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  1. Picture of the Day

    Thanks, Bill and Randy. Those are the shots. Just wondering about the now shot. If NYS is closed up and locked down, as I have read many times in this forum, how did someone get up there. Or was NYS not always as locked down ...
  2. Picture of the Day

    Nice pic of NYS, Randy. Those towers never looked so good!. By the way, on my many explorations of this forum, I came across then and now pictures of the inside of one of those towers. The then picture had people standing at the rail, looking out at the Fair. The now was a night time shot of the same inside, but showing the stairway down to the lower level. I liked this pairing because it was haunting and kind of sad, in light of the neglect of NYS. But I can't seem to find those pictures again! Can anyone point me to them?
  3. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Great picture, Randy. If memory serves me correctly, wasn't there a shaky wooden foot bridge you had to cross over in this area? And drums -- I remember drums like from a Tarzan movie.
  4. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I'm not sure if this is the link you're talking about, but it seems to include all of what you remember. The paragraph about Dominick is about halfway down the page. There's also a reference about getting the information on Dominick's exploits from the Saturday Evening Post. http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Rash/words/in_1965.htm
  5. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Go for it, Denise!!
  6. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I, myself, would be hesitant to call. Shows you what kind of investigative reporter I would make.
  7. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Hopefully the police found that Dominick sooner than it's taking us nosing around the internet, Randy.
  8. The Fair Led Me To Today

    I found that one, too, Denise. I hope this isn't the World's Fair kid, too.
  9. The Fair Led Me To Today

    Thanks again, guys! Your knowledge and resources are invaluable to those of us who don't know where to start. Let us know if you ever hear back from Dominick.
  10. The Fair Led Me To Today

    chmno: Not sure what your name is, but thanks for digging this up. Where on earth did you find it? I'm thinking it was it was an AP article and went to all of the major papers. Since I lived in Bristol, CT at the time, I probably read it in The Hartford Courant. An article did go along with it, because I distinctly remember things like the kid fished change out of fountains and scrounged in wastebaskets for food. Also, I believe the article stated that the Pinkertons who discovered him said he was quite dirty -- I guess many days in the same clothes would do that.
  11. The Fair Led Me To Today

    You guys are fantastic. I'm sure the article I read had a picture of the kid with his parents. Although I can't swear this is the one, I'd bet a wad of twenties it is!
  12. New Discovery!!!!!

    Randy and Eric, thanks for the posts. That all actually makes sense. Too bad, though. It was a whimsical thing, but probably too expensive to move something that was considered not the greatest looking, or, heaven forbid, even gaudy. We tend to look back on these things with such affection because, forty years later, they are history and therefore (to us, anyway) things to cherish. I guess you have to put yourself in the day and consider its worth. Although, wouldn't anyone ask themselves -- hey, the fair went on for only two years, this might be someting important someday ...
  13. New Discovery!!!!!

    Thanks, Mike and Randy! Really unbelievable that with all of the stuff auctioned off after the fair, this thing probably went to scrap. Would have been nice to see it in some amusement park or something. Here's a crazy idea. You'd think that if Disney didn't want it Pepsi would have! Very surprised because this was still Walt's Disney Corporation. They tended to re-do and recycle, despite cost (i.e. the refilming of the squid fight scene, in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, at a cost of about $250,000 1950's dollars).
  14. New Discovery!!!!!

    I know it's been a while since anyone posted to this topic, but being new to PTU, I have been doing a lot of exploring. Randy, this was some great stuff. I was buying it at first. I am starting to get the ebb and flow of this forum. I have seen funny stuff, serious stuff, and, in one instance, some real drama between PTUers. I have learned more about the fair in the short time I have been here than in all of my 51 years previous. Some of you guys are truly amazing, and true historians. Now to my question: although I loved this piece, does anyone really know what happened to the Tower of the Four Winds? I remember the thing as a colorful, clinking, jangling, tinkling wonder. Can't believe that someone, somewhere didn't scoop this up after the fair, especially the Disney people themselves.
  15. Since the topic of the Chicago Columbian Expostiion came up in this discussion, as well as "Devil in the White City" (which was excellent), you might want to check out the link below. It's a site devoted to a documentary film about H.H. Holmes, the serial killer in the book. Cheers, Tom <a href="http://www.hhholmesthefilm.com/" target="_blank">http://www.hhholmesthefilm.com/</a>