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  1. A Picture Phone required 12 voice lines to be banded together for a video call. And that was the B&W model. So any picture call was automatically going to be at least 12 times the cost of a voice call. Since voice long distance was pretty expensive in 1964, it's easy to see why the novelty of a picture call rarely justified the cost.
  2. Why are you interested in the 1964-1965 World's Fair?

    One more voice that feels the same here
  3. Holiday wish

    My guess is around 1/2 acre.
  4. Apparently Australia got Touch Tone around two years later - 20+ years after it was introduced in the US. I think the lamp lit when your time was running out so you would get a cue you needed to add money.
  5. AT&T is actually a pretty large company once again - it recently absorbed Time Warner in a megadeal.
  6. Happiness is going to Expo 86. Unhappiness is visiting the water park without your bathing suit and then showing up on the Internet 30 years later.
  7. Expo 86 model

    Visitors to Expo 86 were treated to this nicely lit model of the site and the surrounding city. August 1986
  8. A different angle on New England

  9. The New York State Pavilion in 1965

    No, just out of time!
  10. Light crowd and beautiful weather, at least this particular day!