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  1. Glide-A-Ride Driver goes modern

    The time it takes to learn how to use a SEGWAY is not more than twenty minutes. Before you can rent one, the SEGWAY rental agency is obligated to provide the essentials to safely ride it! Last August, in Tampa, FL, my sister rode on one next to me for about three hours with only ten minutes of instruction. That rental was priced at $90 for two Model i2's. Go to http://segwaychat.com for tons of information about the SEGWAY! Ray Dashner
  2. The Great Ray Dashner

    Thanks to Bill Cotter (Chief Hi-Tech LOGIN fixer), I can now LOGIN to PTU after two months of being unable to do so! Many thanks for the assist, Bill. The replays of my Pasadena Busch Gardens tour on "California's Gold" have been going on for at the past three years over the PBS stations in California. Getting to the point of filming the episode, months of preparation went into the production, including a few dozen of my original Busch Gardens postcards which set the mood for the rest of the tour. Trey, I reluctantly accept the award for World's #1 Tour Guide, but unfortunatelly, I can't continue those tours as I once could. Those 38 tours of the NYWF was long ago and will never be repeated again! On Dec. 16, 2007 I was on my eight hundredth mile of travel on my SEGWAY i2 when without warning, the left wheel hit an obstruction and I spun out, and was thrown down to the sidewalk on my right side. My right leg was broken in the fall and I had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. The next day I underwent an operation to replace the upper end of the femur with a metal ball that fits into the hip bone and attaches to the broken femur. I may not be able to drive for many more months and so I'm confined to my apartment but have visits from therapists every other day. So no more tours for me for quite a while until I can walk again. Sincerely, Ray Dashner draydar@earthlink.net
  3. Trivia Quiz

    I knew it was G.E. the instant I saw the first photo. I must have taken in that pavilion at least 25 times which is probably a record amongst PTU members. Ray D.
  4. whats your favorite 64-65 worlds fair item

    Without doubt, my treasured recordings of the NYWF would be forever first on my list, but second are the tiles from the counter at the F & M Schaefer beer pavilion. I can imagine millions of glasses of foaming brew passing over these tiles during the two years of The Fair. Ray D.

    It took 43 years for me to discover the person that spoke, "OH! I thought you said I have a new hearing aid". That was Grandma in the den while listening to a new radio with Grandpa. This is a trivia quiz. Whose voice was it? Ray D.

    NEVER FOOL WITH MOTHER NATURE! Randy, on the C.O.P., grandpa's voice and his grandson's voice were never heard. Ray D.

    If Randy doesn't know, then nobody does! I'm flipping over all of the cards now. Grandma was played by Janet Waldo who was the star of "MEET CORLISS ARCHER" on radio during the fifties. Last week, I was a guest at the 75th Anniversary luncheon celebrating 75 years of the "Jack Benny Program" on radio & TV. A cast of twelve portrayed a typical Jack Benny radio broadcast and Janet was among the cast as well as Beatrice Arthur of "MAUDE" fame. Janet is probably in her eighties and still working! Ray Dashner
  8. It's not such a small world, after all

    Here's the latest information about what "guests" are doing on Disney rides. Ray D. http://www.local6.com/news/14611438/detail.html
  9. Images from April 1964 Life Magazine

    I also have saved a copy of the LIFE Magazine of April 1964 and I agree that the article was very positive and churned up enthusiasm for unknown numbers of Fairgoers who were influenced by LIFE's wide circulation. Oddly, there was no NYWF article in National Geographic of April, 1964. I have the entire National Geographic Magazine dated from October, 1888 through December, 1996 on an 80 GB hard drive. If any PTU member wishes to have a specific issue of National Geographic, I will duplicte the specific month / year requested on a CD-R. A typical issue contains about 11 Megs of data. Just send your request to draydar@earthlink.net. There is no charge for doing this. Ray Dashner
  10. Millie the Blond Bombshell

    In the first panel, Millie is in a hurry to get to the "MISS WORLD'S FAIR" contest. By sheer coincidence, I made the only actual recording of the real "Miss World's Fair" contest, but it's never been made available due to the poor quality of the P.A. system used during the selection. Does anyone know who was chosen? Take a guess. Ray Dashner
  11. Southern California fires

    Randy, We're very fortunate to have a flame free zone in Pasadena. It's well monitored by Pasadena fire dept. and in my memory only one small blaze occurred in the Arroyo Seco sector in the past 40 years. Fortunately we're out of harm's way at the present time. Send your rain by tanker, Randy...we need it badly! Ray D.
  12. Southern California fires

    Sunday through Tuesday in Ventura where my office is located, the skyline is dense with smoke from the fires at Malibu and elsewhere. The sun was a dark brown blotch in the sky most of Sunday. We're advised to stay indoors and not be exposed to the smoke and soot. It's the worst of times for any residents near the foothills and canyons. The brush growth is loaded with creosote and they ignite like gasoline. The high wind gusts make control nearly impossible. Hopefully all PTU members in S. California are outside of the conflagration. Ray Dashner (staying indoors and off the Segway for a while!)
  13. OCTOBER 17, 1965

