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  1. New pictures I found

    I love it...Everytime I come down from New England for a visit, THat NYSP is locked tight.....Someone just happens to pass by and what do you know, It's open..Haha Good Pictures..At least we get to see some new areas such as that messy back room..What is that
  2. Thats Freddie, from Freddie and the Dreamers.. I'm Telling youuu Nowwww
  3. I think Seacrest is just a Celeb nothing special, in fact that gig he has on "E" the Celebrity News is just so vapid. Clark however was, and is a Stone Cold Business Man. Early on he had some publishing, and then as he glided free of Payola was forced to give it up. Dick knows the basics of Music...Nothing deep. He certainly knew how to bring it to us...If we could only get him to start releasing some of the stuff in his vaults..Tons of Bandstand, and Where the Action is on DVD Please. Every year, Dick used to phone into to Howard Stern to plug the American Music Awards. And as usual Howard would start pressing him about certain things. One year Howard asked if he collected Social Security...and Dick said "Yes" Why? Because I paid into it...
  4. Think the prices for NYWF stuff are outrageous?

    I think Paul will always be overshadowed by Lennon, and I think Paulie has a problem with it. John started the Beatles, was it's fearless leader, but once stardom struck, I think Paul was the dictator. If you have ever seen the DVD "The Beatles First Trip To America" or something like that, Paul is the one putting on the show Hamming it up for the camera, while Lennon more or less hangs back. I think they pushed each other, Paul to get John working, and Lennon was there to keep Paul from getting too Cheesey. Harrison is the one who always gets the shaft. For the most part, beginning with Rubber Soul, George wrote some awesome stuff. And if you want to get into a debate about it, "Something" is a far Superior song to Yesterday, but I guess thats what happens when you surround yourself with Incredible songwriters.. I have always loved the Beatles...I dont remember them when they were together, but I have read, and watched everything about them. As I get older I have realized that George was the one, even at 21 that had his feet firmly planted in the ground. He knew Beatlemania was BS. A great quote from him from the Anthology Series is "Beatlemania gave the World an excuse to go mad" Hey, I wonder what it would have been like if they didn't fire Pete Best.....This Boy (Petes Theme) No "A Hard Days Night" or "Tommorow Never Knows" Ringoisms that John always pinched for titles
  5. Chairman's Holiday Christmas Pictures

    That's Awesome. It is true that kids are hard to impress today, but my 7 year old does the same thing Ronnie is doing here. He see's events and uses his own toys or legos to recreate..I love to see him do this. Video games do not interest him. He likes BB Guns ( can't let anyone know about that ) By the way, the actual picture and what he is doing is spot on. Also, Love those dolls...Looks like they have no clothes
  6. Great A few Observations....Most people put the trees up late, and kept them till the new year...I see the malls packing it up.They shut the Christmas music of on the 26th..Of course it has been non-stop since Nov. 15th Since this is pre-Dick Clark..Anyone have a photo of The Great Guy Lomardo and his Royal Canadians... Live From the Delmonico Hotel..Hahah I heard that on a 77 WABC Aircheck.. I am a Post Fair Guy ( How's that for a term..those born after 1964-1965 ) but I am old enough ( 40 Years Old Tommorow) to remember both Dick Clark, and Mr Lombardo on New Years Eve TV. Our TV was with Lombardo till 1976? When was the last time Guy was on TV New Years. I always though the Dick Clarks Rock'n eve was cheese....The studio portions were always filmed in LA before Christmas..All that phony celebrating. I do miss the great Dick Clark freezing his butt off high a top Time SQ, going over that years events.( Always with those huge headphones with the antenna, and that huge down parka) ..and then the countdown...Then of course he always kissed his wife. Glad he made it back last year...but I think we are going to have to settle for Carson Daley, or Ryan Seacrest...yuck.... Seeacrest Out!!! I'll take Dicks Salute anyday Happy New Year all
  7. Love the furniture. I see that set in the photos of my babyhood....Gotta Love "Colonial"
  8. Events at the Singer Bowl

    Hahah.. The JFK in Manchester,NH. It's still there and looks so 1964. I think it has the fiberglass panels outside with the WF colors.. This event was also sponsored by Ted Herberts Music, which is still in existence on Elm St. in Manchester. I dont know if Mr Hebert is still alive as I remember him being Old back in the early 80's.. The place was an all round music store...guitars and stuff, lessons, and Band Geek instrument s
  9. Picture of the Day

    I would say from the Sunlight (looks like a hazy day) looks more like 2:30 to me
  10. They have a dishwasher!! What about that phone in the background??? As far as the girl..It was 1961..Maybe by the time of Sgt Pepper..those glasses were gone, and the hair came down....Anyone ever see Morgan Fairchilds High School Photo..Kinda looks like this girl..and look what happened to her
  11. I think I'm going to crash party #2 ...HEHEH What a contrast
  12. Doh!! Thats right thanks prof.
  13. Look at them white cat eye glasses. LOOK AT ME I"M SANDRA DEE>>BLAH BLAH BLAH
  14. I say this is Christmas, since there are plenty of items around such as snow men. I would say no Phil Spector on the turnatable..I believe that album didn't get it's classic status till the re-release in the 1970's. THink about it, this was just a little over 1 month since Kennedy was assasinated. I'll bet Christmas that year was a little more on the low key side( I was born a few years later) Also, I'd bet this is not Christmas Morning judging how they are dressed. I love this stuff, a moment in time, and then it went on, and on, and on
  15. Wendy at New York World's Fair 1966

    zLooks Like they are from England as in looking through the photos
  16. Mystery Department Store

