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  1. Visiting Disney World!

    That's a great point Randy. Despite the constant need to try to keep up with the times much of Tomorrowland still has that old-time feel to it. I'm sure that's disappointing to many, but for people nostalgic for the Fair and that time it's priceless. I forgot about the Peoplemover! That's another retro-feeling one, and of course it goes past that diorama of that city of the future, which always makes me think of the Futurama! Thanks for the welcome back Bill. I've poked around a bit from time to time, but I need to make the time to really get back to this wonderful community!
  2. Visiting Disney World!

    Hi everyone. I haven't been on the board for a while (I need to get back into reading all these wonderful topics again), but wanted to check in and mention that my wife and I are taking our daughters (5 and 9) to Disney World tomorrow (it should be a great big beautiful tomorrow indeed!). It's been a few years since we last visited and I'm looking forward to the world's fair aspect of the whole experience. I wasn't born until a few years after the 1964-65 NYWF closed and have never been to a world's fair/expo, so this is the closest I've been. While pretty much everything about a trip to Disney World is great and I'm excited to have the opportunity to see my girls experience the magic again while they're still at "that age", I'm also very much looking forward to seeing all the NYWF and world's fair-ish aspects of the parks--like The Carousel of Progress (which I'm hoping will be open while we're there), It's a Small World, the Hall of Presidents, the monorails, and of course, the whole world's fair-inspired layout of Epcot! My older daughter was just in a school play of Mary Poppins, so I'm also going to make sure I point out all the Sherman brothers' music that she'll be hearing. Does anyone have any additional pointers as far as things in WDW that are either from the Fair or have that world's fair feel to them?
  3. Want a really special souvenir?

    I can't imagine that these things show up very often on eBay, so I'm assuming that this is the same machine that Bill started the thread with. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=231225842100 This is a pretty amazing thing to imagine (as that's all I'll ever be able to do with something as expensive as this) owning! To not only have an actual PIECE of the Fair, but to also have the ability to create genuine (except for the new plastic I suppose) BRAND-NEW 1964-65 NYWF memorabilia is kind of mind-blowing. I guess people had better be careful in the future if they see listings for mint condition NYWF Mold-A-Rama Unispheres that look brand new--they just might be!
  4. When the World Came to Queens - video presentation

    Great! I'm glad it's now available. Thanks Bill (I saw the link over at Facebook too). Obviously I still wish I could have actually been there that day, at least now I can see your show. Oh, and thank you to Ryan Ritchey too of course!
  5. A world's fair mystery solved!

    What an awesome story Bill, and what an awesome end to a 50 year mystery! Of course it really wasn't much of a mystery until you presented the photo of seemingly random people that, naturally, got PTUers thinking "I wonder who those ladies are?". It seems very appropriate that the mystery was solved on the anniversary of the opening of the Fair too! Thanks so much for sharing that with us. Speaking of the anniversary, I was very disappointed not to be able to get out to FMCP for the anniversary festivities (especially the opening of the NYSP and your presentation).
  6. Cheap Landfill of the Day

    I wonder what the reserve is on this "rare" piece.
  7. Just when you think you've seen everything

    Well, I'm late getting to this topic, but what a great read! I always love the detective work that goes on at PTU (pardon my outdated reference, but it will always be PTU to me!). This was another great example, and it made it easier that I could just read through the thread to see the solution unfold. Also, I'm not convinced that the Pinkerton is writing a ticket for loitering nuns. I have a feeling it's for an "unauthorized small animal on the premises". Somewhere in that crowd is a little dog that someone tried to sneak into the Fair. ...Maybe it's concealed at the center of the confused and "lost" sailors?
  8. New York State Pavilion Model

    While the model's (obviously) the important thing, I have to admit that I was kinda-sorta hoping for some photos of the unpacking myself after Trey's descriptions! xl5er's right about those unboxing videos too. I just posted one myself opening up my new "In Search of..." DVD box set! Anyway, can't wait to see some genuine Bill Cotter photos of the model!
  9. RCA electric piano from 1939 Fair

    Very cool! It would be great if we could dig up a photo or two of a Storytone at the Fair!
  10. New York State Pavilion Model

    Great job (as usual) Rob, and congratulations Bill. As Mike said, it's going to a good home. I was hoping someone from here would end up with it--and that seemed like a good possibility, considering the subject of the model. I'm in awe of the scale of this thing too. I can't imagine all of that detail in something so tiny. I hope you'll share some nice close-ups when you get it Bill!
  11. Greyhound Escorter Finished

    Someday I'll get a chance to see this show I'm sure. Clicked on the link, but it wants me to "sign in" with my TV provider. Just like with the Olympics last summer I'm out of luck because I don't have cable!
  12. The Great Ray Dashner

    Thank you Trey!
  13. The Great Ray Dashner

    Yeah, I have a feeling that four-and-a-half years later this might be a bit easier to find online!
  14. some of the collection

    When I had my display up in 2004 it was in four or five smallish glass cases at the library. They were always locked, but beyond that there wasn't really any sort of security measures. Of course most of my collection was made up of more common landfill (with a few nicer pieces mixed in, but nothing like this stuff). It never even occurred to me to ask about insurance or anything like that. I would have been very disappointed (obviously) if anything had been lost, stolen of damaged. I'd definitely ask the library their thoughts on security, insurance, etc. for your rare items bagels. Hopefully they already have something in place for displays like this. If not, hopefully they'll be understanding that this stuff has some real value beyond just being "old stuff" and be wiling to work with you to keep it safe and sound. Will be looking forward to seeing photos of the display if/when it happens! Good luck!
  15. Another drone visits the pavilion

    Wow, that was pretty amazing! Stunning and unique views of the pavilion. Probably the closest I'll ever get to climbing the towers and seeing the views from up there. I can only imagine what the city (and municipalities all over the country for that matter) will think about this kind of technology and what they will do to try to regulate it. VERY cool though!