    My very last visit to NYWF was exactly 42 years ago today, but the memories are as clear as this mornings' California sunrise! For those of you that missed this memorable day, believe me when I say it was the most exciting eight hours ever spent at Flushing Meadows. I was only a speck of humanity amongst the more than 420,000 visitors that day and part of the excitement was to be part of that huge celebration. It was my last chance to record the events at the fair, so I decided to interview dozens of fairgoers to get their impressions of the impact that The Fair had on their lives. Everyone agreed it was difficult to imagine that this was never going to be seen again. How true it was then as it is now, no World's Fair on American soil has appeared that could match the splendor of NYWF! As my helicopter left the Heliport at sundown, I watched the lights of The Fair fade away as we flew towards JFK. As I did then, I now have tears in my eyes as I recollect the many hundreds of exciting hours that I spent at the New York World's Fair. It can never be forgotten. Ray Dashner
  14. Recapturing The Romance

    I married Patricia in mid-February 1967. When we first met, I was very much attracted to her so we began dating around Nov. 1965. We went twice to EXPO '67 in Canada, but unfortunately, it was too late for NYWF '64/'65. The real romance relating to Flushing Meadows involves her father and her mother. He was an art director for a New York City art advertising firm and she was the model photographed for a series of ads. When they first met at Flushing Meadows, it was love at first sight, so they began a romantic relationship resulting in a marriage. By shear coincidence, I married their daughter Patricia in Bronxville, NY. Here's the coincidence.... her mom and dad met at the 1939 NYWF! It was there at the 1939 World's Fair where all of the photos were taken with various pavillions in the background. They were married just before the war in 1940. If there had not been a 1939 World's Fair, it's very likely that there would have been no Patricia in my life. February 2008 marks our 41st anniversary.
  15. Post #1939

    Trey, While it's nice of you to put myself and other's names in lights, it is really you and people like you that have been so meticulously pursuing the aura of the NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR to the delight of all of us. We've all enjoyed your contributions and we delight in your humorous postings. I hope the day never arrives when we've all run out of things to say about THE FAIR(S). Trey, simply put, "keep those cards and letters coming in"! Ray D.
  16. Who could open a pavilion at the NYWF?

    The answers are given at the link below. Copy and paste the URL below into your browser address bar, hit enter and then scroll down the list to "Postcard Pavillion....." (For those who never heard this interview before). Ray Dashner http://www.archive.org/details/otr_bobandray
  17. Glide-A-Ride Driver goes modern

    Here's an opportunity for Mike Kraus to get acquainted with a SEGWAY prior to our spring tour of FMCP. Ray D. (Keeping hope alive). http://www.indy.org/indianapolis/web/js ... e=12363176 http://cms.ibj.com/ASPXPages/6iframes/F ... &NoFrame=1
  18. What Pavilion Best Describes Your Life Today?

    Dynamic Maturity -- Hobbling along General Electric -- conFUSION reigns City National Bank -- Empty pockets General Motors -- I have seen the future undertaker AVIS -- Driving a 1991 Honda CRX Parker Pen -- Lonesome me... I never got a reply from any pen pals DuPont -- You must wonder, "what was RAY on"? Festival of Gas -- Experiencing plenty of that lately Billy Graham -- Following in his footsteps....shortly Underground Home -- Peace and tranquility at last!
  19. Did anybody lose a motorcycle?

    LL said: Are you the guy who used to sneak in under the fence, Randy? I admire that. I always did like to sneak in places! For the record, I don't remember ever sneaking in to any place, but I do recollect "sneaking out" once. It was at a Howard Johnson's Restaurant in Ft. Lee, NJ when my associate and I waited over a half an hour to get our check, so we decided to walk out backwards towards the door and out to the parking lot. I think HJ went bankrupt shortly after that because we didn't pay for their tendersweet fried clams. Ray D.
  20. Cab Calloway at the World's Fair

    There's a great interview with Hewell Howser in today's "Pasadena Weekly" newspaper (http://pasadenaweekly.com). Here is the link: http://www.pasadenaweekly.com/article.p ... ssueNum=89 Ray Dashner
  21. Another change midway through 1964

    Also, please note that someone painted the length of the curbstone gold sometime between #1 and #3. That added a touch of class to an otherwise mundane curb. Ray D.

    My first and only visit to Gatorland was during August of 1985. Compared to the amusing cavorting of Orangutans swinging from treetops and ledges (Los Angeles Zoo), the display of pre historic reptiles and their eating habits is not the same kind of entertainment. These animals are voracious and will eat anything that moves. It's a nightmarish display that is hard to forget. I liked the Florida Dolphin Show at NYWF much better. Ray D.
  23. Question about death at NYWF lake amusement area

    If my memory is still intact after all of these years since the occurrence, a young woman's body was found in the bushes adjacent to the Meadow Lake parking lot on the east side. Maybe Hoodlock can confirm if I am correct. I still don't know what was determined as the cause of death. Also, I was probably one of that crowd that saw the Bell Rocket Man glide over the Unisphere. I'm unsure how many times that feat was accomplished but to see it once was an event I've always remembered. I saw it happen again the second time at the Wonderworld show. Ray D.
  24. For those of you that know all about the demographic display at the Equitable Life Assurance pavilion, you remember the ever changing display of the population of the USA. That was in 1964 and 1965, so with advanced technology available today, a sensational demographic display has been made available at this web site: http://www.peterrussell.dreamhosters.co ... dClock.php If I know you guys, and I think I do, there should be lots of comments forthcoming after you see what goes on there. Ray Dashner
  25. Soupy

    Exactly 40 years ago this month, my lovely bride and I spent ten days in Montreal, mostly attending EXPO '67. At the EXPO, Soupy Sales had a fantastic show which kept us in stitches for about two hours. An announcement of the show appeared frequently on several electric signboards strategically located within the fairgrounds. Ray D.