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  1. Lots of new stuff at nywf64.com

    Bill. This is quite a surprise for me to be able to hear my own recordings on NYWF64.com. I am not only surprised, but also I am honored to be included amongst the outstanding list of supporters and contributors that have helped to sustain high interest in the New York World's Fair. Thanks from all of us, Bill, for continuing to immortalize our beloved fair. Ray Dashner, (spokesman for all contributors who I am sure share my sentiments).
  2. Expo 67

    Is there an existing newsgroup that devotes itself to a specific World's Fair?
  3. Expo 67

    While I have some excellent memories and a large photo collection of EXPO '67, I've always felt that it was essentially a visual panoply of ultra modern architecture, art, futuristic images, mass transit systems and the like. There were no memorable shows such as Carousel of Progress, DuPont, General Motors, Ford, IBM etc. as seen at NYWF '64 / '65. Viewers amounting to 8,639 have visited my albums of EXPO '67 at my webshots.com web site over a three year period. From that, I can sense that there is still some interest in the Montreal EXPO '67, but it may not be sufficient to support a separate forum. Also, there is no EXPO '67 counterpart to Bill Young's creative effort (NYWF64.com) which was the linchpin that triggered this PTU forum. Ray Dashner
  4. Expo 67

    Here's Ray at EXPO '67, 40 years ago (August 1967 to be exact!). Click on my image then to see more of my EXPO '67 tour, click on the fourth icon below the enlarged picture to start the slide show.
  5. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    Randy, Well, I started out on Arroyo Parkway, took the Pasadena Fwy South (CA 110) to the 105 Fwy West to Sepulveda North. It's the best route to LAX from Pasadena. I was to the right side of a Greyhound bus going north in the Sepulveda tunnel. The fumes were none too pleasant! I had my red LED flasher clipped to the back of my belt all of the way, following the rules of the road as well as safety at night! Ray D.
  6. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    Sorry, I couldn't make it to FMCP Feb. 18. When I finally arrived at LAX, I found out that my JETBLUE flight was cancelled because it was too cold in New York for the flight crew. Maybe next time (in August maybe?). Ray D.
  7. NYWF Music?

    Denise, You should have my VAULT III CD-ROM in your collection at this time. You're welcome to make use of all of the DuPont songs from that archive. I'm sure Mr. E.I DuPont de Nemours could use the publicity. Also, the HAWAIIAN LOVE SONG from the Hawaii Pavilion is one to consider as well. Ray D.
  8. Mystery Park

  9. Ford and World's Fairs

    There are realities to be faced here. Americans, as we all are, pray that no outsiders will compete for our hard earned money, but there is no way that we can resist the temptation to go for commodit6ies that we find attractive for a multitude of reasons. Appliances, autos, apparel, you name it, are on display at every retailer, most of which were imported from our trading partners. We buy their sweaters, they buy our coal, wood and beef. In a perfect world, we should still be the leader in technoloigy, manufacturing, agriculture, education, and all categories in which we took a leadership role in earlier decades. The world around us has advanced in many of these areas and we have to face the changes that we as a nation have actually advocated. I'm as guilty as the next guy who has had a success story with foreign cars, owning three Hondas in a row since 1984. My current CRX-2 gets 50.45 MPG on a round trip to San Diego. Show me the same performance (with almost zero maintenace) amongst the BIG THREE! But, I did buy an American made SEGWAY mainly due to an extensive guilt complex. Ray D.
  10. The #7 train at Woodside

    <a href="http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=435fd7a5e58fa5e2ae844cdc1936f616.1707494&cache=1" target="_blank">http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=435f...494&cache=1</a>
  11. Ford and World's Fairs

    In those subsequent fairs and Expos, Ford did nothing to match the grandeur of their NYWF 64 pavilion. I would not have felt compelled to travel to San Antonio to see a movie in a 200 seat theater and then take a peek at the mechanical symphony orchestra which I had already seen at NYWF. My point is that you've all seen the last of the big three US auto firms trying to outdo each other at the next EXPO with multi-million dollar exhibits a la NYWF. Ray D.
  12. Ford and World's Fairs

    Randy, I think your collection of FORD items ends with NYWF '64/65 permanently! It's doubtful that FORD has any hope of matching their last exhibit at any possible future World's Fair. Same with CHRYSLER and GM. All of the big three are in serious financial trouble with no end in sight. Any one of them would have to ask "big oil" to underwrite their expeditures at the next NYWF (if there ever is one). Studebaker, Nash, Packard, Crosley, Hudson and a host of others all dropped dead for a variety of reasons, mostly economic pressure due to competition. WHO'S NEXT? Ray D.
  13. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    From what I've been hearing about the tough winter in New York and the northeast in general, I think I'll stick to sunny California this time. Thanks for the invitation, though!
  14. ...so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it !

