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  1. An early 10-button pay phone

    As a lot of MySpace users just found out, stuff stored online is just one bad mistake away from destruction.
  2. Mystery Photo of the Day

    Ruby's in in San Diego
  3. Got your passport handy?

    Got any pictures to share?
  4. Please do me a favor

    Every vote is appreciated. Kelly really puts her heart into working with autistic children and I'm hoping we can push her into the finalist group so she gets some recognition. You can vote every day - and from different devices! Thanks to those who have voted so far.
  5. All things Expo 67

    Yes, I had been in touch with the Expo 17 people, and offered use of my photos to help their efforts. Sadly the project didn't succeed. It was a great try though.
  6. Can anyone identify these slides?

    Yes, I am scanning these now and a lot are off centered or at angles. Looks like they were duped that way. They must have shared a Quality Control team with the Photo Lab outfit.
  7. Well, you would want to arrive in an uncrowded area, right?
  8. Please do me a favor

    I'm so proud of my niece Kelly for all of the work she has been doing with students here and overseas. She really loves what she does and we're so thrilled that she is working to improve this world. Please take a moment and vote for her for Teacher of the Year so she gets some recognition for her work! If you need to find her she's in Wake County, Baucom Elementary, or search for Kelly Cotter if the link below doesn't work. Pretend you're in Chicago and vote often! https://www.ncschoolheroes.com/?eid=2020263 You can vote once a day, so keep heading back until she winds. Thanks to anyone who takes the time!!
  9. All things Expo 67

    You should make contact with Roger. He is #1 out there with Expo information, and a nice guy to boot. Where do I send my check?
  10. Coming to the promised land!
  11. Fantastic, Troubled History of Videophone

    Great article!!
  12. A different angle on Johnson Wax

    Taking a peek under the Golden Rondelle at Johnson Wax, July 1964. Restored 35mm slide.
  13. All things Expo 67

    I love the light! Start selling them and I'll buy one! Or more. I went to the event at the Stewart Museum and enjoyed it. Do you know Roger La Roche? He's a member here and on the Facebook group. He worked very hard on that and a number of other exhibits. He even convinced a museum to host me for a book signing! We were in Montreal for a few days then and enjoyed it, as always, and were able to spend some time walking the old Expo site. We're hoping to get back that way this Fall. Can I pick up my light then?
  14. High over the Fair

    Good question, Wayne. I never noticed that. Anyone know the answer?