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  1. Flushing Meadows 1972 #5

    Good questions, Randy, I look forward to hearing local takes on your thoughts. What if? Would Long Island and even Queens have grown as quickly? From the photos we've seen here, Queens was a lot less densely built up before the Fair. Dare I say there was open space in other areas than the great ash dump? "If you build it they will come" seems to be particularly pertinent to Long Island. Without Moses' L.I.E., would the LI urban sprawl rate be anything like it happened once the highway was built? Probably not nearly that quickly. The question about the stadium is interesting. It wiped out an unsavory area (also screwed a lot of people as did urban renewal everywhere) and brought new life and infrastructure to an antiquated section of town. The Bronx-Whitestone (1939) and Verrazano Narrows (1964) bridges would probably have eventually been built whether the Fairs happened or not, but both were built under the umbrella of "necessary" infrastructure for the two Worlds Fairs. Just imagine how those two bridges have changed the complexion of NYC traffic.
  2. Cashing in at NCR

    And through the 1960s, '70s and into the '80s, it was called NCR Paper. Probably until the patent ran out and the knockoffs called it carbonless. It is an amazing micro-technology. You're right, Jim. Today's kids have bypassed typewriters, typing paper, (remember onion skin?) white out and carbonless forms! Remember the erasers that were like a wheel.... and the ones that were long, and had brushes on the ends of them?
  3. "Picture Perfect" (A Look at Kodak)

    Yep, that's it, Wayne, thanks. You always come up with 'em!! I wish it was more in-depth! Photos show that the edges around the perimeter of the roof seem to be thinner - maybe 4" or 6" thick. The Rilco laminated beams must have been tapered as they approached the edges.
  4. A Look at the Demonstration Center #1

    All these years and I've never heard of The Demonstration Center!!!!
  5. Cashing in at NCR

    Didn't they give out samples of their new carbonless paper?
  6. Touring Formica House

    These are great Ralph! You are bringing fresh, new insight to so many of these pavilions. We greatly appreciate your time and effort to share your photos with us! I'm sure you've already had this discussion, but what were the circumstances that you took so many unusual interior shots? How often did you go to the fair? It's fabulous and so unlike most of the photos we've seen of the fair since we started here at PTU some sixteen or seventeen years ago! If someone could post a link to that discussion I'd sure appreciate it.
  7. "Picture Perfect" (A Look at Kodak)

    Have we come across detailed info on how they formed the compound-curved concrete of the Kodak pavilion? We have quite detailed info on how the New York State pavilion was constructed. It would be interesting to know how they did Kodak. It appears to be random thickness boards, but how were they supported to make the compound curve transitions so well?
  8. Walking Around

    What is that big vase/cup thing in circle of bushes in the last photo? You've probably talked about it but it's new to me.
  9. That couple looks like they're in a magazine ad for the fair!
  10. The Chrysler Zookeeper

    Not a 1964 American kid. Maybe a private scool uniform? Also, the guy in the lower left is taking a picture of the kid (or the sculpture) too, so why is our photographer taking the shot - and from where?
  11. The AMF Monorail and the Continental Circus, 1964

    Nifty observation,, Ned.
  12. Gemini display at the Space Park

    Amazing guts those astronauts had (all astronauts have)! Is that a Gemini capsule?
  13. Hi Mitch and Andy. Hey Mitch, Andy's legit and would be a good solution to the emergency custody issue. Personally, I'd love to see the unit on display at the Henry Ford - I think it's right up their alley. Doug
  14. Hi Mitch, how about the Smithsonian or The Henry Ford?
  15. Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome

    Thanks, Wayne. Then at least another 1.3 trillion must be shot, but not posted on line.
  16. Kodak reintroducing Ektachrome

    I'll bet that more photos are shot in one day now, than were shot at the Worlds Fair in two seasons. Maybe in one hour.
  17. I shudder to think how much hairspray this took

    Could be a cotton candy vendor behind her!
  18. A splash of color from late 1964

    Easy mistake, Jim. The topic headers don't show on my iPhone. I have to scroll up to find them, too..
  19. Get your guide books!

    Love that unusual shot.
  20. A peek at the Identity Building

    That second, brown building with the arched windows and doorway is still there! Just checked Google Maps satellite photo. I wonder if it was the bus carwash?
  21. Not just clean, but shiny and reflective! Those bubbles were probably the best, and most visible marketing concept at the fair.
  22. I'll bet he wasn't smiling a few minutes ago. If that was a backpack, I could believe he was straight out of 2017 with that beard and the shirt out over his pants.
  23. I agree, Jim, a fascinating and difficult couple of decades. My parents were born in 1915 so in their first 30 years they lived through two world wars and a 10+ year depression. Makes our times seem like a cake walk. Until she died in 2008, my mother always used scrap paper and cancelled postal envelopes to write lists, notes and messages. When I got older, I realized that it was a behavior fostered by the no-waste mentality of the depression and war years.
  24. A few of those look like the S.S. Minnow. I've always been interested that there are almost no fiberglass boats there in 1964, but I go sailing these days on my friend's 1968 Galaxy 32 sailboat which is all fiberglass and built just three years after the fair. Maybe power yachts took longer to catch on?
  25. The Pennsylvania S-1

    Looks like it's going a hundred miles an hour!