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  1. Artists involved in the Fair

    Mike- THAT was what I was thinking of! I just love that piece of art, he really is a talented artist!
  2. Artists involved in the Fair

    Yes! Thanks Mike! Though I may be mixing up my magazines... I don't know if it ever was on Time or Life or the New Yorker, but I know it was on some sort of Magazine, right?
  3. Artists involved in the Fair

    Thanks! I've been on an adventure these past few years. Moved outta CT to NH, and I'm teaching 6th grade! I haven't been collecting a lot lately, but I recently acquired a few awesome pieces for my collection-- A Ms. NYWF doll, and the 1964 Mets Program! Those had been things I had been looking for for years, and I FINALLY found them! It was exciting.
  4. Artists involved in the Fair

    Hello PTUers! It certainly has been a long time since I have been on this site, I hope everyone is doing well! Anyway, I am helping my sister with a project for school about my WF collection. And she wants me to list some of my "Holy Grail" items. And for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the artist who contributed that amazing picture of the little boy being dragged across the New Yorker with balloons.... because that's certainly a piece that I've been looking for for a while. (I know I can find it on Ebay... but what's the fun in that? :D ) Do you know what I'm talking about? What's the name of that artist?
  5. The Flying Nun at the World's Fair

    that video was great!!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. A nice collection of publicity photos

    the one of the tower of the four winds is now my desktop background! These are beautiful!!
  7. Unisphere, My favorite pics

    beautiful photos!!
  8. IRON MAN 2- Heavy with '64 References

    Glen- It's funny, because I vaguely remembered that someone on the boards helped on the movie the minute I saw Stark Expo 2010 in the movie, but I couldn't remember who. So it was nice to read again once I came back on the boards a few days ago. You'll love Iron Man 2... so many explosions, and the acting is awesome (Robert Downy Jr. is on fire right now).
  9. IRON MAN 2- Heavy with '64 References

    I would personally volunteer my time to help re-built the NYSP to make it look like that again.
  10. White Castle Candles

    If I want my house to smell like hamburgers, I'll make one, not light a candle. Candles should be scented like flowers or fruits. :blink:
  11. IRON MAN 2- Heavy with '64 References

    My friends began to get annoyed with me as I kept yelling "THEY ONLY WISH THE NYSP LOOKED LIKE THAT!". God, I wish it looked like that now... maybe this will bring some sort of new found appreciation for Flushing..
  12. New 64 Fair Newsreel on YouTube

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  13. NYSP in Iron Man 2

    This movie reference blew me away! I had NO clue it was going to be in the movie! (Though not to spoil it... the Unisphere takes some damage at the end of the movie... and that killed me.) Bill- I'm so glad to hear you had a part in this, because they did a hell of a job making it as true to the fair (for their purposes) as possible!
  14. Hello Guys! Long time no see (or read...) Sorry I've been such a stranger, I've been hard at work to finish my Master's in Education and find a teaching job! ANYWAY, Like all amazing NYWF encounters I've had lately, they've been completely unexpected and amazing. This one, blew me away with it's accuracy! Iron Man 2 just came out this weekend, and throughout the entire movie (sorry, after the first 5 minutes of the movie), began the sub plot of "Stark Expo" at Flushing Meadows. Not only did I realize it was Flushing instantly, they made it look INCREDIBLE! (If only they used the NYSP like that now!!) The entire movie kept showing bits and pieces of older "Stark Expos" and it just made me so excited. My friend who went with me kept getting annoyed by my excitement of the fair references. Anyway, the Iron Man 2 website has a link to the "Stark Expo", and you'll get a kick at how accurate they made this (for a fictitious movie). Stark Expo 2010 Hope all of you are well, and I promise to stop by more often!