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  1. Was this part of an exhibit, or was this someone's private vehicle ??
  2. Another Space Park display

    The round egress hatch on the LM dates the photo nicely. It was changed to square later on.
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    I just basically use mine for movies also. There used to be something called "network" television which when younger I watched, but have absolutely no use for nowadays.
  4. I wonder if the designer ever thought that the New York city air pollution would affect the look of his work after one year?
  5. A Kodak "mystery" solved

    I didn't realize Disney influence had penetrated the Kodak Pavilion. His influence is all over the Fair.
  6. Actually, it's the NERVA of some scientists.
  7. Seems that this to get people comfortable with flying in a helicopter.
  8. Futurama 64/65 Inspired?

    It took me a minute, but I finally got the connection.
  9. Trylon & Perisphere Gravesite

    The article leaves the unanswered question of why he had his gravestone decorated that way. If you're going to write the article, you must at least answer that question. I kept looking for page two. (They could have at least listed his birth date, so we could figure his age in 1939. Sloppy journalism.)
  10. As Churchill once said, "At what cost?" I think very few people (and I do mean very few) would have any idea of what it represents. Now that my local grocery store had banned plastic bags, I now bring my reusable cloth ones with a big Unisphere on it (the retro art one with the red background). You'd be surprised how many people have no clue as to what it is.
  11. The display is interesting (looks like a gathering of teenagers), but I'm more curious about the red object on the wall behind.
  12. If I saw someone with a pose like that today, I would naturally think she's on a cellphone. But in 1967?
  13. Interesting that the flag shown is the pre-Unisphere one (or early Unisphere one). I wonder how many of these type of flags were made? I wish one would show up on eBay.
  14. I imagine it would have to be dumped there after the 1939 Fair.
  15. People taking pictures of people taking pictures.
  16. Another aerial view from early 1964

    Well, I don't see the mystery building with the blue and white striped roof. When you start to tell people about it, some seem to be struck with disbelief. It was as if you were trying to tell them that we landed on the moon fifty years ago.
  17. High above the Fair!

    All aerial images? Count me in.
  18. At night, the panels gave the effect of a waterfall from the top of the building (check out moving images).
  19. Looks like a baby carriage next to the bin. Wonder why they didn't opt for the mini-car one? Pretty good shot containing 7 trash cans.
  20. Let's go watch some log rolling!

    Never have seen a photo of just that sign.
  21. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    That was my first thought, but it is unusually brief.
  22. WQXR Radio-June 10, 1965 Program on Fair

    I wonder what those bells were at about 15:39 in. NPR still sounds like NPR.
  23. Well, mink stoles (as they were known back then) were the rage back in the late 50's early 60's.
  24. Never seen that shot from this vantage point.