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  1. Better Living Center #1: Looking Around

    As Randy mentioned, we have found many but not all of the exhibits. It was nothing special by any means. It was sort of like an Ikea store; they carried you up to the top level and then there was a maze between all of the exhibitors, winding you past them on your way out. Once you were in there you were stuck seeing them all. I'm not sure many people went more than once.
  2. Could have been this one at Expo 67? Done by a Czech but I can't immediately think of a Hungarian entry, and not in NY. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinoautomat
  3. More on Expo 58 and the film: https://www.designingdisney.com/content/america-beautiful-1958-brussels-worlds-fair
  4. Got LOTS more, just need some spare time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Hostesses at the Australia Pavilion

    Yes, great design on their uniforms.
  6. Amen. When I went that year I was glad to see the US was back, but it sure was a let down from the Expo 67 version.
  7. Most shots of the Expo Theatre seem to be from the other side or from straight ahead, so I thought I would throw this one into the mix. It was at just enough of an angle that I can't quite make out the name on the marquee. ?? Matthews perhaps?
  8. No, completely different, both in design and the show inside. Here's a shot of the 1939 building.
  9. For the Von Roll fans!

    No, he didn't specify a performer.
  10. For the Von Roll fans!

    Albert mentioned on Facebook this was Opening Day.
  11. The "Best" Takes a Little Longer

    It looks like a union logo on the bottom right.