Mardi Gras floats. Newly restored 35mm slide.