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  1. A nice view of Westinghouse

    Damn. You can even see the guide wires. And what a beautiful day.
  2. I gotta give props to the photographer, this shot is nicely framed.
  3. (Please remember that this is from the same mind that visited the 1964-1965 World's Fair as 12 year old and saw not only the bottom of a Saturn V, but also saw this view of the moon from General Motors (fifty-four years ago): (Washington D.C.) July 20 -- The Smithsonian Institute's team is now in place for tonight's primetime live broadcast from the site of the Apollo 11 landing site in the Sea of Tranquility. The team, affectionally known as "A11", have approached the landing site with extreme care as not to disturb the artifacts or the footprints which have been untouched for fifty years. The flag, which was toppled over during the liftoff of the LEM ascent stage, will also remain untouched. "We're just here to photograph and document the site", stated the organizer of the mission. We may use a LUD (the equivalent of a lunar drone) to fly over for photographs of the LEM, but we won't be coming within 100 feet as we don't want to disturb this historical site. Therefore, we won't be standing the flag up. The site will remain untouched". The mission had been planned for over a year. Tonight's broadcast can be streamed from the Smithsonian Channel starting at 8 pm EST.
  4. A different angle on General Motors

    Has Randy been around these forums lately?
  5. A very, very early tour

    Taken on the "Avenue of Travel"?
  6. What a hack job. And I'm sure some millennial will ask (looking at the first photo): "What are those stainless steel cylindrical objects outside of the doors?"
  7. Got a decoder ring?

    Well, just like a treasure map, you need a decoder ring. And I found it. (In the archives of this forum and Wayne's guess was correct) The map is for proposed roadway improvements dated 1960 for the upcoming World's Fair. Here is the map followed by the key:
  8. Got a decoder ring?

    See post below.
  9. A different angle on General Motors

    You know, if someone asked me where this photo was taken and I didn't see the luminaires, I would have said England.
  10. For fans of aerial photos

    WOW! Bill, could you tell me what is the maximum resolution you can scan this slide?
  11. Taken from the roof of the Kodak Pavilion?
  12. Good point. (I assume you're talking about planet Earth.) But that is an awful lot of smog to have the lights on with the sun still up in the sky. (Reminds me of my Drivers Ed class in school. The police instructor asked the class: "Do you turn your headlights on a half hour before or after or sunset? One girl in the class answered:"Before". He mercilessly taunted her: "You mean you turn your headlights on while the sun is still up there bright in the sky?" Some minor things you never forget.) But the lights are definitely on in this picture.
  13. Well the photographer is looking due west (you can see the Port Authority roof in the background, in addition to the US Rubber giant tire), but is this a sunset or a moonrise? It looks like a sunset, with a awful lot of smog in the background. Thing is, I don't remember NY being that smoggy. But it certainly is dark at ground level.
  14. The moon looks extraordinarily bright for a overcast night such as this.
  15. Lee Iacocca

    Also, I remember his efforts to raise money for the Statue of Liberty restoration.
  16. Local Auction featuring NY 39 items

    I didn't see any related 1964-65 World's Fair Memorabilia, but there are several "lots" of nice 1939-40 World's Fair stuff. The small metal plane intrigues me.
  17. real foreign money vending

    If the slide is period, I would say American Express.
  18. I'm not buying it. If it were a fold, I would think it would go through the flag pole and statue. I would leave it be.
  19. I've read all the posts listed under General Discussion (some 17,166 posts) under that heading and many, many more in other topics concerning the 1964-1965 World's Fair. Going back some 18 years (some pre-911) it provides a fascinating history of discoveries and events concerning the Fair. (Confession: I actually had to ask an older member what PTU actually meant. I should have been able to guess but---) Some of the posts are actually voices from people who are no longer with us, and I missed out on not being able to actually post on their topics of choice. Some are sadly missed. I wish I got to meet Ray Dasher (with his flag raising and days in the park on his Segway) and AMFMonorail (Randy Lambertus). So my question is this----What happened to some of the most prolific and knowledgeable posters here? So in no apparent order (except maybe contributions): Hoodlock (Bruce) ParkBench Rose YaddaYadda Mike Kraus Ken Thalheimer Marc Williams JMCSweeny RayinPasa Elizabeth Klug Mary Ellen (I know at some point Bill Young changed his forum name to nywf64.com) Thanks in advance to everyone who can help.
  20. Entering the Fair, September 1965

    But if she is a tourist, she has to be staying somewhere. And I doubt it is at the Fair. However, the suitcase may contain a uniform for a Pavilion hostess.
  21. Is this the upcoming film on PBS?
  22. Didn't George Costanza want to name his child "Seven"?
  23. It's sad when no one wants their photos

    When I'm walking around flea markets and see old photos like this, I stop and wonder if anyone would miss seeing them. But actually, I think they have a better home here.
  24. Anyone for lung cancer?

    If, back in 1964 (pre Surgeon General's report), you were to say, "Second hand smoke" to someone, they probably would reply, "Second hand what?" and give you a dirty look.
  25. I'm beginning to sense a Mass connection. (pun intended)