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  1. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    Yes, the size of the film roll and your bank roll made it necessary to make a lot of (no)snap decisions!
  2. Need help with a World's Fair Souvenir

    Very nice. I have seen them for $25-30.
  3. The sign for the American Express Money Tree

    After all these years new things or different views keep turning up.
  4. Another cover to review

    The version posted here, F, is what it's going to be. The publisher has ruled. I liked C better as an image myself, but some testing did show confusion between C and the original volume. We had exchanged thoughts on adding something like "Volume 2" or other wording but apparently many retailers don't care for that. WIth limited shelf space they are likely to only carry the newer volume, and the thought that someone is missing out on it seems to make them wary about buying a "sequel" when they don't have the original as well. The company has had a lot of success in this area so I will bow to their expertise. If a color volume ever develops the cover will be in color. And start an image search all over again! Thanks again to everyone for their input!!
  5. I had (wrongly) assumed they were interior trees.
  6. Another cover to review

    I've learned so much today.
  7. The New York State Pavilion at night

    Um, it was Expo 67, Randy.
  8. It looks like the soda machine behind RCA was doing great business! June 1965.
  9. It looks like the two Pinkertons were patrolling after a night of mayhem at Bourbon Street. September 1965.
  10. Another cover to review

    Thanks, Eric. Perhaps if there's a Volume 3 - which I would love to do in color.
  11. Another cover to review

    The underside of the Helicline was mirrored/plated to give it that shiny look.
  12. Another cover to review

    The publisher loves uniformity and it does seem to work for them.
  13. Another cover to review

    Unfortunately the front cover has to wrap onto the back. Not my call.
  14. OK, the publisher has a new suggestion for the front cover of my new book. Here is Version F. Please share your thoughts on this one!