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  1. Lighting at the Fair

    Wow! Those are great, Wayne!!!
  2. What cafe?

    I believe that's Ireland. Can you send me the link?
  3. Need Help From Former and Current PTU Members

    Thanks for the post, Glen. Always good to hear from you. Happily we haven't had too many problems with trolls, and we do our best to take care of them as fast as possible when they surface. And I do try to keep politics, at least current ones, out of here so there's a place I can go without having to wory about the Argument of the Day from some folks on Facebook, etc. I plan on moving the board to a new host this summer, and will see what can be done about those missing images at that time. Same basic software, just a different hosting company.
  4. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    I missed that book and will check it out - thanks!!
  5. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    Yes, I left Disney just after that. I still freelance but that was the end of my full time days there. It was just coincidental; there were massive layoffs but I left on my own for a great opportunity at Warner Bros.
  6. Probably Futurama, or the railroad pageant.
  7. One of the Tilden PediCabs

    But they were likely in fantastic shape if they survived the whole season!
  8. A busy day near the Telephone Pavilion

    We screened the original film on a soundstage at Disney that had a temporary 360 screen setup during the work on Epcot. It was great to see it again. I don’t know what bits may have been used for Epcot.
  9. A pavilion with many uses

    I have several hundred post-Expo images, and will work on more soon.
  10. I couldn’t agree more.
  11. Please do me a favor

    I don’t think the results are out yet. I had dinner with her dad tonight and we talked about it. The were something like 9,700 applicants. They chose the Top 200 based on the votes, and we believe she made that cut. A panel was then to pick the winners from that pool. No word yet on the final results. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!
  12. I believe it was simply scrapped.
  13. The main building is still there but not currently used; the tower is lying on its side near the river. :(
  14. USA Pavilion construction

    Yes, working in those conditions must have been brutal.
  15. Nice Pic 1946 Flushing Meadows Pool

    Great shot! I wonder how many of these pools are still around.