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  1. Ralph, you passed by them without much attention but preserved history in a moment for those who want to relive an experience or see one they wish they had. Not in stock photos but of a man out for a walk capturing an evening in professional clarity. Thank you for your service.
  2. It's gotten to be the high point of my day!
  3. I hope. When are the behind the scenes Futurama slides getting scanned?
  4. Bill, are these art scans available on your CDs in higher resolution?
  5. Surfing the web found this old newspaper article: It notes that there were 68-72 persons over the winter refurbishing the exhibits. That's a lot. How many in the rest of the fair? And there must be photos out there of the winter over party.
  6. Everyone should know that for any files you want to save forever on disk, do the following things. Never mark them with a sharpie (unless labelled safe for disk media), never put an adhesive label on them, and replace them every 5 years. CDs and DVDs are not durable. the only durable format is the new M-Disk which has a 500 year lifespan. If you want a label, one can buy M-Drive compatible burners with the capability to burn a label on the front. I've seen disks ruined after just a month with an adhesive on them. The M-Disk uses a ceramic base instead of organic like most writable media.
  7. Looks like someone cleaned up the GM pre-futurama video. For anyone curious, this video is b-roll footage of the maquette, or smaller model that GM did of the ride before constructing the "full size" Futurama dioramas.
  8. I would certainly pay for a CD with scans of the photos!
  9. If you take a look at the first photo, on the left, is a prototype space set. As I recall GM built an entire Futurama ride which I think was in 1/6 scale. So they built models of all the models before final construction. This prototype ride was filmed for a 1964 Delco film (can't remember the name of it) where you can see the rough concept for Futurama. I hope the buyer makes some scans as I would like to see some images.
  10. Take a look at this massive reference of Futurama from an estate sale! Unfortunately I missed the sale as my Ebay search alert isn't working for some reason.
  11. George, please post in the thread which CD these scans are in. It will definitely be a keeper.
  12. Hopefully this isn't off topic, but we recently went on vacation and stopped at the EnterTrainment Junction in Ohio. They have the largest G scale train setup, which is 1/22 scale. This as far as I can tell from measuring original Futurama cars and buildings, is the same scale used by GM, at least in the city display. I've attached a few pictures, and like the NYWF pavilion, it is difficult to convey the size. They have several train setups from various points in history, the last one being modern day and very similar to Futurama.
  13. My son just picked up the Aug 2014 issue of Brick Journal. It has a great article on building the 64 NYWF in Lego. They have the NY Pavilion, GM, and the Port Authority Heliport. You can see the article online at Some of the other things people make in the magazine for architecture are pretty impressive as well.
  14. The short film was called "Out of This World" by the Frigidaire Division of GM. I can't find the high quality film with narration but here it is as a German music video in 240. Has the full video though. It is clearly a mock-up for Futurama II.
  15. I believe that underwater scene is a mock-up test for Futurama II. There is another film out there on YouTube that is clearly a version of Futurama II with smaller, cheaper models, produced by GM, and is intended to market appliances. A woman sits down in the 64 NYWF Futurama II seats and then gets a presentation of the jungle, underwater, and I think another scene after which she enters a futuristic kitchen. I can't locate the film now as I can't remember the name but it is on YouTube. I also recall in the GM notes that the entire Futurama II ride was constructed, I think in 1/6 scale as a test. I think the footage in this film are from that scale model. (of the scale models to be built)