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  1. I just received word that David Kushing, who had posted here as molassesonassis, passed away today. I don't have any details yet. He and I exchanged many, many mails over the years about the 1939 Fair, and he was a true fountain of knowledge, always willing to share and help with questions. In shock.
  2. Great info for us train buffs - thanks!
  3. Humble Oil Posters?

    What medium are these?
  4. Belgem Waffles with Insect Butter?

    No, no, no!
  5. Where was the UN in 1964?

    There initially were plans for a UN presence near the Astral Fountain. Not sure what derailed them.
  6. Where was the UN in 1964?

    OK, here's the answer! International Plaza.
  7. Where was the UN in 1964?

    Nope I didn't transpose the date, and UNICEF doesn't count.
  8. Where was the UN in 1964?

    In 1965 the United Nations moved into the former Sierra Leone pavilion. Where was the UN in 1964? Answer and picture tomorrow if no one has one to share by then!
  9. Yeah, Dubai is slipping on my "to do" list.
  10. Anyone hungry?

    Just the spaghetti meal was 99 cents - nothing posted for the hot dog overs.
  11. Let there be light (towers)!

    It was just the lights, not the towers. There's mention of it in the Woodstock Museum. Interesting about the pop top rings!!
  12. Anyone hungry?

    You can get a "Hot Dog on a Stick" or a "Foot Long Hot Dog"! Or "Spaghetti and Meat Sauces & Sausages" for 99 cents. Mostly restored 35mm slide from 1965 (way too much mold to spend more time on it now).