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  1. It's about the right size and shape for a HoJo's - even appears to have the signature cupola on the roof. Even seems to have it's own exit off the highway.
  2. An Interesting Item!

    Oh my goodness.... You know how sometimes a memory comes flying back to you? I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this, but my next door neighbor in the 60's had one of these in his finished basement/bar in New Bedford, MA. I can remember sitting at the bar and thinking how awesome it was! I don't know about any Fair connection - although he did attend in '65 while visiting us in NY.
  3. Happy Birthday Marc

  4. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    OK. I lived in Heidelberg, W. Germany from 74 to 78. My dad worked for IBM and took care of the mainframe computers on US Army installations in Heidelberg. I graduated from Heidelberg American HS in 78 and got a summer job with the Army in the JAG office. (that's when I learned that the federal government was exempt from minimum wage laws!) Anyway, one of our lawyers - Capt Duffy - was about to PCS back to the States. He has just bought a copy of 'Inside the Third Reich" by Speer. He knew that Speer lived in Heidelberg and asked me if I could locate him and get him to autograph the book. After an intensive search (he was listed in the local phone book) I got up the nerve to call him and ask. I used my best German - but his English was much better. I made an appoitment with him and drove up to his family estate a couple of days later. He was very gracious. The whole event lasted about 10 minutes. I had no idea at the time what impact this man had on the lives of millions - how his work both prologed the war - but then at the end spared untold thousands and helped to prevent the destruction of infrastructure needed to rebuild germany.
  5. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    She actually stayed with me for 2 weeks in VA in 1983 while filming a movie - her last BTW. She was amazing. She also had a punk rock band - Eddie and the Incredible Edible Eggs! I produced her show at TJ's Pub in Charlottesville.
  6. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Your lists are pretty impressive - it's tougher for those of us who don't live near NYC or LA to rack up such names. I have a few, but some are a bit obscure - From my Nantucket jaunts- Jerry Stiller Ann Meara John Kerry Johnny Carson Tim Russert And nearby Martha's Vineyard- Walter Cronkite And the general list... Jay Leno Edith Massey Skip Suddeth Albert Speer Jay Giles (lives near me) Mikhail Gorbachev Mitt Romney
  7. SiP Feb 18, 07 pictures

    Doug - sounds great! But.... I'm in Orlando until the 18th (checking out the COP I hope). I will be in NY sometime in April though..... Brian
  8. JFK jr. with NYWF Toy?

    Sorry, Randy, but that was 'Paul is dead'.

    Thanks, Marc. It's sad to have to 'tighten up' control, but this past week's activity made it necessary. We all thank you for your efforts and for providing this venue. And Justin, it's good to see another Massachusetts 'lurker'. What's your attraction to the Fair? Did you attend? Brian
  10. A look at the end of the Fair

    Looks like American Interiors. It lines up on the map, plus the circular steel framing seems to match.
  11. Pope appears at the Park.....in 1971

    Here's a shot of the bench. I'm afraid that it's a little grainy.....
  12. The New Rink in today's paper

    When I was there 2 weeks ago, major steelwork, and even roof framing, was well underway! Quite a large and impressive structure.
  13. Map is gone?

    I feel that this is a good thing - finally SOMETHING is happening. I know that 55K won't go too far (I've worked on terrazzo - it's very labor intensive) but having slave labor - that is student labor - will certainly stretch those dollars! I think that the dialog with the newspaper is another step in the right direction. It's amazing what newspapers can get accomplished when they choose to take on an issue. Hopefully this is just the beginning.
  14. Doug, I had a chance to see both your Salem, NH book and the Canobie Lake Park books today. Great Work! I even learned a few things (OK so that's not that hard). Hope they do well for you!