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  1. A different sort of view of the US Space Park

    Big Shea in the background too.
  2. Visiting Chrysler, June 1964.

    What a nice shot. Really like the way the Ferris wheel looks with its bright red and white cars. I remember SKF too, they had magazines in glass cases with push buttons to mechanically turn the pages. I was into push buttons as kid.
  3. Color Photos from 1939

  4. A smoggy day in May 1965

    Like the different view of the GM fa├žade curves
  5. For monorail lovers

    Still looks great in 1965, granted its May but still.
  6. I wish I could grow one of these

    nice shot, don't recall seeing many of these. Plus the wood construction of the pavilion looks beautiful.
  7. "Now arriving on Track 2..."

    What a great shot! Its all looks so shiny and new. Thanks Bill.
  8. more pics of painting of crown

    It looks fantastic. Like a dream to see it all clean and bright again,
  9. A lot going on back in June 1964

    Great document, thanks for posting.
  10. For the Freedomland fans

    I remember Satellite City from when I was a kid. My grandparents were early residents of Co-op city, in fact all the buildings were not complete when they moved in. I remember walking around the area with cousins of mine when visiting them. A few parts of Freedomland when still there. I vaguely remember the crooked house still standing off in the distance. Alas no pictures.
  11. The Hall of Science opens the GREAT Hall

    Man, these pictures do bring back memories. That's for posting.
  12. Anyone able to read 5.25 inch floppies?

    Hey Bill. Just saw this post today. I am going to check with a good friend of mine, he may have a solution for this. Give me a few days. Ed
  13. Armenian Folk Festival

    I have one or two of these. Being of Armenian decent, I was there that day with my family. As I recall they danced and performed outside the United States Pavilion.