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  1. Tokyu in Japan booklet

    No zip codes on the last page if that helps.

    Those lights got the crap kicked out of them. I don't know how often they were repaired (if they were) but I have many pictures showing them mangled or missing.

    The railing went in for 1965. You can track all of the changes this one little area got at https://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/changes.htm - just scroll down to the United States entry.
  4. Let's head upstairs!

    Today it would be the ashes of GE itself.
  5. Sorry, I don't recall the details on that, Eric.
  6. Truly.....The Dawn of a New Day

    Can't win them all. I keep telling myself that!
  7. Let's head upstairs!

    My guess is they held some sort of display showing products from different countries.
  8. One to write home about?

    I love the detail in these large format slides but I sure hate the mold! This one took around an hour to get rid of it all. Parker Pen is one of the lesser photographed pavilions. Too bad as I thought it was an interesting design and a fun concept matching people with pen pals. I don't think I ever heard from one though.
  9. Let's head upstairs!

    One of the displays
  10. Let's head upstairs!

    Exiting the Carousel of Progress to see Medallion City, the Sky Dome Spectacular, and other exhibits at GE. Restoration of a slide provided by Albert Fisher from a GE presentation set.
  11. Here's a look at the "Kaleidophonic" screen in the pre-show theater at the Carousel of Progress. Image restored from a slide provided by Albert Fisher from a GE presentation set.
  12. Hoping someone can help me with this picture!

    What sort of error are you seeing? Bill
  13. Turning back the clock - Part 4

    Yes, small jets up there.
  14. Turning back the clock - Part 6

    The Tower of the Four Winds, May 1964