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  1. The nurse in the last scene was Shirl Conway per the guide booklet. She was in the series "The Nurses." Typecasting! This was the "Television Favorites" tableau. I have the whole booklet online at
  2. They need some place to conceal their iPhones.
  3. I don't have any shots of the last one. Thanks!
  4. I bet you're still young at heart!
  5. Someday I will spot myself in a photo there. Unlike at the 39-40 Fair we didn't actually camp at the Fair. That would have been unreal. Housing was at Fort Totten. I have some documents on this exhibit at
  6. Yes, good eyes.
  7. This was a sample unit showing the construction techniques used for Habitat 67. I wonder what became of it.
  8. Another of the lesser photographed parts of Expo - the parking garage at Habitat.
  9. Someone take a silly pill today?
  10. That could fuel quite a few fireplaces.
  11. Great - better late than never. I look forward to more news.