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  1. Expo 67 Zoom chat Saturday 5/23

    Even though I attended both Fairs (64 and 67), there were some nuggets in the video I hadn't heard before.
  2. Free talk tomorrow on Spain Pavilion from NYWF64

  3. The Fair From the Air

    It's a shame the color wasn't corrected for this film. I did see one building that still haunts me:
  4. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

    I had to laugh when Bill (Cotter) said about visiting the Ford Pavilion (paraphrasing), "Every time I got a badge, I told them I was from New York. I didn't think to tell them I was from somewhere else, so I could get a different badge each time." Remember Bill---- You like I were both Boy Scouts.
  5. Remembering Tomorrow - a free Zoom presentation

  6. Another Photo Connection

    It must be a wonderful feeling to know that a photo you took over 50 years ago is of special interest to a person in today's time. And I also must credit the person who requested it (Elaine), who wrote you a e-mail to request to use it. So unlike some, who today would just copy the image, and use it however they like without permission.
  7. and I have to defer to the experts (you guys). You would know much better than I. But I did say, "It sure doesn't look like it was shot on video".
  8. Thanks for sharing this. I don't know what to make of the narration. It seems it was done after this was shot (ADR). I wonder if this was shot on B&W film, and then transferred to video. It sure doesn't look like it was shot on video. I could do without the narration. "The second most exciting thing at the Fair except for "To Broadway with Love" (paraphrase). It definitely was done in '64.
  9. Well that really wasn't China. It was Taiwan. Due to the political climate, the Republic of China would not be recognized by the US until 1972.
  10. With China having no Pavilion in 1964-1965, it seems the two main suspects are Hong Kong or Korea.
  11. Not a thing on the bottom, except the reverse image of the front.
  12. I should add, "I don't know", and that's why I'm asking. I picked this up at a tag sale/flea market.
  13. A few new slides.

    Took me a minute, but I got it.
  14. Disney and the World's Fairs

    Just watched the video, great presentation. Q and A was interesting also, good questions. (Particularly the one about the virtual reality program. I read about it in old posts. Unfortunately, the links were broken). Please post the video of the next one, for those of us who can't be there live.
  15. Testing a world's fair Zoom talk

    I'll be there, but I have a question. Having never used Zoom before, will the link (supplied above) take one directly to your site, or is there information (listed above) that one needs to enter to take you directly to the site? In other words, will there be a prompt asking for Meeting ID and Password? and then take you directly to the site? Thanks.
  16. Many of you here have been asking me about the photo herein which "I saw myself in a World's Fair photo. I will try to list all the pertinent facts I remember about visiting the Fair. I went to the 1965-1965 World's Fair in New York when I was 13 years old (12yrs9mos) with my parents and my sister in 1965. It was during the summer so I didn't miss any school. I have vivid memories of seeing the Pieta in the Vatican Pavilion, "It's a Small World" at the Pepsi Pavilion, "Futurama" at the GM Pavilion, "Magic Skyway" at the Ford Pavilion, "Carousel of Progress" at the GE Pavilion and of course many others. My Dad wasn't photographing the Fair, so I didn't have any of those "get in front of this (pavilion/fountain), it'll make a nice picture" experiences that other families had. Space Park was another stop at the Fair. I remember distinctly my Dad and I walking to Space Park, with my Mom and Sis heading to Clairol and the Better Living Center exhibit, even though it would put us at opposite ends of the Fair. My Dad had no interest in rockets, and if I wasn't interested in space, we probably would have skipped it. But with space and NASA being my "jam", we walked in Space Park. My Dad was going to stand by the Saturn V and have a smoke, while I perused the exhibits. Hence this photo (posted by RalphQuinn):
  17. Dubble Bubble hat

    If I recall correctly, Robert Moses banned certain food types at the Fair. One was corn on the cob, and one of the others (I believe) was gum.
  18. Now that the time machine is in quarantine, and being in lockdown, I decided to build my own Space Park. And here it is:
  19. Here's the full lineup: Believe it or not, all the US rockets are in the same scale. The Saturn V is so tall, if I backed away to fit it in the image, the Redstone would be hard to see.
  20. Sad news - a member has passed away

    And we are all mortal. Sad, indeed.
  21. I've never heard of this before.
  22. Thanks for posting this link. Interesting tidbit about Minnesota. But under "Past US Pavilions", Seattle 1962 is there but no mention of the 1964-1965 World's Fair in New York. I wonder why?
  23. Where was the UN in 1964?

    Who did Robert Moses not offend?