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  1. Stella Artois pays homage to NYWF 64/65

    Spotted Stella Artois' new ad during, of all shows, MAD MEN. Looks great!
  2. So sad and at such a young age. Always loved their use of a certain icon.
  3. ...when you see it from the Queens Museum. Drove through the park on my way home tonight and there was this cosmic sight! I'm bringing couches and porta-cocktail bar and some lounge music with me next time!
  4. 3rd Candela Structure Found!

    Everyone's favorite sports uniform obsessive (bring back the Mets' classic 1965-1977 unis!!!) Paul Lukas, also obsesses over all things Candela strucuture! Here's the low down on what he found, and it's glorious! 3rd Candela structure found!
  5. Visit The New Citifield In Style!

    Anyone notice if the city change the road signs yet? They'd be nuts if they called it anything else but "Mets Ballpark" or "Baseball Stadium". As seen in other cities, selling the naming rights usually means the ball park will change names every few years. Plus I don't think Citi's deal with the Mets was meant to include municipal advertising.
  6. Am I seeing things? NY Daily News today!!

    This story has been out there for 21 hours and this is the first time it is being posted.... Could it be because: - Given that this is a far worse economic period than the park has previously had to survive through, that the feeling is so incredibly cynical in here that this will take place? - The Fountain of Planets is probably gone so what's there to get freakin' happy about? - I totally missed the original post on this? - My sashimi tonight was laced with some original Owsley-quality LSD and I've imagined this article? - All of the above? Sweeping makeover for Flushing Meadow Park Sweeping makeover for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park BY LISA L. COLANGELO DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Monday, November 17th 2008, 2:45 AM City parks officials are poised to unveil a sweeping new blueprint for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Tuesday. The plan envisions replacing swaths of concrete with green lawns, opening up the waterways and improving access from surrounding neighborhoods. "This is one of the city's largest parks, but it has never really had a comprehensive plan," Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe told the Daily News. "It's a hodgepodge of World's Fair leftovers, highways and expressways." The long-awaited master plan, to be presented to Borough President Helen Marshall and a small group of community leaders Tuesday, covers everything from traffic flow and signs to the type of plants that should surround Willow Lake and Meadow Lake. "The park has to serve three needs," Benepe said. "It has to serve as the neighborhood park for people who live here, a regional park for people who live nearby who use this for activities such as sports and picnics, and as a citywide events base." The geography of the 1,255-acre park itself, site of the 1939-40 and 1964-65 World's Fairs, poses a challenge. It is surrounded and bisected by major highways - the Grand Central Parkway, as well as the Long Island, Van Wyck and Whitestone expressways. Under the new master plan, several of its most prominent structures from the 1964-65 fair, including the Unisphere and the New York State Pavilion, would be preserved and maintained. But Benepe said some other fair remnants may have to go. "There are some very large pathways designed for people to walk from one exhibit to another," Benepe said. "They are essentially pathways to nowhere. "We can eliminate some of the unnecessary asphalt and make the park greener." One proposal would raze the Fountain of the Planets to create an open green space - similar to the Great Lawn in Central Park and Long Meadow in Prospect Park - that could be used for large gatherings. Benepe emphasized that the plan, created by consultants with help from civic groups, is flexible and will probably change over time. "It's very fluid," Benepe said. "It respects the history of the site while seeking to bring some cohesiveness to it." lcolangelo@nydailynews.com
  7. Inside Shea Stadium

    This is just awful.... Scoreboard comes a-tumblin' down
  8. Shea Stadium Demolition

    Here's some pics I took walking around on a rather Summer-like Columbus Day. I also have a set from the debacle that was the last day of the Mets' season. You can also see a lot of other demolition pics on the Baseball Fever blog. Very sad. I was thinking "jeez! just put it out of its misery". There was a great article in Sports Illustrated about how the walls of Yankee Stadium are going to wail when the wrecking ball hits them. It looks like Shea's will sob quite a bit as well.
  9. Shea Stadium

