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  1. Aerial view of Ford

    Nope, not that I know.
  2. Got some time to kill?

    I waited on that line many, many times, and always felt it was time well spent.
  3. There was a small stream of it pushing up from the rocks and spraying out. Great eyes!
  4. It wasn't just all dolphins and speedboats! Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  5. This bust of Simon Bolivar was outside the Venezuela pavilion. The slide was dated May/June 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  6. Here's a seldom seen part of the New England States Pavilion, a restaurant called the Millstone Terrace. It looks quite tranquil! Newly restored 126-format print from 1964 from my collection.
  7. Everyone ready for a ride on the IBM People Wall?

    It was a very memorable experience for sure.
  8. This angle gives a good indication of how large it was. Newly restored large format slide from my collection.
  9. Picture of the Day

    Millennials ...
  10. Can you ID this pavilion?

    The things one must do in the name of science...
  11. Was this a change in architecture?

    Just a name change on the outside to "Demonstration Center".
  12. This helps show the size of the fountain. Newly restored 35mm slide from my collection.
  13. Anyone want to go for a ride?

    I believe the NJ towers are all that is original to the Fair, with one car left that carries maintenance crews only. I saw the story about the sabotage in Canada. That is unreal, considering how hard it probably was to cut that cable!