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  1. I Want to Rebuild a Pavilion!

    Irv, Since you have a lot of acreage and unlimited financial backing, you MUST rebuild the GENERAL MOTORS FUTURAMA II. This was the greatest exhibit ever created by an industrial giant for a world's fair. The original cost was an estimated $65 million. I am one of few people on earth who possess the original 33 page specifications for FUTURAMA II as well as the construction details of the FUTURAMA RIDE mechanism. I will be very happy to impart these details to you when and if your final decision is made. Ray Dashner

    <a href="http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.carouselofprogress.com/The%2520Carousel%2520of%2520Progress%2520audio_files/SHOWTOP.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.carouselofprogress.com/The%2520Carousel%2520of%2520Progress%2520audio1.htm&h=113&w=156&sz=12&hl=en&start=53&tbnid=kl5WXEuLun829M:&tbnh=70&tbnw=97&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dray%2Bdashner%26start%3D40%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D20%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN" target="_blank">http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...%3Doff%26sa%3DN</a> Click on NYWF SAMPLES
  3. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Randy, I have a collection of those old postcards scanned digitally and stored forever on a CD-R. Some were used in the production of the half hour exploration of Busch Gardens with Mr. Howser. If interested, send me an email and I'll forward a copy. mailto:draydar@earthlink.net. Ray
  4. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Randy, I think that the "Topical Slide" began at post #4. My 1/2 hour "California Gold" program with Huell Howser took over 6 hours to film. The topic was "The Original Busch Gardens" in Pasadena, but we started filming at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Van Nuys at 9:00AM. Then we traveled to Pasadena to film the original Busch Gardens artifacts, still existent in Pasadena. DVD or Video Cassette copies of the program are available by calling KCET-TV, Los Angeles. Details of this remarkable section of Pasadena can be seen at my web site devoted to the Original Busch Gardens. <a href="http://home.earthlink.net/~draydar/" target="_blank">http://home.earthlink.net/~draydar/</a> Ray D.
  5. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Latest additions to my previous list: David Horowitz (Fight Back with David Horowitz & Ray Dashner shown on national NBC-TV Network, 1988). Huell Howser (California Gold with Huell Howser & Ray Dashner shown on national PBS TV, 2005). More recently, a friendly meeting with Teller, the silent partner of the Penn & Teller duo. (Pic attached, March 29, Las Vegas). Ray D.
  6. I need your help.

    Research indicates there are several nearby hotels in proximity to East 6th and Ave. A. Garden City Hotel 45 East 7th St. 212-912-1900 St. Marks Hotel 2 St. Marks Place 212-674-2192 Metro Three Hotel 135 East Houston 212-473-3500 You should call to inquire about parking, This is the notorious lower east side, so don't try parking on the street unless you drive an armored truck. Also, do not walk in Tompkins Square Park after midnight. There have been a few purse snatchings there in recent times. Ray D.
  7. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Randy, I too considered running for governor, but when I heard that Angelyne was also running, I decided that I didn't have a chance, so I took my hat back out of the ring. Elsewhere on these PTU forum topics, I posted about my Angelyne sighting. Text of that posting is repeated below. One of the most remarkable of all of Hollywood's famous personalities is ANGELYNE, who in her younger days manufactured celebrity status for herself by simply putting her reclining image on billboards. I once rode aside of her while on the eastbound 101 Freeway as she tooled along in the right lane in her pink Corvette. I kept my speed the same as hers and soon I was rewarded with a sequence of puckered lips as she smiled over to my side. Actually sighting ANGELYNE in Southern California is considered a landmark event. Her license plate "ANGELYNE" clearly announces it's really her in that hot Corvette. Her cute web site tells the whole story. Anyone can achieve celebrity status in this world... just get a rich uncle to rent a billboard and paste your picture on it. <a href="http://www.angelyne.com/tc.html" target="_blank">http://www.angelyne.com/tc.html</a>
  8. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    .... And then there was ANGELYNE, but I won't get into that!
  9. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    OOps, that's another one I forgot to mention. I was in Miami Beach for the King Orange Parade on New Years Day 1986. Jackie Gleason was the Grand Marshall. I decided to record the parade on my UHER 4000 portable recorder. I still have the narration on tape as Jackie and the rest of the parade passed by. Later, I went to his favorite restaurant (Wolfie's) which was next to the theater where the Jackie Gleason Show originated and had dinner at his favorite table.
  10. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Here's a few more names that I couldn't remember until today. That's what happens when you have only two dozen brain cells left! Earl Holliman (actor in The Twilight Zone "WHERE IS EVERYBODY?"). I think that was the first in the long T Z series. We chatted for a quarter of an hour while waiting for the valet parking guys to bring our cars following a charity event in Hollywood. Van Williams who played the role of Brit Reid in the original TV series, "THE GREEN HORNET". For a time, he had a radio communications business in Santa Monica and he became one my customers after a long sales meeting in his office. Jack Lemmon....We said hello to each other as he was filming a car scene in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater for "Save the Tiger". Foster Brooks... known for his inebriated conventioneer role as seen dozens of times on Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, etc. He was signing into the Sahara Hotel , Las Vegas as I stood next in line. He smiled and said "thanks anyway" when I offered to help him find the elevator. Sinbad... an outstanding example of contemporary stand up comedy without the smut. He and his date were on the same Motion Machine ride on Universal's City Walk. We were together racing hopped up cars on the Indianapolis Speedway in that theater. Anna Lee and Olive Deering, actresses noted for their many stage, TV and screen roles. Ray Dashner (Remembering the past and looking forward to the future!)
  11. I Went to Disney World..

