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  1. As a journalist for a major news network, I will be spending extended time in Milan covering the Expo for North American radio, my 13th world expo. While looking for a reasonably priced accommodation for a few extended stays I searched Airbnb and found a great place in the city of Novara, about a 30 minute train ride from Rho Fiera (Expo site) and a three minute walk to the station. The weekly price-$157.00!!! Not Daily, WEEKLY!! I urge you to avoid the inevitable gouging to be experienced in the few hotels adjacent to the expo site, which will average around $400. per night and search for housing at a B and B. Will be happy to give update to the WF community after my arrival there in mid-May of next year. Let me know if any members will be heading to Italia as I would love to meet up with you there. EXPO66,
  2. Good bye and thank you, Ray Dashner :-(

    Just got the incredibly overdue news of Ray's passing. Didn't know what to expect before I met Ray for the first time at the June 2001 gathering and was captivated by his love of the fair and his devotion to preserving it for the ages. There are myriad days that I reflect wistfully upon the fair and his recordings bring me back over and over. A lovely man to whom we devotees owe much for his vision and decency. RIP, Mr. D.
  3. 50th Anniversary Gathering in New York

    Haven't been back since our great Saturday In The Park event in June of 2001 so would love to attend on the 22nd or the previous weekend. Miss this great group and plan on getting active again. Looking forward to visiting from Atlanta.

    hey Doug- etal. Just back from Aichi and Expo 2005. Eating Bel-Gem waffles at the Belgian Pavillion one of the few vibes that took me back to NYWF. Will comment more fully elsewhere...Sorry about my absence!!! Jake


    greeting Doug and Brad..been awhile..........

    Here is the updated WORKING link... <a href="http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/cherokee/0703/17atomedic.html" target="_blank">http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/che...17atomedic.html</a> [ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7/17/03 ]
  8. Covering Sunday's celebration in Woodstock Georgia- All about the NYWF 64 Atomedic Hospital and its joyous aftermath in North Georgia. Asked a friend with the Atlanta Journal to cover it for print media, yours truly for CBS Radio. Read all about it here- <a href="http://www.ajc.com/metro/cherokee/0703/17atomedic.html" target="_blank">http://www.ajc.com/metro/cherokee/0703/17atomedic.html</a> Enjoy............jake j.
  9. Ford Pavilion Glow-in-the-Dark badges

    Mike- I have both West Germany and East Germany badges. Because of the small space for the country names, the badges read W. GERMANY and E. GERMANY and similarly N. DAKOTA and S. Dakota but strangely South Carolina and North Carolina are written out! FAR EAST is my personal fave.
  10. New web site for Ford Badges

    Randy- Love the theme of your site. I bought 70 of these 24 years ago from Mike Pender and as a destitute college student, I sold about 30 of them at the first Queens Museum bourse in the early 1980's. However, I have 25 states and 12 countries that will never be sold! (But they will be photographed and sent to you gladly if you e-mail me your address) expo66 (jake j.)
  11. Art '65

    Brilliant work Mike...chills galore. Question- At the 39 NYWF, Eskimo Pie employees wore cumbersome parkas every day, often in brutal heat, to sell their 10-cent confections. What was the uniform for the 64-65 salespeople?? Any stories from former employees?
  12. FMCP in Television and Movies

    I taped the "world's fair" episode of Hazel about ten years ago after hearing it mentioned as I was scanning channels (always found Shirley Booth shrill) but taped a repeat broadcast later that night on TVLand. Hazel enters a contest for the best baked pie, after the usual complications, she wins the contest with the prize being a trip to the "great New York World's Fair". Not a single frame is devoted to the fair. As the fadeout ensues, Hazel ruminates about the great time she's going to have at the fair. Mr. B. wonders who is going to wash the dishes the week she's gone as his wife is a worthless dolt who hasn't picked up a broom or made a meal in their 12 years of marriage. That noise you hear is Bobby Buntrock spinning in his grave.......
  13. Tallahassee?

    Thanks for the great lead, Hoodlock. The archives also features a terrific collection of roadside attraction footage - Pirates World of Ft. Lauderdale, Planet Ocean, myriad vanished wax museums from the sixties that I found thrilling. I will be in Tallahassee in Sept., so I fully expect to work out a way to charm copies from the fine bureaucratic staff-- lest I make my own from library video monitor (wink).
  14. Cheese Curds!! Rare!!!

    Bill, NOW do you understand my referencing the quality of the embalmed cheese confections in the 74-degree fridge at WCCN Neillsville? And YES! Carr Valley Cheese's factory in LaValle mail orders those SUCCULENT curds overnight (the ONLY way to enjoy 'em-yumyumyummy) but it costs a FORTUNE to ship overnight and is worth every zloty. Its around 3 bucks a lb and 30 dollars to ship...it ain't gold colored for nuttin.
  15. Wisconsin Pavilion

    John, Glad you had a successful tour and as one of the "Two guys from New York"-Atlanta actually- It's nice to make an impression. Amazed how quickly they fixed the antiquated wiring of ChattyBelle. Whadya think of those Norse Nooke desserts?