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  1. Now Hear This!

    Wayne, an ID and password are necessary to download files as they are intended only for users. There's no additional password beyond that normally used to get onto the site. Nonmembers can read anything here but they can't download or Post.
  2. Touring the Official Map #2

    Actually, a lot of the trees are still there. The park can be quite green at the right times of year.
  3. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Thanks, I'll get that added on my next update
  4. I'm looking forward to checking them out.
  5. Flushing Meadows 1972 #5

    People may hate the LIE but I'm sure Long Island would be filled up just as much today, and without that and the other highways it would be perpetual gridlock.
  6. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    Thanks, Ralph. Just updated it with those changes.
  7. McBarge lives!

    It is being restored several miles up the coast and will be coming back to Vancouver.
  8. Touring the Official Map #1

    There were several versions of the map. The one over my desk is like Wayne's no Lowenbrau, but it has the Mississippi River Showboat cruising around Bay Lake. I have others where those both have been changed, and a 1965 one with Churchill Center. I have the deluxe one on cloth in a tube as well for 1964; I don't know if I have seen a 1965 version.
  9. http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/expo-86-mcbarge-to-become-deep-sea-museum-in-vancouver
  10. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    I added a bunch of updates from various sources - keep them coming!
  11. Flushing Meadows 1972 #5

    John Lindsay did so much damage to the city in so many ways. He had big hopes for a higher office but there was no chance of that after the mess he made in NYC.
  12. It's time once again to play "Name That Tune!"

    I have been busily updating it as I found more names. There sure are a lot of familiar sounding marches - but after a while listening to them they start sounding alike!
  13. By the Numbers

    I have that map hanging above my desk, but I would think folks would enjoy nice scans/photos of it to help orientate themselves.
  14. Flushing Meadows 1972 #5

    I think NYC would have been just as big a mess in the 70s even without the money spent on the Fairs.
  15. HABITAT 67

    Great story, Jim.