    During the mid to late eighties, I was an exhibitor at the International Wireless Communications Exhibition each spring in Orlando. Time was made available for my sales staff to spend a day at EPCOT after the convention closed. The original WORLD OF MOTION, UNIVERSE OF ENERGY, SPACESHIP EARTH and HORIZONS were the most remembered in the Future World area. My most recent visit was in late 2005 and my sister and brother-in-law both were badly shaken in the MISSION SPACE centrifuge! That was the second attraction we saw early in the day and they remained nauseus for the rest of the entire day! The ride belongs in a travelling carnival, not EPCOT! I went on the TEST TRACK ride purely out of curiousity to see how GM could possibly improve upon their earlier WORLD OF MOTION ride. Again, this is nothing more than a SIX FLAGS style attraction that has no place in the original EPCOT concept. In THE UNIVERSE OF ENERGY, the inane antics of Ellen DeGeneres stomping through prehistoric marshes amongst animated dinosaurs failed to get a laugh out of anyone on the ride. The episode was very distracting and pulled our attention away from the pre-historic journey that was expected to be seen. The original closing show by the lake, the ILLUMINATIONS laser show, was not anywhere in sight. Sorry to say, the substitute show has much less of a dramatic effect by comparison. Even with these downgraded attractions, the price of an entry ticket is about $20 more than 1989. Ray Dashner, (one who appreciates the original Walt Disney version of EPCOT).
  12. For all of the new PTU subscribers who may have missed this previous posting, I repeat it here for your enjoyment. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ THE GENERAL ELECTRIC CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS AT THE N.Y. WORLD'S FAIR. There are four scenes, each spaced about twenty years apart. 1) What time is it? Just before the turn of the century." (About 1899?) 2) Twenty years later. (Around 1919) 3) "It's the frantic forties". (About 1940) 4) Christmas season, mid-sixties. (About 1964) In (1) the suction vacuum cleaner operates on "one boy power". The "boy" must be a family member (otherwise child labor laws would have been violated). The mom (Sarah) and the dad (narrator) must be in their early thirties to have a son able to operate the vacuum (maybe age ten). Jane, the daughter, is getting ready to go on a trolley ride (hayrides are old fashioned). Jane must be at least fourteen years of age to be allowed to go on a trolley ride with her friends. So far, we can count on there being two children in the family. 2) In scene #2, Jane, coming home from a date, lingering... Mother says "Jane, it's after 9:30". "Yes, mother", says Jane. By adding 20 years to Jane’s' age, she is about 34 at this point and still dating. The mom and dad must be in their early fifties. 3) "It's the frantic forties and the kids are back in school". Mom and dad must be around 70 at this point. Daughter Jane is on an electric exercise machine talking on the phone about going to a dance with Wilfred. She must be about 54 years old and still going to "dances". In the meantime, grandma and grandpa have advanced to around 95 years of age. 4) It's now Christmas season (in the mid-sixties). Mom and dad must now be in their middle nineties. Mom says, "The children are at the airport to meet grandma and grandpa" who are now about 124 years old. Grandpa still plays golf and his score is in the eighties. The "children" can't possibly be the same as those in the first scene, since they are in their seventies and are not children any more. We must conclude that the children that went to the airport were adopted twelve years prior and are still in their teens. So there had to be four children, two natural born and two adopted. They also owned at least four dogs in sixty-five years, all of whom growled at visitors. Ray Dashner
  13. Half of Shea's parking is gone. Opening Day & 55,000 people

