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  1. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    I checked the youtube channel where the other one was and don't see it. Hope it gets posted somewhere eventually.
  2. I found some general info about the series of 3 episodes here: https://licensing.wnet.org/files/2017/10/WNET-Licensing-A.pdf (Also the other voice was Barbara Dana, Alan Arkin's wife at that time.)
  3. Oh, these lucky people

    Early Energy Dome prototypes? They may have been ahead of their time.
  4. This looks like it: https://goo.gl/maps/mL4qG61swaJGENoq8
  5. Excellent 1939 Link!

    For some reason the hyperlink was linking back to this thread. If you cut and paste the link text it works. I'll try posting it here: https://www.drivingfordeco.com/tag/henry-dreyfuss/ (looks like the above should work just fine)
  6. Playing a merry tune

    Yes you hit the nail on the head here. I asked Mabel Sharp (the current carillonneur) about this once and even though the console is basically an organ console, attempting to play it as such would result in a harmonic disaster. The tones of each bell can still affect the others in the rack. You've got to learn what you can play together, what to leave out and how to break things up. Evidently Mabel played the harp before learning the carillon and it has similar issues. There is also quite a noticeable delay between when you strike a key and when you hear the sound from the speaker tower. Even when you use the local monitor in the room with the console there's more delay than I expected.
  7. Playing a merry tune

    There's a Georgia Tech connection to the existing speaker tower too as it was designed by Ed Moulthrop who taught at Georgia Tech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moulthrop_family Ed was a super nice guy that I had the pleasure of meeting several times but by that time he was well into his woodturning career and I didn't even know about the carillon yet. (Not related to the carillon's life at the fair but still a nice factoid)