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  1. I think the two NY fairs would top my list. Expo 67 was nice but it didn't have the same impact in terms of lighting, music, motion, etc.
  2. Paul Frees did the introduction for Lincoln, with Royal Dano being the voice of Lincoln.
  3. I love how the Beatles aren't holding their guitars.
  4. I looked at my Walter's Wax Museum shot a bit closer and spotted a difference between it and yours - the fish is facing in the opposite direction! I guess there were indeed two wax portrayals. Color me corrected!
  5. Very nice!!!
  6. Thailand was a new pavilion built for the 64 Fair and was barely finished by opening day. I have pictures just a few days before that and there were men all over the roof working on the gold leaf. After the Fair closed in 1965 it was sent to Montreal and enlarged as noted. Here's the expanded side building and the royal barge: When Expo 67 closed the pavilion reopened in 1968 as part of "Man and His World." It was also there in 1969 and 1970. In 1971 the building was used for an exhibit called "Treasures of the Deep", which I believe was about gold, etc. found in shipwrecks. It was gone by 1972. I read one report saying it was to have been shipped back to Thailand but never found confirmation on that actually happening, or if it was demolished.
  7. Good luck, Wayne. I'll sit this out so we don't bankrupt each other. Here's a view I posted a while back.
  8. I guess their beds were fit for a king! May 1964
  9. As I recall the story the city held on to the marker knowing it had some significance. As time passed, though, who knows what the next generation of workers thought about it?
  10. I hope not. It would probably have oozed out and destroyed everything it came into contact with. At one point it was said to be in a storage yard at a city facility where they also had pieces salvaged from old buildings, damaged statues, etc. Unfortunately I don't think there were any real details. It's hard to imagine it just got tossed into the trash, given the size and weight!
  11. I'm glad you got out alive!!
  12. Could some of those wax figures have actually been at the Walter's International Wax Museum? I'm pretty sure that was where the Last Supper one was, as an example.