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  1. One small correction, Jim. The Apollo tragedy was actually a fire in the capsule during a test, not an explosion per se.
  2. Late in the run of the Fair Greyhound decided to test a premium version of the Glide-a-Ride trams. Initially ticket sales were doing well but the program was ended when they were unable to solve some problems with the boarding and unboarding process. This is a rare shot of one of the short-lived Fly-A-Ride trams near the RCA Pavilion in September 1965.
  3. Panama pulled out for 1965 and the name was pretty much just yanked off the wall. Very tacky looking. I think it was usually pretty crowded inside as they gave out free samples of hot coffee. A woman is smoking in one shot - won't see that at a US fair these days. Well, if the US had fairs.
  4. That's a safe statement for most desert plants.
  5. They should have just used this copy!
  6. Nice shots.
  7. Sherlock Treadway does it again.
  8. Could very well be the same one!
  9. What timing. I just scanned a slide of that same panorama!
  10. Albert Fisher informs me that these were strolling musicians who performed in the courtyard at the Spanish Pavilion.
  11. I keep seeing comments about how much nicer people dressed for the Fair than they would do today. With pictures like this it's hard to refute those opinions. This was taken in September 1965. Anyone recognize the regalia?
  12. Funhouse mirrors like this one. Randy, this one was dated August 1964 and appears to be at the monorail station.
  13. I imagine some folks are using them still today without a clue as to their historical value.
  14. From what a mutual Disney friend told me it contributed to Pluto being unemployed.