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  1. I believe this was at the Brass Rail on Avenue of the Americas between RCA and the Protestant & Orthodox Pavilion. Newly restored 35mm slides dated May 1965. Anyone have an extra one of those cups??
  2. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    #25 is the one I was thinking of
  3. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    That's my guess as well. Where does the Ops Manual list the other connection points?
  4. Pool of Industry

    The Pool of Industry and Fountain of the Planets from the Better Living Center, May 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  5. Pool of Industry

    Yes, think what a draw it could be all summer long. Shows set to a wide variety of music from around the world.
  6. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    I believe I have seen a picture with cables running from a remote van to a pole like this near Equitable.
  7. Anyone hungry? These folks were!

    An electric connection. I know the Fair Corp had a few TV cable points around the site for broadcast crews to connect remote vans, and this may have been one of them. Yeah, you wonder how many are still with us.
  8. I always felt sorry for the poor cow! Newly restored 35mm slide.
  9. Newly restored 35mm slide. Those jackets got hot!!
  10. Newly restored 126 format slide.
  11. What's your sign?

    Seen in the Belgian Village, May 1965. Not the best worded sign in the world but I guess it got the point across. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  12. A bit of a LARC!

    Seen outside the Travel & Transportation Pavilion on June 4, 1964 - a US Army LARC V amphibious cargo carrier. I can't say I am familiar with this particular vehicle. I wonder if they ever took it out for a spin on Meadow Lake? Newly restored 35mm slide.
  13. I got a kick out of the signage for "2000 Free Seats." - Yeah, free if you paid the 25 cents to get inside the gate! Newly restored negative.
  14. A happy surprise tonight!

    I had a nice World's Fair related surprise tonight. We were out for dinner and I saw a guy walk into the restaurant that looked a lot like Trey Callaway. Nah, couldn't be Trey, he lives on the other side of the valley. Well, it was him! Happily he saw me as well and came over to the table to say hi. We're going to try to catch up more in a week or so. Happy coincidence we were there and spotted each other!
  15. Part of Gardens on Parade. Newly restored negative.
  16. Newly restored negative.
  17. A recently acquired and newly restored view from Gardens on Parade. Does anyone have information on the sculpture?
  18. A happy surprise tonight!

    He and his clone army are everywhere!
  19. Sounds like a great exhibit
  20. I can't imagine it was well attended at all. Maybe that's why we never hear about it!
  21. "Be an Astronaut"

    "Be an Astronaut" - that was the sign at this Mercury Capsule mock-up at the United States Pace Park. I'm sure quite a few kids (and adults) "flew" a mission or two in this. Photographed September 13, 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  22. Think you know your dwarfs?

    Yes, Sneezy was somewhere else. Perhaps over at Coke? No one would have seen him there!
  23. Think you know your dwarfs?

    Which one was missing? Newly restored 35mm slide from May 1964.