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  1. Was anyone here a member of the club? Any pictures of the inside to share? Somehow I bet Albert Fisher ate there a lot.
  2. My, how nicely everyone was dressed! Restored undated 35mm slide.
  3. Ticket taking

    Tickets were collected, and I believe were later counted to keep things honest. The tickets out there were ones people bought and never used (silly of them!) or unsold stock dumped after the Fair ended.
  4. Expo at night was just magical!

    Long shutter speed and a tripod
  5. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome. We'll do our best to answer your questions!
  6. I wonder if anyone has it today? Restored 35mm slide.
  7. - and a look at the slide before restoration. Instamatic 126 format.
  8. The sign on the display reads "This is The Thing." Restored undated 35mm slide.
  9. What's up over at Mexico?

    There were always large crowds watching the Los Voladores show outside Mexico. Restored large format slide.
  10. A peek at Chrysler

    The Chrysler Lagoon was a great spot to rest the feet and do some people watching. Restored large format slide.
  11. One fine evening in August 1965

    They were placed around the fountains and firework mortar tubes to disguise the mechanics.
  12. Under a Brass Rail, looking up

    I was guessing D-4 between Ireland and Korea, with the building on the right the planned Argentina pavilion. Hmm.