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  1. Map is gone?

    I enjoyed the article and pictures Bil. Thanks for posting.

    I look forward to it.
  3. Painting the NYSP

    Great news guys. It looks better already! A GIANT PAT ON THE BACK FOR BOTH OF YOU!! Al
  4. Aquacade Demolition, 1995

    Thanks for sharing these Karl. Very well done.
  5. Thanks for posting the video. It has alot of views of different pavilions that I hadn't seen before.
  6. Ray's NYWF Flag Flys Again on October 17

    Great pic Bill. I'd love to walk the fair again. Damn where is that time machine!
  7. Working on the Texaco map

    That could possibly be the last we'll see of the original map. Thanks for the pics. Al
  8. The Unisphere at Sunset

    Great shot John. Postcard material.
  9. Ray's NYWF Flag Flys Again on October 17

    Here are some more pics. I also have a 4mb avi video file of the flag waving. If there is a way to post it, please let me know and I will do so. Is my picture #14, turnstile markings on the way in? Not sure. Al
  10. Ray's NYWF Flag Flys Again on October 17

    I made it over to FMCP yesterday. It was a beautiful day. I took some pics and spoke to several people there. Some of this may have already been discussed here. Some notes: Spoke to one of the workers at the Unisphere. He said it is a 5 month project that started in September to fix the 2 underground pumps. The goal is to use the fountains more frequently. He had no problem discussing it. Even joked that they were there "to take Unisphere down." Went into the museum to ask what the plans were for the old ice rink. The gent there told me nothing too specific. When I asked about more WF exhibits from both Fairs, he said he was not aware of any plans for that. I also asked about the restored tiles. He said he wasn't sure if they were still in the NYSP or sent back to the University of Pennsylvania. He was not aware of any plans to put them into the museum. I also got contact info for the people who run the museum if anyone is interested. Enjoy the pictures~ Al

    Great shots! Best I've seen of the 39 Fair. Please keep them coming.
  12. Ray's NYWF Flag Flys Again on October 17

    Good pic Zip. I don't think I'll get there to see the flag so the photos are appreciated. Al
  13. The grounds of the General Motors Pavilion

    Great shots!! Something interesting about walking around the GM locations.
  14. I always enjoy these comparison photos. Bill your inventory of photos must be huge!
  15. Ray's NYWF Flag Flys Again on October 17

    I look forward to stopping by the Fairgrounds and seeing the flag proudly flying before the 26th! I'll take some pictures to post. Al