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  1. Some fun items online

    No, I haven't played around with it much - was busy getting this site back online and working on a possible migration strategy.
  2. Yesterday's outage

    Thanks for the offer. Let me see what the damages will come out to and I'll post word for those inclined to help as well. Much appreciated.
  3. I found a bunch of items from the 1939-1940 Fair in the New York Heritage Digital Collections: https://cdm16694.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/search/searchterm/world's%20fair!1938-1941/field/all!date/mode/exact!exact/conn/and!and/order/date/ad/asc
  4. Yesterday's outage

    Sorry for the downtime and for some lost messages. The host company was doing some maintenance work that went bad and they damaged the database, requiring a restore that unfortunately lost a few messages along the way. I have been considering moving to a new host for some time and kept putting it off for a number of reasons, one being that the current host was pre-paid for a year. Well, that is now up for renewal so I'll be actively working on it now for sure. Bill
  5. Walt Disney at Expo 64

    No, there was a small Expo in Switzerland in 1964 - sort of a case of the BIE giving Moses the finger for not agreeing to its rules. Some of the things there later ended up at Expo 67!
  6. We don't see much about this smaller Expo - so here's a fun link to make up for that. https://www.rts.ch/archives/tv/information/carrefour/3446248-walt-disney-a-l-expo-64.html?#iframe-overlay
  7. June 1964. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  8. If you're in San Francisco on Saturday...

    https://www.waltdisney.org/education/talks/walt-and-worlds-fair-bill-cotter Please come by and say hi!
  9. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    Thanks for this unexpected gem!
  10. Happy 80th Folks!

    That's a great family heirloom! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. A -very- quiet day in 1974!

    No need for a Fast Pass system for sure!
  12. "The First People" in 1979.

    I bet the "T" needed a spot more glue!
  13. Part of the shows in the "Man the Explorer" complex. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  14. Newly restored 35mm slide.
  15. Newly restored 35mm slide from June 1967.