    Wow, thanks for the corrections..My view was always from the back seat of a 1974 AMC Gremlin..so It all mushed up into one scene...Cookys ..yes Thats the name..That restaurant on the 3rd level? Also, The mention of all the beer, wine and sangria you can drink...wann't that Beefsteak Charlies claim to fame. Alexanders and back to school shopping...back to the food, I do remember their restaurant, and they also I believe had a bakery The Queens mall was a always a special shopping trip, as we lived within walking distance to 82nd and 37th ave in Jackson Heights. Home of Woolworths, and Pic-a-shoe...cheap sneaker store with loads of cheap no-name sneaks .Took me years to get some Pro-Keds, as the Pik-A-Shoe sneaks did not go over well at P.S. 127!! Anyone else remember the ritual with getting a new Pair of Sneakers...They guys(friends or school mates) used to stomp them to break them in...This wAS in the 70's Anyone remember when the Baricinni Candy store burned down in 1976? I suppose this might be a Queensboard thing...Most of you provide fair memories..I kind of lived close to the park, so the facination comes from the landmarks. Still, there is nothing more cool than the 7 train coming in towards Willetts point..The Unisphere and Shea Stadium!!
  17. Mystery Department Store

    Cool...I have a photo, and article about this home in a New York Book that I have....I'll dig it out and scan it. I believe in 1980, the property became a bank. Also, I believe Macy was the anchor store in the mall. The building itself was a full fledged mall, and it was circular inside, as well as multi level. I remember the top floor was a restaurant thats name escapes me..I just remember they had a cool Ice Cream fixin's cart. Hey...Was there an Alexanders in there as well?
  18. United States Pavilion / Federal Pavilion

    How about Craig Bravaro's( Hope I spelled the name correct) excellent essay on his park exploration as a kid back in 1976. If I recall he gave vivid details of the interior of the building( From a kids standpoint) I believe he mentioned his Grandfather, who drove him there, was part of some construction crew. I think there were some great Kodak 110 Instamatic pictures taken from the rooftop. Gee, I think I'm going to go back and read it again..I am about the same age as Craig, and can relate, since we were bron after the fair, or the same year, still cant remember. I hope it is still up on Bills site Check it out quote name='Maverick' date='May 16 2006, 11:09 PM' post='40721'] Its always been one of my favorite buildings of the fair, maybe because I love the color green and mid-century modern architecture. This building was both. And it suffered one of the saddest demises of any fair legacy which fascinates me. Anyway, We've all seen these pix of the vandalism, right? <a href="http://www.modern-ruins.com/fair/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.modern-ruins.com/fair/index.html</a> I am wondering if anyone out there can share "Before"pix of the same interior views so I can compare. I understand that building was HUGE, and became the ultimate homeless shelter and playground for vandals in city history. Is there anybody here that was fortunate enough to explore the structure in its final days? Apparently it was unofficially open to the public in the most literal sense until its demolition.
  19. This Might Be 1974

    Cool, I had that same jacket your brother is wearing....Did you get it at Alexander's at theQueens mall,...I did
  20. The Queens Farm Opens

    I zoomed in on the 1976 Photo hoping to find the dumpster near the Horse pen..why..as a 9 year old I turned around and walked into it , and cut right below my eye..stiched..lucky not my eye...Wow ...that brought back a memory Ken
  21. Another movie reference

    In Archies case that would be "Woilds Fair"
  22. Howard Johnson's Restaurants

    Whats worse, the people who sell the strange...or the ones who buy?
  23. Howard Johnson's Restaurants

    Thanks Doug...I Live in Tyngsboro, MASS. close to NH but I get all of the "great"s services in MASS..I'm a tax payer. I used to live in NH, and graduated from Nashua High 1985. My interest in the fair comes from living in Queens prior to moving to NH back at the start of High School. I lived in Jackson Heights, a few stops away on the 7 Line. For the most part it was the Unisphere and NYSP that captured my imagination. I always remember back then that FM was referred to as the Old Worlds Fair site. It was years later that I made the discovery. I have to to Canobie many times in the 80's..However was never aware of the legacies until coming to Bill's site. Sooo, being a father of 2 gave me the excuse to go with the kids , but to also check out the lights. I took many pictures..and even went on the skyride (yikes) to get a better vantage point. I must say, between the lights, the skyride, and the Antique Car Ride, it gave someone like myself, born post-fair to somewhat experience a little taste, that and my trips back to the Meadow. HOJO's RT 3, yup ...During the last few years of it's existence, I went every time knowing it could be the last. Everything old and cool is going bye bye to be replaced with ????? I dont know ...speaking of old and cool...CBGB in NYC is about to bite the dust
  24. Howard Johnson's Restaurants

    I always found the HOJO's in the late 70's early 80's on the hwy to have gross food...ah nostalgia!! I live near Nashua,NH and would go to the HOJO's off rt3 frequently, because I knwe it would be a matter of time. I took lots of pictures of it...Doug Seed out in Salem NH probably knows the one I'm talking about. By the way, it was demolished and is now a Audi,Porshe (sic) dealership.
  25. People Saluted at the Fair

    Too Cool...My Fave Shangra-las song..Kinda has a Motown Groove. I have to say , never has a group walked the fine line of Cheese and complete greatness...and Mary Weiss was Hot Stuff