    According to the venerable Paul Lukas (fellow baseball uniform enthusiast and Shea enthusiast), the Mets removed it early this seasom to prevent looting. It's the one thing they apparently want to keep. Great article from Paul here regarding Shea Shea goodbye!
  10. VIP Deck

    Here's John Lennon and the missus getting his drink on at said Peppermint Lounge.
  11. Shea Stadium

    Bill, In case you didn't get my PM, thanks once again for making the name switch! So who else is going to the final game on Sunday? I'm planning on getting there a bit early just to get some final exterior snaps. Keep in mind that according to reports, Shea has precisely 2 weeks to live upon completion of the final game (anyone else with contrary info, please let me know). The way the weather is going, this could be a triple header. If the weather is warm enough, you should be able to find me easily as I'll be the only one (barely) under 40 in a Gil Hodges jersey (trad pinstripes, of course!). PTU meetup, anyone?
  12. Shea Stadium

    Not to get too off-topic but....there was nothing like a Yoo-Hoo after a summer's day spent playing Fastball in the big schoolyard at PS 176 in Brooklyn. Fastball = going up to the candy store, buying a sponge ball that was painted to look like a baseball...bringing your ball, gloves and bats to the school yard.....painting a strikezone against the wall and plotting out ground rules on balls hitting the wall opposite the batter...ground ball past the pitcher is a base hit as well any ball not caught on a fly by the fielders behind the pitcher, fly ball hitting the 2nd floor is a double, third floor is a triple, 4th floor and above is a home run. Of course figuring out what to use to mark the foul poles was fun too. You can play at least 2 games and throw over 200 pitches at normal speed. I'd like to see these cry baby Major League Pitchers do that! And at the risk of going further off off topic, I'm once again TheOnlyLivingBoyInBrooklyn. How can one change one's user name on here without deleting the profile?
  13. Shea Stadium

    To set the record straight: - Mets took the orange from the Giants (and now apparently the black...uggggghh!), the blue from the Dodgers and the pinstripes from the Yankees. So they are just a big NY baseball mutt...in a loveable way, of course. - If my reading and documentary memory serves right, really the only person trying to tie the opening of Shea with the WF was Moses. Aesthetically they certainly suited each other but anything further was the randomness of synchronicity and the marketing whims of Moses, no? - Wilpon definitely has a jones for the Brooklyn Dodgers. They were his team. He played high school ball with Sandy Koufax. And yeah, CitiField is definitely wearing an Ebbets Field costume...kinda like the new park northwest is wearing a 1923 Yankee Stadium costume. Citifield is gonna be something else however my long time problem with it is: Wilpon built a intimate, shoe horned, city block ballpark in the middle of a desolate parking lot. Say what you will about Shea but that space did demand something more in the way of "stadia" than it did "ballpark". Building something so completely different than Shea, one wonders why he didn't just make complete changes.....like moving it out of an airport landing and take off path and build his "shoe-horn" park in a neighborhood like Queensbridge where it would fit better.
  14. Shea Stadium

    Home movie of the 1966 Shea Stadium show? Johnny, I'd pay to see that. If they are still viewable, then I think you have something that is not only valuable to Beatle fans (and Shea fans) but also very valuable to The Beatles and Apple Corps as well. Aside from the great photos someone put on their website some time ago, photos and film are very very rare for that show. If you saw the Beatles Anthology, you saw they scoured the archives for all the footage they have. If you have some decent performance footage, I'm sure they would want it.
  15. Shea Stadium

    Yeah, I had mentioned in the Baseball Fever forum that aside from the actors posing as vintage players, the Yankees did a great job despite having to deal with ESPN ruining the whole thing by making it a night game. I'll be there too on Sunday and hope the Mets come up with the goods. The best closing ceremony I've seen so far was for the Vet in Philly where they brought back several players from EACH year the Vet was opened (1970-closing) and in their era uniform, culminating with Tug McGraw reenacting the last out of the 1980 World Series. If the Mets can do half as good a job, I'll be very happy. Meanwhile, yesterday I discovered the wonders of FMCP's mini-golf course and took these shots. Gotta love the brickwork The upper deck is not winning the stare-down with the future I miss the Zerval Zipper sign