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  1. I've read all the posts listed under General Discussion (some 17,166 posts) under that heading and many, many more in other topics concerning the 1964-1965 World's Fair. Going back some 18 years (some pre-911) it provides a fascinating history of discoveries and events concerning the Fair. (Confession: I actually had to ask an older member what PTU actually meant. I should have been able to guess but---) Some of the posts are actually voices from people who are no longer with us, and I missed out on not being able to actually post on their topics of choice. Some are sadly missed. I wish I got to meet Ray Dasher (with his flag raising and days in the park on his Segway) and AMFMonorail (Randy Lambertus). So my question is this----What happened to some of the most prolific and knowledgeable posters here? So in no apparent order (except maybe contributions): Hoodlock (Bruce) ParkBench Rose YaddaYadda Mike Kraus Ken Thalheimer Marc Williams JMCSweeny RayinPasa Elizabeth Klug Mary Ellen (I know at some point Bill Young changed his forum name to nywf64.com) Thanks in advance to everyone who can help.
  2. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    But if she is a tourist, she has to be staying somewhere. And I doubt it is at the Fair. However, the suitcase may contain a uniform for a Pavilion hostess.
  3. Is this the upcoming film on PBS?
  4. Didn't George Costanza want to name his child "Seven"?
  5. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    When I'm walking around flea markets and see old photos like this, I stop and wonder if anyone would miss seeing them. But actually, I think they have a better home here.
  6. Anyone for lung cancer?

    If, back in 1964 (pre Surgeon General's report), you were to say, "Second hand smoke" to someone, they probably would reply, "Second hand what?" and give you a dirty look.
  7. I'm beginning to sense a Mass connection. (pun intended)
  8. Lots going on in Gotham Plaza!

    Of course. Thanks.
  9. Kodak - Golden Dandelions by Harry Bertoia

    The best place for them.
  10. I never noticed this field of lockers before

    And here is a photo where every luminaire looks like the one next to it.
  11. Lots going on in Gotham Plaza!

    Hmmmm. I see the triangular speakers near the top of the luminaire, but what are the two objects (that look like large microphones) on the top? Or is that something off in the distance?
  12. A different view while approaching the Fair

    Or removing a bad paint job by a poor restorer.
  13. Those full page pictures of my favorite World's Fair symbols would look nice framed. Too bad only 3 of them exist today.
  14. Kodak - Golden Dandelions by Harry Bertoia

    I remember them too. I wonder what happened to them or if they sold them off after the Fair ended.
  15. You're welcome, Glen. Tales of Central Mass: I used to drive though Auburn every morning and evening to commute to my job in-- Yes, Shrewsbury, where I worked at the University of Mass Medical Center (technically it's in Worcester) as a Clinical Engineer for 20 years. Small world.
  16. Here's some modern art for sale. Don't think it's vintage or not but: You would think they could get the rings of the Unisphere right ! (Maybe it should say, "Peace through Atoms")
  17. Here's a rarely seen slice of the Fair

    Makes you wonder what she is thinking.
  18. This wasn't an easy shot to get during the Fair

    Just Wow. How did the photographer get that shot?
  19. Enjoying the dinner show at Morocco

    "Would you like a balancing act with that drink, sir?"
  20. Disregarding the trash, this is one of the best views of the Jordan Pavilion.
  21. Lighting at the Fair

    Believe it or nor, real. I love the look of the Luminaries as much as anyone else, and they do scream N.Y. World's Fair more than anything else, but think of the "other" possibilities of creating unique lighting for this particular World's Fair. If, as a designer, you're stuck with this design, why not use 6 or 8 cubes in the same configuration (same colors) and spread them throughout the Fair? I've researched this as much as possible (unless there are some documents "hidden away" waiting to be discovered), even looked at blueprints where each luminaire is assigned a specific number where each number corresponds to the arrangement of the colored cubes. I've combed this forum for posts about these unique lights, and still come up empty. The only thing I did find was that any photo which includes a luminaire can be precisely located to a specific point within the Fair. Totally my fault. I let the auto-correct do the spelling instead of checking the word myself.
  22. Lighting at the Fair

    Thanks, Wayne. I'm still waiting for the biggest unanswered question I have about the fair. Much is made of the luminaires, and how at one time they had a purpose for mapping one's position at the Fair. But before someone started constructing these three foot cubes, there had to be someone in charge of instructing how they were to be put together. Who was this person?? And did they know that the colorful cubes would never fulfill that purpose? And although nice to look at, the luminaries were a total waste of money.
  23. Thanks for the kind words, Glen. Yes, I live in central Mass. I think I read of an exhibit you had at a Worcester Museum. Too bad I didn't know of it then. And thanks for the anniversary wishes! Please do, and let me know of the results. I'll bet they don't realize that they are being looked for. Not only that, they don't even invite you to join. When I first discovered this forum, I kept running into the letters PTU in a lot of the older posts. I finally had to ask an older member what it was exactly "PTU" stood for (I should have intuited it). Welcome back, Glen.
  24. For sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-1964-Worlds-Fair-BELL-TELEPHONE-CHAIR-vintage-RETRO-Pavilion-Ride-NEW-YORK/113702530298?hash=item1a7932ecfa:g:fT0AAOSwlXpcn4L0 Seller says it's in good shape. I hate to think what bad shape is.
  25. Dashner tape & Horowitz tape.

    Now I just need to get a hold of the Dasher tapes---- Any ideas??