    I was always entertained by the Dennis James ads for OLD GOLD cigarettes. The leggy dancing OLD GOLD pack has stuck with me all this time. Ray D.
  15. Digital Luminaire Models

    Trey, This proves that most of us here have much, too much time on our hands. Ray D. (leaving now to ride my Segway)
  16. Disneyland Celebrates 40th of It's A Small World

    Trey, That's got to be the kind of response every kid feels when going on the SMALL WORLD ride. Be sure to play the track on VAULT III several hundred times so he has that song in his mind for the rest of his life! RAY
  17. Jinx Falkenburg

    Jim, When I lived in Farmington, CT in the sixties, I listened to WOR on my Zenith Royal 2000 AM/FM radio. (Thanks to Wayne for inventing it!) I often listened to "Tex and Jinx" as well as Big Joe (after midnight), Dr. Carlton Fredericks, Jean Shepherd and John Gambling. The Tex and Jinx program did not originate in a WOR studio, but instead each broadcast was from their own apartment with several microphones placed on the dining room table for themselves and their celebrity guest. Jinx Falkenburg was well known in New York circles, but probably was not so famous elsewhere. Ray D.
  18. ...so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it !

    But, Mr. Chairman, Marlboro was way ahead of V. S. and they only marketed to cowboys and ranch hands. Ray D.
  19. LIRR Engine

    A few years ago, I sent a tape that I recorded at the LIRR exhibit to the team that's restoring the engine. The tape has the sounds of LIRR trains in motion complete with diesel horns and screeching brakes. This was originally recorded on one of my many NYWF visits. There was a special sector of the LIRR exhibit that contained a circular vertical tube about 3 feet in diameter that had several loiudspeakers at the bottom. A continuous recording of the LIRR trains played throughout the day, so I decided to record six minutes of these train sounds. I hope my recording that I sent will not be forgotten by the restoration team. The original plan was to have the recording play within the restored train engine when it is open to the public. This recording is also part of the VAULT archive as part of an attempt to preserve the Sounds of The Fair. Ray Dashner
  20. Chairman Looks at Housewives of the 1960's.

    Denise, Just in case you missed seeing this view, the Futurama II facade is now here displaying one of the more colorfgul examples of the ever changing lighting. I used to stand there for 20 minutes or so, just watching that fab display at dusk. Ray D.
  21. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    Rose, Onjly a Segway owner can really explain the unique experience of riding one. Your analysis is close to what everyone seems to feel when seeing one in motion. In my brief time (about one month) of riding the new Model i2, people give me smiles, thumbs up, or tell me "that's cool". I stop to tell them about the experience of riding one and state a few facts including MPH, battery life and price. This is a great departure for me, at 71 years old, to satisfy a dream to own one since the introduction of Segway in December, 2001. I think it's good for a lifetime with practically zero maintenance. It's built better than a Rolls Royce! You can locate Segway tours and rentals in your area by using Google and the word SEGWAY. Try it! You'll love it! Ray D.
  22. Sunday in the Park (February 18th)

    Trey, are you suggesting that you'd host such a gathering? If so, I'll bring the SEGWAY so everyone can take a ride on the nearest freeway. Ray D.
  23. Second Greatest Product of the Year (after the Apple iPhone)

    At 20 bucks a box, that's got to be an antique for collecting only! They don't mention the year they were bought. I don't think they're produced now, otherwise we'd see them at super market check out counters today. Ray D.
  24. '65 Mustang

    I still own a 50 year old LP recording of Charles Laughton reciting the "Fiery Furnace". I've played it many times as a reminder of the talent this famous actor possessed. Ray
  25. 3 Days After October 20, 1965

    As my helicopter left The Fair at dusk on Oct. 17, 1965, I gave no thought as to what was going to happen to the displays and flower beds as the clock struck 10:00PM. My last memory was one of pure grandeur as the illuminated New York World's Fair slowly disappeared from view as my NY Airways flight left the Flushing Meadows area bound for JFK. For me, there was no turning back, so I fortunately missed the many assaults on what I remembered as the most magnificent exhibition I have ever seen. Ray Dashner, (remembering the NYWF almost every day!)