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  1. Visiting the Park during the Open Thurs Aug 30th

    Fred, I will go only if Larry Lief can pick us up with his Greyhound Glide-a-Ride. I'm getting too old to do all of that walking anymore! Ray D.
  2. Futurama film on Youtube

    Here is a very well done four minutes of the General Motors Futurama Ride. As I made so many trips trhrough Futurama II, I have no recollection of any of the dioramas having a glass separation. All were open and viewed only a few feet away from the moving chairs. Ray http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1nxn_s7qwQ&NR=1
  3. Time Capsules: When the Clock Runs Out

    My NYWF CD-ROM's are in the Hall of Science time capsule to be opened on November 1, 2051. Hoodlock says he will absolutely be there for the event. Ray D.
  4. "Come Back to the Fair" video

    Sounds like the voice of Ray Dashner doing the narration. I had to play it back a second time to be sure! Most of these words were spoken during my recording tours at NYWF in 1964 / '65. THE WORLD'S FAIR LIVES! Ray D.
  5. Gateway Arch Accident

    My sister Elaine and I rode that train Feb. 15, 1972. As I rememeber the ascent, the car tilts slightly and then becomes vertical many times as it moves to the top. We were there long before the surrounding park was completed and the museum was finalized. The first time you look out on the Mississippi River with nothing at all straight down below but empty air is quite a sensation. It's an unforgettable experience. Ray
  6. Here's a few more B/W shots posted at my bundle of albums at webshots.com Ray D. http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/85808271uCKUKd P.S. Let's not forget the invention of the internet by Al Gore which of course makes all of this stuff possible.
  7. Neo-Retro Television Sets

    These are actually PHILCO TV's built around 1956-1959. http://www.collectorkevin.com/philco.htm Scroll to the last photo and you'll see the resemblence. Ray


    I just replayed myJuly 4, 1965 recording of "The Patriotic Show" performed at the 9PM Fountain Of The Planets spectacular. Paul LaValle conducted the Cities Service Band. It was exactly 42 years ago and I probably stood in the footprints left by Hoodlock at the same location. Today, I appeared as Uncle Sam on my SEGWAY in the Sierra Madre, CA annual 4th of July parade. I had more pictures taken of me today than Paris Hilton all week! Ray
  10. What's new on youtube

    Has this been posted before? The narration and comments seem to be done by a familiar voice. Ray D.
  11. Toffenetti Restaurant

    NYNH&H engines were switched at the stop in New Haven. From there on to Grand Central, the trains were electric powered. The last stop before GCT was 125th Street, then we contrinued south in the Park Avenue tunnel. Ray D.
  12. Toffenetti Restaurant

    Trey... In my teen years, I often took trips to New York City on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Sunday Excursion train from Springfield, MA to Grand Central Station. It only cost $3.45 for the round trip! I often had dinner at Toffenetti's. My chosen table was at the foot of the staircase. I always left in time to get the subway (ten cents in those days) shuttle to GCS for the 7:45PM train back to Springfield. It was in the early fifties when I took those train trips so you'd have to be really old to remember being there enjoying the splendor of Toffenetti's. Ray D.

    This is a message to all PTU members and guests. It was 43 years ago that the gates opened at Flushing Meadows, New York to welcome millions of visitors from all over the world to the New York World's Fair 1964/'65. I was fortunate to be amongst them on thirty-eight separate occasions. I thought it would be an interesting addition to my already burgeoning library of audio tape recordings to bring my UHER 4000 to The Fair and make a few recordings of what I saw. The few became many over time. These have turned out to be the only extensive archive of recordings made by a NYWF visitor. Today, I have decided that these artifacts should be allowed to continue to be made available to the public long after my demise. I am therefore naming as executor of this portion of my estate to a gentleman known here as Hoodlock. He may be somewhat surprised by my decision, but I cannot think of another individual that has more feeling for The Fair as I believe it has influenced his life as it has mine. NYWF LIVES! Ray Dashner

    MB, thanks for all of your notes about preserving NYWF artifacts. I know you have only positive thoughts about keeping important elements of our past available for future generations. I too have that in mind, so on November 1, 2001 a time capsule was buried at the Hall of Science at FMCP which contained several copies of my NYWF recordings on CD-ROM. That capsule will be opened on Nov. 1, 2051.... sorry I won't be around at that point, but hopefully the materials will be intact, useable and available to the Hall of Science for safekeeping. Additionally, copies are at the Library of Congress along with the Morton Gould composition "Come up from the valley, children" which was part of the Bell System ride. I intend to send FLASH memory USB (1 GB) with all of the data for three of my current CD-ROM discs to the Queens Museum of Art, The Library of the City of New York and the State Library at Albany, NY. The original tape recordings still exist and are perfect in every sense. No oxide deterioration or dropouts when playing back on my UHER 4000. There are many events and pavilions that are recorded in my collection, but only those that I thought would be interesting were transferred to CD-ROM. I did not think the crowning of Miss NYWF was more important than Abraham Lincoln's speech at the Illinois Pavilion. My good friend (PTU Member #4) Hoodlock will have plenty to review when the time comes for me to step aside. Ray D.
  15. Did somebody mention flags?

