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  1. Good jobs

    Great shot. Where did you find it?
  2. Looks like FLorida. That's where the bird was based on another picture. Somehow I missed it in this one. What could I have been distracted by?
  3. It had an interesting shape. Despite being the Polymer pavilion though it was made out of cement. That struck me as odd even back then.
  4. Air Canada!

    I loved the feeling of airiness from that Leonardo da Vinci inspired structure. One of the things I enjoy about world's fairs is the oddball architecture. This sure did the job!
  5. The International Scout Centre. Undated slide. Anyone here work at the Centre?
  6. Does anyone recognize where these young ladies were photographed, or what show they were in? I'm guessing "American Jubilee" but would appreciate any confirmation or correction.
  7. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    I was guessing a power outlet for a tile polisher/vacuum to keep the place clean.
  8. It looks like the young lady off to the left in the pink skirt is carrying quite a stack of souvenirs!
  9. Short promo film for Space Park

    Very nice!
  10. Inside the New York State Pavilion

    No details available on the full-sized image.
  11. A nice home movie from the Fair

    It looks a bit fast to me at .75, and a bit slow at .5 - too bad there's no setting in between.