    Isn't the IRT still the best way to get to The Fair?
  14. I Went to Disney World..

    I heard that Disney parks were closed on Veterans Day in honor of our fallen troops. Could that possibly be true?
  15. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Merv Griffin was peeved because his name didn't appear on my list, so my comps at his casinos are now limited to free Bud Light and grilled cheese sandwiches. I also forgot to mention Freddie Martin, but he's still leading his Big Band up in the sky since 1983. John F. Kennedy and I saw eye to eye as he addressed voters in Springfield, Massachusetts on the steps of the Civic Auditorium. I was in the first row just below the lectern. That was a memorable day for me. Almost as memorable was having breakfast with Kurt Kaznar at a restaurant in Hyannis, (Cape Cod), Massachusetts. More to come as my recollections come into focus. Ray D.
  16. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    WHEW! That sure beats my list ... even when I include Sally Struthers, Groucho Marx, Redd Foxx, Faye Emerson, Skitch Henderson, Jerry Lewis, Mel Allen, Joey Forman, Joe E. Lewis, Joan Crawford, John Holmes, Dave Brubeck, Virgil Fox, Teresa Brewer and Frank Gorshin. Methinks this is a neat ego trip for PTU participants! Ray D.
  17. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    That was just the short list. There's many more (but not including Paris Hilton).
  18. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    SORRY! I almost forgot! I had breakfast with Bill Young the day before our SIP gathering at FMCP. Ray
  19. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    Cab Calloway can be seen doing his "Minnie the Moocher" act in the original BLUES BROTHERS movie. I once had his autograph dating back to the mid-fifties but upon his passing, I gave it to one of the City Council members at City Hall in Pasadena. Mingling with celebrities is fun to recollect and I've had a few face to face chats with folks like Sammy Davis, Jr., David Brinkley, Tommy Dorsey, Pat Paulson, Jack Carter, Jimmy Durante, Guy Lombardo, Jayne Mansfield, Andy Williams, Lionel Hampton, Betty White, Alan Ludden, Don Ameche, Francis Langford, Robert Moses and many others! I was kissed by Connie Stevens at the Colorado Street Bridge party in Pasadena a few years ago. That happened when I showed her the autographed Playbill that I had dating back to her first Broadway show, "Star Spangled Girl" with Richard Benjamin and Anthony Perkins. In the late sixties, I remember holding the door open for Faye Dunaway as she arrived late at a Broadway theater where Angela Lansbury was the star of the show. I've had dinner at different restaurants while seated at the next table to Mitzi Gaynor, Leonard Nemoy, Willie Shoemaker and Jack Dempsey. It's been quite a ride and I do hope that it never ends. Ray Dashner