    Unexplainably, we all use the words "THE BRONX" when referring to that part of NYC. Why don't we say THE QUEENS" or "THE STATEN ISLAND"? That's always puzzled me. Ray D.
  16. Trivia Quiz of the Day

    During the aftermath of WWII, our family lived near West Springfield, Massachusetts where the EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION was held each year during the month of September. This event is still held each year and it attracts hundreds of thousands to the vast exposition grounds in West Springfield. Our family never missed going to the EXPOSITION and seeing and hearing the opening day festivities in the main arena. I recollect seeing the Edwin Franko Goldwyn Band there year after year. <a href="http://www.worldmilitarybands.com/Edwin%20Franko%20Goldman.htm" target="_blank">http://www.worldmilitarybands.com/Edwin%20...o%20Goldman.htm</a> Being at the EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION was a high point in my grade school days in the late forties. The images are still vivid after all these years. Ray Dashner (avid fairgoer, tourist and recordist)
  17. Adria Show?

    I exhibited only once at the Adria show, after the June 2, 2001 "Saturday in the Park" festivities, so the date was not on Memorial Day, but a day or two following SIP. It was at that time when the show coincided with my SIP trip from California, so I decided to spend the money to exhibit there. Since then, I've received a few annual solicitations from the show producer, but none since 2005. It could be that the ADRIA show is now defunct for lack of a coordinator. Ray D.
  18. A Time Capsule of a Different Kind

    I once owned a 1957 Plymouth Savoy with tail fins and Chrysler's unique dashboard push-button transmission. If Daimler-Chrysler were really smart, they'd reproduce this vehicle for today's style conscious market. Ray D.
  19. Expo 67: We Were Fab

    In the week following the April 22 anniversary of EXPO '67, there were 931 new visitors looking at the EXPO photos I posted at the WEBSHOTS site listed below. That was the highest ever since posting them in August, 2004. The EXPO '67 albums as well as NYWF 1964-65, NYWF 1939-40 and others have been seen by 49,855 individuals since June, 2003. The interest in EXPO '67 is second in popularity with NYWF 64-65 being first according to the most recent numbers. NYWF 1939-40 is in third place. Ray D. <a href="http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar" target="_blank">http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar</a>
  20. What Is Your Landfill Holy Grail?

    That Rascal 600T has top speed of 5 MPH! My segway goes 12.5 MPH maximum. I win 20 feet from the starting gate! Ray D.

    Irv, I am not planning anything like that, but the parts are wearing out like some of those '65 Mustangs we all saw at The Fair. I still have all of my brain cells, although some may claim I'm missing plenty at my age (71). Diabetes was discovered a few years ago when I had a record breaking 1,164 glucose reading. I still have eight lives left! Ray D.

    Sorry, Trey.... The SEGWAY goes with me for that long, long ride in the sky. Ray D.
  23. Come on back to the Fair!

    Lori, You can get a fairly good education about the '39 NYWF at the site below. Floor plans for most pavilions are available there as well as many images in black / white. As of 4-19-07, over 48,000 views have taken place at my Webshots site. <a href="http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar" target="_blank">http://community.webshots.com/user/draydar</a> Ray Dashner
  24. Chairman's Humor Video of the Day

    AHH YES! Connie Stevens! I was one lucky guy to meet her at the stage door when she played the lead role in "Star Spangled Girl" on Broadway. Many years later, we met again at the annual Colorado Street Bridge party where I got a kiss on the cheek from her when I showed her the autograph she wrote to me on the original Playbill for her first Broadway appearance back in the late sixties. Here's a trip back to those great days of the sixties that many of us on PTU have experienced. <a href="http://moreoldfortyfives.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm" target="_blank">http://moreoldfortyfives.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm</a> Ray Dashner
  25. I Want to Rebuild a Pavilion!

    BRAVO! The choice favoring General Motors Futurama II is certainly appropriate! Irv, the collection plate is about to be passed around amongst the millions who actually rode the original, starting with my C-note! We ought to be able to raise $450 million or so if we all pitch in. Let's locate it back in FMCP where it rightfully belongs! Ray Dashner