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  1. Someone had a real good lens for this shot of the Port Authority from the New York State Pavilion. Newly restored large format slide.
  2. And hopefully sooner rather than later. July 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  3. Newly restored 35mm slide from July 1964.
  4. Newly restored 126 format print from July 1964.
  5. Pictures of the "Aerial Tower Ride and Waffle Restaurant" are hard to find, as people seemed to concentrate on one or the other. I had a shot that caught a corner of the restaurant but not one that really captured them both well. Tonight I came across this one, which I had scanned way back in 2014 and forgot was waiting to be restored. Processed in September 1964 and newly restored.
  6. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  7. I found a box of slides taken by someone with a telephoto lens that liked to go for some different angles and views. Here's one showing some interesting details of the center of the Tent of Tomorrow at the New York State Pavilion. Taken in July 1964. Newly processed 35mm slide.
  8. I am at a loss as to what it was, even after looking at the full sized copy
  9. I think she was listening a recording on a headphone about the display.
  10. Yeah, it moves pretty quickly right there. I was surprised at the lack of any fencing, life rings, or even a warning sign. Imagine how it would have to be handled these days!
  11. No clue. That's all that was written on the slide mount.
  12. Newly restored 35mm slide. It was a beautiful pavilion and a shame it was closed for 1965.
  13. Night at the Chrysler pavilion, May 1964

    Yeah, it was a WAY distant 3rd place with GM & Ford!
  14. I can't find it on Google Maps street view. Anyone spot it?