    I don't know if this has ever been seen here on PTU, but thanks to Wayne, a bit of Greyhound at The Fair has been brought to life. This took place during our SILA gathering Dec. 2004. This download is 9 MB, so be patient! Ray D. <a href="http://www.bretl.com/DuKane%20Greyhound%20Horn/First%20sound%20.htm" target="_blank">http://www.bretl.com/DuKane%20Greyhound%20...%20sound%20.htm</a>
  21. Another Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    Hi Denise, When I was a ninth grade student in high school, I spent every afternoon at a radio station in Chicopee, MA (WACE - 730 on your dial). I was an apprentice at no pay pulling records for a disk jockey named Kris Martin. He was a very popular DJ that played requests from phone callers for three hours every afternoon. One of the station's employees, Clyde Whelan was a performer on his own live radio show but was also a salesman for radio advertising. I loaned him my wire recorder and he made up dozens of successful commercials that ran for years on that station. A few that I remember were for Gamelli TV and another for Goslyn Dairy. Another was a promo for the Eastern States Exposition, an annual fair in West Springfield, MA. He bought the machine from me and I never knew what happened to it after he left for another job in Chicago. I saved the money and used it to build my own Hi-Fi monaural 20 watt amplifier as a class project. It was during those formative years when I was first involved in audio that I caught the bug and started a buying spree to keep up with the latest audio equipment and loudspeaker systems. Major benefit: All of my girlfriends were impressed when dancing with me to the romantic music of Frank Sinatra, Johhny Mathis and others. (One girlfriend at a time, of course)! Ray D.
  22. Another Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    Trey, The wire was stainless steel about .002" in diameter. The center spindle containing the recording electromagnet also served as the inductor for playback. In order to distribute the wire evenly on both the takeup reel and the holder itself when rewound, the spindle oscillated up and down repeatedly as the wire passed in the V recession on the spindle. The Webster-Chicago wire recorder was quite an interesting electro-mechanical invention that became available about 1947. It soon gave way to magnetic recording machines using 1/4" paper tape coated with iron oxide. In later years, (with the help of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company), paper was replaced with Mylar. Ray
  23. Another Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    Trey, I'm glad you asked! When I was in seventh grade in my home town of Chicopee, MA, there was a contest sponsored by General Mills (the Wheaties people) that appeared in the Sunday newspaper, comic section. It was easy to enter the contest. All you had to do was write a memo about how much you liked the taste of their cereals and how your day got started as a result of having their cereals for breakfast. They gave away 1,000 Webster-Chicago wire recorders and I was one of the winners. I quickly became the neighborhood center of attention when I recorded the voices of all of my neighbors and school chums. Each night I would record THE LONE RANGER (originating at the studios of WXYZ, Detroit!). The problem was that I had only one spool of wire to record with, so after playback, I'd have to rewind to the beginning to record over the previous program. The sound was not exactly high fidelity. The audio response below 150 cycles was very poor. Nonetheless, it was that wire recorder and the original BRUSH tape recorder (pic below) that sparked my interest in audio recording. Webster-Chicago later became WEBCOR and I owned a few of their record players and tape recorders in later years. Ray Dashner (the predecessor to Madman Muntz)
  24. Another Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    Mister Chairman, I too, owned that same Roberts machine in the early sixties. In addition I owned an AMPEX-600 and its companion speaker /20watt amplifier, Model 620. I still have at least 150 7" reel-to-reel tapes from those days but now I have two Sony stereo recorders dating back to the late sixties / early seventies. I've also collected a total of seven UHER 4000 recorders from individuals on eBay. Who says analog audio is a thing of the past??? Ray D.
  25. Expo 67

    Jim, I too was excited about being at the EXPO '67 site on two separate trips. The first was a one day excursion via private plane from Bristol, CT to Montreal airport and a final lap via helicopter to the La Ronde landing pad. The second trip was some months later for a one week visit at EXPO '67 and a side tour of the City of Montreal. We enjoyed every moment of this extraordinary fair, but in retrospect, there was not much that remained indelible in my memory that would inspire a round of discussions in a newly formed EXPO '67 discussion group. Certainly the EXPO '67 had some extraordinary visual experiences such as Labyrinth, but the style of this fair left little to take home other than the photos in the camera. Here's the link to my albums pertaining to several world's fairs including EXPO '67. <a href="http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar" target="_blank">http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar</a> Ray